Acquarian Yoga Teacher Training – A Life Changer

Final yoga poster Level 1Change your life this year and train to become an Internationally Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. The transformation this will make to your life is beyond words. Whether you want to teach or just transform on a personal level to be at your best, come and join us in Sri Lanka on 28 November to 5 December 2015 as we take a magical mystery tour into the self.

Week 1 – 28th Nov – 5th Dec 2015
Week 2 – 5th Feb- 11th Feb 2016
Week 3 – 29th July – 4th Aug 2016

It includes the theory and practice of KY as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

“Experience is the key. It is experience that validates our understanding. Experience goes right into the heart. No words can replace experience.” Yogi Bhajan

Teacher training will take place in various locations around our beautiful island with inspirational and celebrated lead teacher Tony Nooyens (NL) plus supporting local teachers. The first Retreat will be held at Guava House, an award winning eco design,that was a runner up in the Geoffrey Bawa awards.

Topics covering the following subjects will be studied:

  • Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Kriya, and Meditation
  • The Role of a KY Teacher, Yogic Philosophy, Patanjali & The history of Yoga
  • Humanology & Yogic Lifestyle
  • The 3 Functional Minds, Naad the science of Sound, The 5 Elements or Tattvas
  • Yogic & Western Anatomy; Chakra Energy System, 5 Vayus, the 10 Bodies

If you would like further information please visit our teacher training page on or call Fiona +94778011984.

Everyone welcome to participate.


2 thoughts on “Acquarian Yoga Teacher Training – A Life Changer

  1. Can you send this to me as an attachment and I will share it via FB

    How are you my darling?

    Back in Lankaland? How is it?

    Love love love to you xxx

    Annoushka Hempel Founder & Director Colombo Art Biennale Hempel Galleries SL: +94 777 907 321 UK: +44 (0) 7734697811

    10th – 13th September 2015 *Saatchi Gallery, London* *’This is Tomorrow’ * Solo Project by *Pala Pothupitiye* Hempel Galleries/Start

    *Colombo Art Biennale *4th Edition ‘Conceiving Space’ – Nov/Dec 2016 Curated by Alnoor Mitha

    • Hey babe lovely to hear from you, yes back in Lanka and blogging away. The breaking the mask meditation is doing wonders for me. I will email you the Level 1 poster today. We have also got a stall at the Good Market on a Saturday to promote yoga. Cannot wait until you get back, so much to discuss and share. A big kiss to you, keep the head party going under all conditions. Love you to bits Fi

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