Equalibruim = through the worship instrument of the body.

gurusingh balanceYour life is an equation.

On one side there is YOU = The other side LIFE

You have to train your body and mind to be so balanced that you are always = to the relationship or challenge presented to you.

On a physical level this translates to having a perfectly balanced pelvis.  When you left leg and right leg perfectly distribute your body weight, so that the pelvis is balanced and aligned.

When are pelvis is misaligned we may feel > greater than or < less than the people we meet, depending on their status, looks, age, etc. If you relate to others in total equality = you give them a sense of infinity through you. They allow everyone you meet to feel amazing.

The left leg gives you the intention to do things in life. Ideas, desires, inspiration.  Your right leg creates the energy and motivation to achieve those ideas.  The famous saying, “the road to hell is littered with good intentions”, shows that a lot of the time we are unbalanced. We have lots of ideas but little motivation to follow them through. This is reinforced by our walking gait, especially if the left leg is carrying slightly more weight than the right. If the right leg is taking more weight you will have motivation but get bored very easily. Have you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend who you thought was amazing when you first met them only to get bored with them after the honeymoon period? This is because the nature of your mind is to see people as below you and therefore once the projections of what you thought that person was like dissolved into reality, the inequality in your mind re-emerged.  This is one of the main reason relationships go wrong, because you do not meet the other as = to you.

When we experience knee problems, this is due to the conflict within fibula and tibia bones of our lower leg. The large shin bone, is the standard you come into the world with and the smaller bone relates to you heel, this is the standards other people have of you. If you compromise too much and conform to other people’s standards then you will suffer from knee pain.

If you walk without using your ankle, ie do not come up on your toes when walking you will not have leverage or advantage in life situations.

If your feet turn out as you walk, you are always looking for an alternative to the situation, if your feet roll in you are limiting your possibilities. You want your feet pointing straight forward in the direction you are going.

As you walk you are reinforcing the above tendencies and patterns, on a moment by moment basis. Your physiology mirrors your mind. These are either supporting your wellbeing or consolidating your problems.

To change you need to get present and conscious of these features displayed when you walk. But also you need to make a decision to surrender the story that formulates your identity. Decide to GIVE UP sympathy or blaming, anyone or anything. You will reach mastery and success. Try it for a 1 hour challenge, then 1 day then 1 week. Good luck!


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