Reality v Fear and Lies


Gossip and self-deception are wonderful ways to look into the mirror, see and accept the natural tendencies and unconscious workings of our mind.

Knowing your patterns

  1. How frequently do you gossip?
  2. In what way is it useful to you?
  3. When has gossip hurt you: Gossip about you by others or gossip you spread?
  4. How often do you gossip before you notice you are doing so?
  5. How do you feel in yourself when you notice you are gossiping?

What do you think about a person who gossips to you?

3 types of gossip from our 3 functional minds.

Negative mind is defensive tending towards malicious gossip and judging other people.

Positive mind – intelligence gathering, providing prospective, opportunity, rumours of hope and urban legends.

Neutral mind – You want to discern a person’s reputation, evidenced over time, actions and situations. Not just seek confirmation of your fears by judging them.


When you mix anything in your life with fear it becomes non-reality or a lie. Because your fears are NOT REAL. This is what lies really are, non-reality. Lies crush hope and reality. We lie to ourselves and others because reality is overwhelming, things feel impossible, you feel a bad person, and everyone is against me, all from this sense of fear. Truth is reality. But we hide behind how we want to appear to others.   We must train the mind to act innocently, and directly through meditation. Catching ourselves when we fall into the trap of wishful thinking and imagination.

One day this week, write down how many times you lie in one hour, either to yourself or to others?

Harmonious Communication

When we consistently practice conscious communication, we find a way to act in every situation. We accept that every moment is a gift. In this state there is no failure only recognition of the challenge and spontaneous action based on our intuition not our impulse. Your word is real you are real. Every word has impact because you are fully present.

IMpossible = I + M + Possible (The” impossible “becomes,” I –am – possible”)

Read this story see if you can start creating the possible from an impossible situation in your life.

Story of an Angel July 2015


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