“Chakra series” starts tomorrow at Shaunaghs”s Kundalini Class Wed 16th Sept 2015 in Cambridge


Join me tomorrow for class One of my “Chakra Series”

I will start with the 1st chakra the base or root chakra, which is earth/security/survival.  It is located at the bottam of the spine between the anus and the sex organs.  This is the organ for elimination.  When one is balanced in this chakra you will feel gounded, centered, loyal and stable, you with have a healthy functioning elimination system.  When one is not balanced we will feel insecure, fearful, not really belonging to earth.  If one is not balanced you may have elimination problems and sexual perversions.

I will be teaching a class with asanas and meditations to balance your “Root Chakra”, working on the lower spine.



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