Kundalini Yoga Class today Thursday 8th March

Sat Nam Fellow Yogis,
Would you like to look and feel great, plus feel relaxed, why not come to my  Kundalini Yoga today Thursday 8th March at Body Bar, 3 Jawatta Avenue, Col 5.  Kundalini Yoga consciously combines specific methods of breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, mantras and relaxation. The practice of Kundalini Yoga has amazing and immediate results and insures lasting long term physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

As an integrated and authentic system of exercise, breath control, and meditation that has been practiced in India for millennia, it is safe, comprehensive, and simple. It promotes physical health, taps and stimulates the mind’s potential, awakens consciousness and touches one’s innermost being.
Today my class focus on strenghtening and balancing our Adrenal glands and kidneys.  When our adrenal glands are  not working well we will feel tired and snappy.   Good glandular balance and in particular strong adrenals and kidneys  will give you that that extra edge to control anger and hypoglycemia, and when these glands and organs are not strong your  heart cannot function well.

Come and heal your body, soothe your soul, in my Kundalini Yoga Class today.


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