Guava House Kundalini Yoga Retreat

On Day 2 of our Guava House Retreat, just finished Alai Ajai meditation for the “Radiant Body”.  We have 10 bodies. You can visualise your various bodies as layers of clothing.  The physical body being the overcoat you wear for a lifetime.  We know we have a physical body because we can feel it.  Beside the physical body you have 3 mental bodies (negative, positive, neutral) and six energy bodies (soul, arcline, auric, pranic, subtle and radiant).  When all your bodies are under your direction they produce a state of pure consciousness.  This gives you the abiliy for you to see all events as the play of the Universe and recognise the Infinite in all.

The group really enjoyed the partner meditaion.  It was physically challenging and left us with a sense of connection with each other.




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