Kundalini Yoga class for everyone-Thursday 31st May 2012

Thursday 31st May – Kundalini Yoga Class
My class today is working on Elimination and Circulation

Body Bar,
3 Jawatta Avenue, Col 5

5.45 – 7pm

Come and stretch out your body and calm the mind from the endless chatter!

Cost: Rs600 per class
Tel: Shaunagh’s Mob: 0773022142


Blog: –http://sanasumainsrilanka.wordpress

website: http://www.sanasuma.co.uk  

Thursday 24th May class at Body Bar- working on our adrenals and kidneys

Today’s Yoga class is a “Stress Set for the Adrenals and Kidneys”

Come and work on you adrenals, when our adrenal glands and kidneys are not strong we feel tired and snappy.  When they are strong we will have that extra edge to control anger and hypoglycemia.  Without strong adrenals and kidneys the heart cannot function well either.

Come to class today to give your glands and organs an extra boost and feel good for the week.

Body Bar,
3 Jawatta Avenue, Col 5

5.45 – 7pm

Cost: Rs600 per class
Tel: Shaunagh’s Mob: 0773022142

emailshaunagh@applesri.lk  or info@sanasuma.co.uk

Blog: –http://sanasumainsrilanka.wordpress


Meaning of Asana

Do you know that the meaning of asana is to take your breath beyond death. The “sa” in asana means breath and “na” means death. Thererfore asanas are difficult by design. Just melt into the difficult pose, sit with it as long as you are able to, focussing on your breath to get the greatest benefits.

How to Use Your Breath to Overcome Anxiety

How to Use Your Breath to Overcome Anxiety

Have you ever noticed your breath is like your best friend? The breath is always there for you, ready to pick you up when you are feeling overwhelmed. It’s there to hold your hand as you take a leap of faith when you’re unsure. Your breath is your confident, soothing you when you can’t fall asleep, and it also races when excitement arises. So how often do you actually allow yourself to be with your breath? Are you ready to open to its assistance or do you believe you need to muscle through your day, unwilling to allow its gift to contribute to you?
In this moment, take a deep, slow breath. Hold it for a moment and feel the breath permeate every cell of your body. As you exhale, breathe out slowly, like you’re blowing out a candle. Feel your shoulders and jaw relax. Notice you are now directly in the moment.
In this presence, all judgment stops. You can start to see yourself as someone you have great care for, like a friend. Rather than letting your thoughts distract you with what seems wrong in your life, are you ready to start creating a new, more loving relationship with yourself?
The next time fear, worry or judgment show up to distract you, try this…
1. Take a moment to breathe. It’s in the breath that we create an opportunity to pause and ask, “How is this thought serving me?” “Does it bring me peace?” “Am I willing to let it go?”
2. Decide to be kind, but firm with yourself. Tough love. When the old patterns of judgment, worry and fear show up, smile, breathe and decide. If you aren’t going to create change now, then when?
3. Breathe and allow yourself space to gain a little perspective. It’s like confiding in your best friend, sometimes you just need to talk and get the fears out. Let it be an opportunity to step back and understand, maybe you just need an ear and aren’t looking for any comments. As you let the fears surface, they don’t look so big and scary.
4. What if the fears and judgments were never yours in the first place, just a perspective you picked up from friends, family or teachers? Start to disengage from the fear, doubt and worry by asking the question,”Who’s is this?” No need to even figure out the answer, it’s in the asking that the energy can become lighter!
5. You have nothing to prove. When worries, fear or regret turn up, take a moment to breathe and look into your beautiful eyes. Know there is no one like you on the earth. In that breath, you have a choice to believe it. Ask, “What good am I not yet able to see about this situation?” “What am I thankful for in this moment?”
You may literally have to train yourself to get out of judging and feeling bad about yourself. Breathe and know that eventually you’ll get to a space where it takes too much energy to go back into the old patterns.

