Daily Yoga & meditation Practice

Morning SadhanaWhat is a daily Sadhana?

It is a regular daily  practice of yoga, meditation and related exercises.

Yogi Bhajan encouraged all students to do a regular sadhana, to develop your own spiritual path.

A regular meditation practice provokes your subconscious to release any thoughts and emotional patterns that hinder you.

Choose a meditation and do the same meditation every day preferably at the same time.  Early morning between 4 – 7am, when it is quiet and before the sun has risen is the best time or another optimal time is between 4 – 7pm when the sun is setting, or you can do it before going to bed.

Consciously choosing to practice will build your discipline and committment.  Every day you will do the same meditation. Every day you will feel different. Sickness comes and goes. Motivation waxes and wanes.  Try to “keep up” you will develop your will power, confidence and ability to concentrate.  You will begin to see your day flow better.

Start with practicing the same meditation for 40 days to change a habit.

Keeping a diary of your practice and how you feel is recommended.  There is a great  “app” http://appstore.com/SadhanaTracker which is an easy way to keep a diary and track of what day you are on.

How to choose a meditation? I recommend http://www.kundaliniresearchinstitute.org/ website if you are not sure what meditation to choose, Nirvair Singh, teaches a new meditation every month and puts it on a youtube video. Click on the link above and scroll down the page to see the video.

Stretch out your “Body Glove”  Warming up with a few yoga asanas and stretches for between 3 to 10 minutes will you help you to sit and be more focussed before you practice a mediation. You can do the whole set, (1 to 2 minutes for each asana) or choose just 2 or 3 asanas, but keep to the sequence shown below.


To start – Tune in with the “Ong Naamo Guroo Dayv Naamo”

Warm-up Exercise Set


Kundalini Yoga Warm up Set sml





















Meditation of your choice for 3 to 11 minutes

To Finish – Chant or sing the “Lontime Sunshine Song” and 1 or 3 “Sat Nams”

The above set is a guide for beginning your sadhana daily practice.  Once you have had more experience and would like to go into a deeper practice you can choose to do the same medtiation for the following days:-

40 days to change a habit

90 days to confirm the habit

120 days, the new habit is who you are

1,000 days you have masterd the new habit

How long to meditate?

Most meditations are practiced for 11 to 31 minutes, but meditations can be practiced for up to 2 – 1/2 hours.

The different lengths of time have the following affects on the body and mind:-

3 minutes of meditation affects tbe electromagnetic field, the circultion and stability of the blood.

11 minutes of meditation begins to change the nerves and glandular system.

22 minutes of meditation balances the three minds, and they begin to work together.

31 minutes of meditation allows the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body.  It lets the psyche of the meditation affect the 3 gunas, all 31 tattvas and all layers of the mind’s projections.

62 minutes changes the grey matter of the brain.  The subconscious “shadow mind” and outer projection are integrated.

2-1/2 hours changes the psyche in its co-relation with the surrounding magnetic field so that the subconscious mind is held firmly in the pattern by the surrounding universal mind.