Mechanics of being a Human

seven-silhouettes-girl-yoga-poses-illustration-colorful-slim-33368134Last week I had a week where I felt my mind and my emotions were out of control. I felt angry, frustrated, up against a corner as my physical body felt out of balance. In desperation I asked for guidance and ended up with an almost broken toe as I tripped on a drain, just after having another angry thought. This new twist in my life surprisingly put everything into perspective and gave me a new sense of relaxation, trust and presence.

We are the painter of our own picture. So if we want to change the picture of our life we need to start working on changing the painter i.e. us. This is where the mechanics of life and the science of being human must be practiced.

Lesson 1 -Your Reality

My subconscious is programing the mixture I am inhaling between inspiration and desperation with each breath I take.

When I inhale I am either physically, emotionally open and present or my memory will explain what is happening to me, based on my past experiences.

With every breath I have a choice where I come from but that choice is not created in that moment by my will, but by how I tune and clear my subconscious memory over time.

A daily yoga and meditation practice which allows me to watch my thoughts and emotions and let them go without becoming identified to them will help with clearing and tuning the subconscious mind.

If I do not regularly clear my subconscious mind, it will become stagnated and the traumas I have experienced which I have not let go of will become dramas. These dramas will cloud my memory and mind. Instead of living in spirit or inspiration I start to live in desperation. Instead of feeling that every breath, every moment offers brand new opportunities and solutions. Your mind and emotions get filled like mine did last week, with feelings of frustration, why is this happening to me, victim consciousness, anger, worry, tension etc. The older we get the more our moments are filled with desperation which can lead to a midlife crisis.

The key is to use our breath on a moment by moment basis to gauge how are we doing. How much do we feel inspired compared to desperate? If it is 15% inspiration and 85% desperation you have to decide you are going to increase that to 25% to 75% this is achievable. You do not want to give yourself unrealistic goals so you can just get more frustrated because you cannot achieve them and end up 10% inspired and 90% desperate.

colorful-yoga-pose-2Lesson 2 Turn off Fear/Turn on Faith

When you are feeling really fearful, you want to change your expression. The corners of your mouth going up in a smile have a direct correlation to the fascia running up to your kidneys, which relate to fear. The smile lifts the kidneys up turning off fear and turning on faith.

Reduce frustration increase relaxation

The dominance of which nostril you breath from will determine whether you can cool an angry or frustrated situation down so you can see the solution or make it worse. So if you want to cool things down inhale through your left nostril exhale through your right.

If you are feeling lazy, uninspired, lacking in creative motivation, heat things up with inhaling through your right and exhaling through your left. Practice, practice, practice and let’s make an experiment of our life so we can help ourselves and inspire others. Sat nam Fi x

This week’s classes:

Mon 25 Jan 6-7.30pm     Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Pl, Col 7

Tues 26 Jan 6-7pm          Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 27 Jan 4.45- 7am    Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 27 Jan 3-3.45pm     Kids Yoga @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 27 Jan 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga@The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road





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