Coconut oil pulling (Baraka virgin coconut oil available at Keels, or Kemara virgin coconut oil at Milk & Honey or Crescat Keels)– this is a detoxing process which allows the toxins which have built up during the night to leave your skin via your mouth and glands in your mouth.  Please see below for the method of pulling.  This will also reduce the side effects you may start feeling as you stop eating processed food, alcohol, cigarettes, refined sugar and meat.

There after drink a glass of water.

Drink a second glass of lukewarm, filtered water with lemon and honey

Pulling- How do you do it?

Buy some organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil (Baraka virgin coconut oil available at Keels, or Kemara virgin coconut oil at Milk & Honey or Crescat Keels). Ensure that the bottle is firmly capped immediately after use otherwise the unsaturated fatty acids will quickly become rancid on exposure to air. In the morning before brushing your teeth, before drinking anything and before breakfast, place one tablespoon of oil in your mouth. Do Not Swallow It. Rinse backwards and forwards without excessive pressure for 15 to 20 minutes, making sure that the oil is swilled between the teeth. If this is too difficult begin with swilling your mouth with the oil for 5 minutes and build up to the 15 minutes required.  At the same time stimulate the salivary glands by exercising the jaw as if chewing. This releases pre-digestive enzymes.

The toxins and bacteriophages within the circulatory system will be extracted by the oral salivary glands thereby cleaning the blood. For this reason one must under no circumstances swallow any of the oil rinsed in the mouth because it will contain elements of extreme toxicity. Initially the oil will be fairly viscous, but after a few minutes it will start to become thin and white like bleached wool. After 15~20 minutes, if the oil still appears yellow, continue the swilling until it turns white.

After spitting out the oil ensure that you rinse the mouth thoroughly several times with water, that you methodically brush your teeth, and finally wash your toothbrush. By cleaning the toothbrush afterwards as well as the sink you will ensure that large number of bacteria, viruses, and toxins and chemicals have been removed, when viewed under a microscope one drop of this oil and saliva mixture shows fungal spores, bacteria and other microscopic organisms in profusion.

Shortly after the rinsing of the oil is completed a noticeable strengthening of both lymphatic and circulatory systems is evident, this is possible due to the dual process of detoxification and autoimmune stimulation. A secondary effect of this oil therapy is the strengthening of teeth, improved circulation in the gums and improved growth and whitening of the teeth.

Although the oil therapy is best applied first thing in the morning before breakfast, when disease symptoms are evident it is of benefit to use the technique before main meals of the day, and when not having liquid for twenty minutes.


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