Day 5 – 21 Stages of Meditation, Yoga Retreat

Just finished 12 hours of yoga and meditation. We ended the day feeling happy, giggly and high as kites. Cheaper and healthier than drinking a bottle of JD down the local. Looking forward to our last day of the Retreat. Feeling very grateful to this wonderful process and our lovely teacher.


Day 3 at 21 Stages of Meditation, Thailand Retreat

It is great to be back seeing old faces and new, with our dear teacher Sunder Singh.

We woke up this morning at 3.30am for early morning Sadhana. We practiced yoga and a great meditation to release effects from our ancestral past.

One of the techniques he taught us yesterday was to embrace what we do not like in ourselves and our lives.

Embracing is not ignoring or rejecting but instead allowing yourself to feel everything, taking the label off the feeling and transforming that feeling.

Sat Nam Fiona and Shaunagh


Fiona and Shaunagh away for 10 days between 12th – 21st October 2012

Sunder our teacher

Fiona and Shaunagh will be away for 10 days, we are going on a Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Thailand.

Therefore there will be:-

NO Kundalini Classes between 12th – 21st October 2012.

Fiona’s classes will be cancelled between 12th – 26th October.

Fiona will be teaching Shaunagh’s normal class on Thursday 11th October at Body Bar 5.45-7pm

We look forward to seeing you all in class when we come back full of energy and ready to pass on what we have learnt from our teacher Sunder Singh Khalsa.

Love and Light

Shaunagh and Fiona

Breaking news about our Sanasuma Colombo Kundalini Yoga Retreat

The Venue

We had a great time at the Colombo non residential Kundalini Yoga Retreat this weekend at Annie’s stunning newly built white house in Pitta Kotte.  We had the perfect space for yoga downstairs with wonderful cool breezes blowing through the spacious, light and airy ground floor, while looking out onto her wonderful garden and beyond to the picturesque view of the city.  Annie designed the house herself with the help of a local architect.  She has created a spacious and flowing home, made in entirely white terrazzo, white wood and concrete.  She is also an interior designer and therefore the antique pieces of furniture made an eclectic mélange, with modern pieces of craved wood, Japanese prints and beach style deck chairs. 

It made for a magical venue, especially after deep mediations when you have sparkles in your eyes.

The Yoga and meditation

All the teachers in our Kundalini Yoga community taught at the Retreat, Annoushka, Poornima, Shaunagh and Fiona.

Yoga classPoornima teaching

Yoga class

It was a rare treat for students to have such a diverse group of well seasoned teachers.  The Retreat took students through a  process of decluttering their conscious and unconscious mind of negative patterns.  Whilst opening their hearts and installing the ability to slow down and watch the mind while remaining neutral to ones thoughts and emotions.   The sacred science of breath and mantra were taught with the effect of leaving everyone in a state of joy, peace and bliss.  While the yoga Kriyas stretched, opened and toned our muscles.

The grand finale of the first day was dancing to music by Gabrielle Roth which left us all on a wonderful high at the end of the day


Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon TeaSanasuma felt it was very important to mix the Kundalini yoga with a healthy detoxing diet over the weekend. The vegetarian, menu  was lovingly created and designed by master chef German Dimaano.  German left Melbourne, Australia about 4 years ago to live and work in Sri Lanka.  He created sumptuous salads, hearty stews and sugarless cakes for us to feast on.  The food was fresh raw and mainly organic and wheat, dairy and sugar free.

Who came to the retreat?

We had a lovely mix of complete beginners to Kundalini Yoga and our old faithful regulars who attend our regular classes or who were returning after enjoying last years retreat in June 2011 down south in Galle.  All levels of ability and experience were warmly welcomed, and each student will experience something different from the retreat.  Fiona explained the benefits and beauty of practicing together in a group, each person in the group will receive what they need from another in the group without  even knowing it. The energy of the group doubles for each person present in the group.

Keep in touch and get connected

For all those that came to the retreat we would love to stay in touch with you and let you know about future retreats or new classes.  Fiona and Shaunagh started this blog earlier this year.  Please visit frequently or become a follower to see what we are up too. Find out more about all Sanasuma’s events and classes taking place in Colombo and outside.  Watch out of our International teachers coming to Sri Lanka. Join our facebook page and follow us as we grow our Kundalini Community in Sri Lanka.

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Inner Dance Workshop – 1st Oct 8.30-10pm

How exciting, a great teacher called Pi has arrived from Malaysia and is hosting an Inner Dance Workshop tonight Monday 1st Oct at 8.30pm until 10pm. Annie has kindly agreed to host us again, her address is 53a Epitamula Rd, 4th Lane, Ethul Kotte. Pls let me know if you are interested in attending. Payment is by donation. Inner Dance is described as a transformative process using the power of love.