Become You – Reduce your Elementary Stress

47174840-ornament-beautiful-card-with-vector-yoga-geometric-element-hand-drawn-perfect-cards-for-any-other-kiCreate a Stress Free Zone tonight 3 December 7.15-8.15pm @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Rd, Col 5.

The key to our vitality is reconnecting with our essential self.  When live in the future, spending  our lives in fear, anxiety, greed and the other hundreds of emotions our mind creates in anticipation of the best or worst of life, we loose touch with the reality of our being. As babies we live in the present moment, in perfect innocence in touch with our infinite nature. We allow, experience, be. As we grow up we dodge and hide from the reality of the moment, put on masks to hide our feelings and try and control our small kingdoms.

What do we need?

To reconnect with our natural innocent, loving, joyful nature all we need to do is to reconnect to the elements within us.  We need to reconnect to the beauty of the open sky, the solid reality of earth, the physical feeling of our emotions moving like liquid in our bodies, the power of our internal fire to engage with life.  There is nothing you acquire except presence and gratitude for being you.  The ancient cultures like the American Indian, Aborigines understood the important of this connection. They let the elements flow through them within their language and practices.  Yogi Bhajan explained that our disconnection from the elements, the source of life, leads to addictive behaviour to cover up our empty feelings with distractions of the mind and body such as drugs, over eating, smoking etc.

The Kriya we will practice tonight will help you reconnect to your elementary self. This entire set is an example of how our awareness of the elements and elementary self can clear away the graffiti left over from stress and our ego mind. Your body will learn the language of the elements.









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