Kundalini Yoga for Teenagers Tuesday 28th Aug

Special Kundalini      Yoga Class for teenagers 12-16 years

Come and stretch your body, have some fun with Fiona for one hours yoga

at Shaunagh’s House

10 till 11am

Tuesday 28th August

Rs500 per class

Please send text or email for details of the venue
Email : shaunagh@applesri.lk
Web : http://www.sanasuma.co.uk
Telephone Fiona on (+94) 77 8011984
Shaunagh on (+94) 773022142

Kindness Brings Prosperity

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Thursday, August 23, 2012


Reproductivity is part of the female—is that true? Anything more than one child is abundance. In the early times, people used to have six or eight children. There was no school then. They used to send each child to Gurukul, and the children would study, grow, become powerful and earn.

The female has a natural power of abundance, good luck, and prosperity, if she decides to concentrate on it. If a woman provokes the Divine, there is no reason that she will not be prosperous. Her discipline guarantees it. A woman with good manners concentrates on the very item of prosperity. And what is that? What is prosperity? She expands herself through goodwill, good manners, smiles, counseling and uplifting. Whenever a woman puts all these good things together, prosperity in abundance is assured.

But as a female, if she wastes her time betraying, yelling, screaming, calling names and being rude, poverty is assured. For a female health, wealth and happiness lie in her manners

You can study in many colleges and do anything. Basically, it will come down to one thing: kindness, a woman making it her priority to be kind. Kindness is an essential part of every female. And in kindness, as you expand, prosperity will come with it. You will have more friends. You will have more opportunities. Good luck will knock at your door. Why? Because you are kind, compassionate and you have good manners. Everything that you call prosperity rests on it.

They say a woman can make a palace out of a straw house.

On this planet, the only mammal that can change life is the female. She has X amount of energy. If she doesn’t waste that energy in many different directions, and if she concentrates in one way and
means it, then there is nothing that can stop her from becoming prosperous. You must meet people. You must receive people. You must talk to people. You must share your wisdom with people. There are one hundred and eight elements in this universe. All of that is at the tip of your fingers, provided you decide to be compassionate, kind and caring.

Now what can stop you? The idea is to just stop. Just wait—don’t react. Just don’t react. There lies the whole universe if you just don’t react. All the energy we waste being jealous, being neurotic, talking negatively, competing and comparing in a very negative way—these are not essential things in life. Let us see, in our goodness, how good we can be.

My grandmother used to make butter in the morning. She would read, by memory, the five banis42 and then give us butter. If we recited them correctly with her, then she would give us Gud, candy. Otherwise no. There was a vibration, a relationship.

Your children are your children if you feed them your prana. Use your own hands and feed yourself if you cannot feed your children. Peel the banana and feed your husband so he may not be negative. If you cannot be affectionate with each other then the result will be negative.

These are serious things. How many of you have gone to have lunch with a friend and fed a friend just one bite or so?

What has happened to that thing called affection?

You women—you are the source of life. You are the source of life. You are the life.

Sometimes you are so crazy, you even split God into male and female. God is neither male nor female. If God is male then it must be in the post office.

There is no good and bad. I am not kidding. There is no guilt. There is no sin. There is no wrong. There is no right. It’s our own insanity and our own meditative concentration.

So what is God? Male, female, crazy, wise, Jew, Muslim? God is a living energy. It lives in you.

The first principle of life is if you are a human, you should be loving. That’s the rule of thumb. Love first, everything will come to you.

Yoga, meditation and tea to celebrate Yoga Bhajan Birthday on Sunday 26th August

Join Shaunagh and Fiona for

Yoga, meditation and afternoon tea

To celebrate

Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday

On Sunday 26th August

2.30 – 6.00pm

At Fiona’s home

62/3 Dabare Mawatha, Colombo 5

The afternoon will go something like this:-

2.30pm Greeting, tune in and practice yoga asanas
3.30pm (which is exactly 3:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Savings Time) our worldwide community will simultaneously chant Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru for 11 minutes.  We will continue chanting for 31 minutes. This is a powerful worldwide energetic connection to Guru Ram Das, the Lord of Miracles.
4.00pm Chat  enjoying yogi tea and cake.

Email :  info@sanasuma.co.uk
Web   : http://www.sanasuma.co.uk

Telephone Fiona on (+94) 77 8011984

Shaunagh on (+94) 773022142

August Meditation for Maturity and Wisdom

Meditation for Maturity and Wisdom
Mudra: Bend your elbows down by your sides. Extend the forearms up so the palms are a few inches in front of each shoulder, palms flat and facing the body. Then bend the palms back slightly at the wrists, until the palms are facing up, and are somewhat relaxed and somewhat cupped. Just hold this position.
Movement: Without using the breath in any specific way, begin to pump the navel point powerfully. Pump very hard, and pump very fast. (Not Breath of Fire.)
Eyes: Stare at the tip of the nose.
Mantra: None indicated.
Time: 31 minutes.
End: Inhale, and pump the navel vigorously. Hold 10 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 3 times total. Relax.
Comments/Effects: Your handicaps travel ahead of you, and your reputation is known before you even reach a place. So it is very beautiful for humans to drop their past, change their attitude, have an altitude, and make sense to themselves. Then everybody can be sensibly made to understand that you are beautiful, bountiful and blissful, trustworthy, gracious, with divinity and digni- ty, and you can be a friend unto Infinity. You must understand: there is no prize which can give you back your honor.
To make sense to yourself:
• First look great, look gracious, look good.
• Deal with everything from a point of wisdom, and say things to the other person so he can understand what you say. Say it so that it’s understood.
• Be priceless in all dealings; it doesn’t matter where and why.

Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga Class every Monday 5 – 6.15pm

Are you Pregnant or know someone who is?  Come and try out my:-

Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga Class

Come and practice gentle exercises to help in pregnancy, like lifting the breastbone to make more room for your baby, opening and stretching the pelvic muscles ready for the birth. Practice yogic breathing, repeat mantras, and meditation. The combination of these exercises will be highly beneficial for both you and your baby. Meet other expecting Mums and share your experiences.
Time: Monday 5.00 – 6.20pm
Cost: Rs600 per class
At: Body Bar, 3 Jawatta Avenue, Colombo 5

Teacher: Shaunagh

email: shaunagh@applesri.lk

Email :  info@sanasuma.co.uk
Web : http://www.sanasuma.co.uk

Shaunagh on (+94) 773022142