Breaking the Mask that is created by our Hidden Agenda


Summary of Shadow self and redirection this negative energy?

A personal example of the shadow and how to deal with it, is as follows: As a yoga teacher I do a job I love, so I can enlighten, inspire and serve humanity. Naturally I will sometimes think, “I just want to break out and do something different, just for me”. If I do not acknowledge this shadow voice and find a way to balance my life and to take into consideration that I need other things not just my yogi lifestyle, the shadow will grow. If I touch that shadow daily and use a little of its energy, it will enrich my life, engender flexibility and keeps me creative.mask 3

Hidden Self and Hidden Agenda

The Hidden Self and mask is completely separate to the Persona or Shadow Self. Nearly all of us have a Hidden self with a hidden agenda which developed between the ages of 0-7years. The trauma you could have suffered could be as simple as your mother left you in a room while you were asleep. You woke up scared and insecure, crying and the ego decided you never wanted to feel like this again. So you become reactive and start manipulating situations so as to avoid these feelings of insecurity and fear. The child’s agenda if it is not dealt with consciously at a young age becomes the hidden self. Because we are not neutral about ourselves we dismiss the hidden self and its agendas and do not believe the outside world is effected by our private thoughts and feelings. The ego and subconscious mind align with this hidden self. This now reactive personality based on unprocessed childhood trauma, creates thousands of thoughts, feelings and narratives to serve our hidden agenda. We react in the same way to all situations, which may not make sense in the current moment. The gap between us and reality increases.   If our habit is to simple react, or to react and deny we reacted we divide and fight ourselves. It is just like trying to see ourselves in a shattered mirror.

mask 4

Signs of the Hidden Self and Mask it creates

  1. When you begin defending because feelings of shame, loss and fear arise. It prevents us from acknowledging our accountability for what happens to us in life. If it is happening to you, it is happening through you.
  2. Patterns in your life of self-destructive behaviour, soured relationships, repeated mistakes.
  3. We may be busy, our lives filled with many people, tasks and adventures but inside we are not happy.
  4. The self-hypnosis of the hidden agenda never lacks confidence or aggressiveness to fulfil its needs. You may feel like someone is talking from your mouth, you are out of character.
  5. The interconnection between the left and right hemisphere is weakened. The effect is often a change in voice and tone. We are angry, childlike, talkative, full of stories, sneaky and insecure.
  6. When these signs occur the hidden personality is dominating our normal personality.

Breaking the Mask

When we find out what our hidden agenda is and what our hidden self wants, the mask we have created and fed, can be broken. This is when we develop character because we can trust ourselves. Life’s challenges only deepen us over time. Our presence speaks for itself.

3 Ways to Break the Mask

Psychological therapy – We express in words and feelings the Hidden self and explore the hidden agenda and masks. These techniques allow us to cope and continue with our lives but does not clear out and address the root trauma that caused the hidden self, stuck in the subconscious mind.

Sadhana – Combination of Kundalini yoga and deep meditation in the early morning. This clears everything out of the subconscious. It may take time as you may have a lot to clear out of the unconscious and subconscious brain.

Gatka – Most direct way is this type of meditation practice. You use the breath to let the thoughts released by the hidden self and agenda’s to surface via a pranayama meditation and you stop them dead by using the gatka mantra. The Gatka mantra (Harji har har har har harji) cuts through all the negativity, fear, insecurity and allows you to become neutral. Then you go back to your breath meditation and dissolve in yourself and the feeling of coming to zero. Beyond all actions and reactions. Breaking the cycle of the hidden self and its agenda. You heal it and all duality and pain. You become just you, pure, simple and open.


This week’s classes:

Mon 31 Aug 6-7.30pm Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, Col 7

Tues 1 Sept 8.30 -9.30am Kundalini Yoga@The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Rd,

Tues 1 Sept  6-7pm Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 2 Sept 4.45- 7am Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 2 Sept 7.15-8.15pm Kundalini Yoga@The Om Space,  185/9 Havelock Road

Saturday 4.30pm Yoga Class @ The Good market – Race Course


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