Community Yoga Class – Pay by Donation 6.30-7.30pm Fri 5 Feb @ Om Space

imagesFJ4B2UWHAt The OM Space Yoga Studio, we believe that practicing yoga should be something that everyone has the opportunity to explore regardless of age, financial situation, or social class background. That is why we have added our new Friday evening 6.30-7.30pm Community Yoga Class to our schedule of classes. This will allow us to reach out to communities who may not be in a situation where they would normally attend a yoga class.

community yoga class

Yoga can be seen by some sectors in society as expensive, added to the fear factor that I am not flexible/thin/fit/calm or just enough…to practice yoga.

There are multiple other reasons why people may not feel they are able to join a regular public yoga class. It may be especially hard if you are someone who is in a vulnerable position in society. Practicing yoga is likely to be far down the list of priorities for people who are living in poverty, have chronic ill health or who are in recovery from addictions, by putting on our community yoga class we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to join our yoga community, feel supported whilst only having to pay by donation or by giving as much or as little as they feel like giving.

donation yoga

When I finished my teacher training course in Ecuador, South America in 2003, I found a community of elderly people in a small village who really need some community yoga. I travelled to their community where I taught them yoga stretches and pranayama before we handed out a free lunch. I could only manage it once a month and there was around 50 elders from 60 years upwards all eager to rhymically stretch their bodies and feel the breath of life calming their minds. Every time I taught I felt it was my privilege and blessing to reach out to this precious community.

I feel the same about our Community classes at Om Space. I believe it will have a positive effect on our Sri Lankan community as well as giving our teachers the honour of teaching all the benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring to elevate peoples lives, relationships, bodies, mind and soul.

Please let your friends and relatives know about our Community Yoga Class.

Sat nam Fiona x


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