Great article about yoga poses

What a Backbend Can Reveal About Your Life

When I’m not working as a dashingly handsome acupuncturist, you’ll often find me in the yoga room. I have a scheduled class once a week at Equinox Pasadena and often step-in a few times a month as a sub; It hardly qualifies as a second job. I do it to keep up my practice as a teacher. More importantly I have an intimate vantage point to watch consciousness flow through my students.
The principle of energetic flow in the philosophy of yoga overlaps with the ideas of traditional Chinese energetics. As we move our body in an asana, we dance in both our energy and that of our surroundings. When our consciousness surrenders into the universal, a radiance grows until we blossom into a fuller expression often resulting in a sense of timelessness, a feeling of joy, or a laugh. When my students connect to that “something” bigger and greater, it’s beautiful to watch.
For some, yoga is just an exercise to treat the physical form; lengthening tight muscles using leverage and body weight to get a desired stretch. With such a singular approach, what you often see is a willful mind with a non-compliant body. The consciousness gets stuck. The pose Ustrasana (Camel pose), a kneeling back bend, can illustrate this stagnation.
Ustrasana is a challenging posture because it invites the student to relax and open the front of the body. The advanced expression requires both physical grounding in the legs and the willingness to expand into a backbend. One is required to be daring and brave, surrendering apprehensions to move deeper. If the student moves into the posture while trying to keep absolutely in control, the neck grows tight, shoulders tense, the chest closes. If forced further it becomes a grotesque dance performed with the head jutting forward, feet slack, hips rocked way back, and curled shoulders accompanied with driver’s license worthy facial expression.
There are a few reasons for this occurrence (aside from injury). The first usually is unfamiliarity. This can be a fine and right place for new practitioners.  A beginner can’t be held responsible for a restricted expression. The muscles are tight and the body is unaccustomed to this range of motion. He or she needs to put in the time and work.
The second reason for this muscular constriction, one that becomes apparent in practitioners of a few years, is energetic constraint. No matter how long one works, the posture doesn’t change, expand, or grow. When there is fear, anger, or compromised expression in an individual there is an unconscious hunching of the shoulders, shortness-of-breath, a tight neck among other symptoms. This is consciousness and energy constrained.  We’ve all seen this classic defensive posture.  It’s uncomfortable and often painful. I’ve never once heard anyone complain of an unbearable openness of their chest, fluidity in the neck, and open, swivelling hips. We instinctually know what it means to have energy flowing freely.
Blocks in energy due to insults, occasional sadness, or even fear will pass because the natural alignment of the body will eventually reassert itself. The underlying structure is healthy. But, if the restriction is an expression of lifelong negative attitudes, early trauma, or chronic stress then the body is like a gnarled tree. These blocks are harder to resolve because the physical form itself has been shaped under stress. A negative energetic state is reasserted whenever the misaligned structure is stimulated. When people like this often come to my office suffering from internally generated pain and emotional constraint they have a hard time yielding to treatment, intervention, and advice. When I do acupuncture in these cases, the needles feel like they are going into bricks. The experience is usually painful. The situation is no different when these people try to practice difficult asana.
So far things sound terrible if you have an ugly Ustrasana. At this point you might think all is lost or that I’m a jerk. It’s not and I’m not.
Remember, we all move to practice, but we need to work to expand. We can first start by being completely open to receive something new to challenge that which is old. It can be a healing, an idea, or a difficult pose. This is not a bullshit new age sentiment; You have to want it and bring awareness to it.
The second step is the breath. The breath must be the focus. It is our connection to the limitless energy of the universe. It is the most powerful conscious motive force in our body. Most of those who are straining in a posture are often holding their breath. They likely hold their breath in life off the mat as well.
The third step, do not let your will exceed your available energetic space. Go slower and work at your edge. Use a prop. This is about unfolding and evolving your energy, not forcing it; Subtlety reworking the musculature and alignment using our breath. You don’t not know what a flower looks like until it blossoms so do not presume to know the final shape of your body. Be patient, work diligently and surrender to the process.
Ultimately this is a reminder that our yoga does not end at the mat. The major obstacle to our fullest expression is that we keep getting in our own way by forcing rather than yielding. Use your physiology as a road map to navigate the underlying energetic patterns that are both free as well as blocked. This is not blame but an invitation to cultivate awareness, let go of what you don’t need, and expand into your greatest self.
But hey, if all else fails, I do know an awesome and handsome acupuncturist.
Namaste everyone.
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Published March 20, 2012 at 11:45 AM
About Dr. Emill Kim
Emill’s Journey began when he decided to drop out of medical school and search for happiness. He is a second generation acupuncturist dedicated to the ideas of energetic growth and self-healing. When not working he spends most of his time practicing yoga, studying the nuances of energy medicine, and incessantly bugging holy men, light worker, brujas, shamans and other healers to share their secrets and wisdom with him. He lives in Los Angeles and is currently working on a book about his experiences.

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Shabd Kriya – A Meditation to help you have a deep & relaxed sleep

The following Meditation is best practiced before bed.  If practiced regularly, once a week or as often as every night, sleep will be deep and relaxed, and the nerves will regenerate.  After a few months, the rhythm of you breath will be subconsciously regulated and eventually you will hear the mantra in daily activities, and you will think better, work better, share better, love better and even fight better.

There cannot be enough praise of the meditation’s effect on the personality.  Its gives the mind the power to stretch to infinity, promotes radiance and patience and practical universality.

Shabd Kriya

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine, hands in lap in Buddha Mudra, right on top of left, thumbs meeting and facing forward.  With eyes focussed at the tip of the nose and half-opened, inhale 4 equal parts, mentally vibrating

Sa   Ta   Na   Ma

Then, holding the breath, vibrate the entire mantra 4 more times (16 counts). Exhale in 2 equal strokes, mentally projecting

Wahe   Guru

Continue for 15 – 62 minutes

Given by Yogi Bhajan- April 1974

Copied from “Relax and Renew” by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. Anne Marie Maxwell

Kundalini Yoga Class on Thursday 3rd May 2012

This weeks Kundalini Yoga Class do a kriya which works on anger:-

“Repairing damage to the system of ill placed anger”



“Shabd Kriya”

“to promote radiance and patience and gives the mind power to stretch to infinity”

All levels welcome.
Time: Thursday 5.45pm-7pm
Teacher: Shaunagh Aluwihare
At Body Bar, 3 Jawatta Avenue, Colombo 5
Tel: Shaunagh’s Mob: 0773022142

 email shaunagh@applesri.lk