Todays Class – A “Meditative Kundalini Set”-Thursday 12th July

Benefits of Mantra and Chanting Meditation

During the practice of  Kundalini Yoga the combination of physical asanas strengthens the nervous system and entire physical, mental and emotional being to receive and utilize the higher frequencies induced by meditation.

Kundalini Yoga /Meditation combinations brings the meditative mind into everyday life and elevates day to day living to a higher plateau.  Yoga without meditation is like cake without frosting, and meditation without yoga practice is like the dessert without the dinner

Mantras are the repeated words, sounds or phrases in one of the sacred languages (Sanscrit or Gurmuki) have a powerful impact on the subconscious mind.  The touch of the tongue on the palate, additionally, reflexes to impact the brain in a scientific and precise manner when the mantras are correctly chanted.  Repeated repetition makes the effect “kick in” despite blocks and scepticism, too.  Lastly the music that often accompanies the chanting, touches the heart and opens one’s sensitivities.  This is called “Nad Yoga” or “the yoga of the mind”.

In my class today we will be combining physical yoga asanas and chanting two mantras and we will use our breath in during “segmented breathing” for a lovely set called “Meditative Kundalini Set”.

Kundalini Yoga for Everyone,

Body Bar,
3 Jawatta Avenue, Col 5

5.45 – 7pm

Email :

Web   :

Telephone Fiona on (+94) 77 8011984

Shaunagh on (+94) 773022142


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