Beks Raw Sushi from the Febuary Inner Dance & Kundalini Yoga retreat at Octopus Reef, Kogalla

Bek showing us how to make raw food sushis

Bek showing us how to make Raw  Sushis

Raw Sushi with Mock Tuna

1 head Lettuce
10-15 Nori sheets for rolling
1-2 Nori sheet for adding to the Tuna Pate
2 Tomato’s’
1 cup Almonds butter  – extra almonds if you want it to be a bit crunchy
2 Garlic cloves
4 tablespoons Lime or lemon juice
¼ cup Sesame Oil
½ teaspoon salt or pink salt
1 cucumber
1-2 Carrot’s
1-2 Avocado’s
Wasabi Powder
Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce
1 teaspoon Nutritional Yeast – Optional
Blend almond butter with sesame oil, salt, garlic, lemon, and nutritional yeast until smooth. Place in a bowl for spreading.
Take Avocado and add ½ teaspoon of wasabi powder mix with fork and place in separate bowl.
Pour liquid aminos or soy sauce into a small dipping bowl with some thinly sliced ginger.
Take the Nori Sheets and place onto a cutting board. Place lettuce, tomato and cucumber on top then pipe or spread tuna mixture. Add avocado and any other topping you desire.
Roll and seal with water at the end of the roll. A sushi-rolling mat helps if you have trouble rolling.
Cut into small bite sized pieces and serve with the soy and ginger.


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