Level 2 teacher training – Lifestyles and Lifecycles with Shiv Charan at Guava House

About the Venue

Guava House is situated on top of a hill, amongst 3 acres of it’s own private land and with 360 degree views of the valley below and Bible Rock. It is located on a rubber tree estate. Thatched roofs and open plan living areas create a sense of space, simplicity and freedom. What previous guests have said about it:-

“The setting is just about as remote as it gets, surrounded by the mountains and trees, yet the quiet sounds of the nearby village are a reminder of the fascinating village and the rural goings on of daily life in Sri Lanka. But above all, it is the house itself – Guava House – that makes this one of the most spectacular places I have ever experienced. Every detail is exquisite, the materials combine traditional and modern, and the overall aesthetic is quite simply stunning in its simplicity, elegance and grace. And yet Guava House is comfortable, welcoming and unpretentious.”

It is a very special place to hold a Level 2 teacher training with our very special teacher Shiv Charan, who flew from Portugal to teach our small group from the Sri Lankan community and Thailand.

About the Retreat

Teacher Shiv Charan

Teacher Shiv Charan

IMG_1662This was the 2nd Level 2 teacher training in Sri Lanka.  The module was Lifestyles and Lifecycles.  We first looked at how we make changes in our life for different reasons, sometimes it will be circumstances, pain and suffering, or sometimes through awareness or inspiration from the people you meet.

Shiv Charan gave us his words of wisdom and the passed on the teachings from Yogi Bhajan:-

“Apreciate the past. Evuluate the present, take stock, and anticipate the future”

Later in the day we remembered our earliest memories and practiced a kriya and meditation lead by Yogi Bhajan on video “Rebirthing to Clear Distortions from the school years”

As the week progressed we looked into the 3 cycles of our life, the Cycle of Consciousness, Cycle of Intelligence, and Cycle of Life Energy. We looked at how these changes have clusters at different stages thoughout our life and these peaks of change require special effort to transition through with integrity and balance.

We then went on to look at how we are affected if we are not conscious and ahead of the times. Many men and woman suffer from a mid life crisis. Sometimes we are just not able to accept the inevitable slowing down of the body, and struggle to move into our older years.

We started the day with Sadhana at 5am which we practiced on the mezzinine of the house.  Each day a different team lead chanting of the Jap Ji, a kriya for that day and chanting the Aquarian Sadhana.

Early Morning Sadhana on the mezzinine

Early Morning Sadhana on the mezzinine


We were divided into groups and worked together to act out the emotions of a “Mid Life Crisis”.  This was one one of the groups showing us the emotions we go through.

Yogi Bhajan video - kriya




At the end of the day we remembered our earliest memories and practiced a kriya and meditation lead by Yogi Bhajan on video “Rebirthing to Clear Distortions from the school years”.

Yogi Bhajan Videos were played on the mezzinine.



About the Food

green saladroasted vege salad

We ate like Kings and Queens – the food was prepared by German Dimaano, the top chef who manages Cafe Ceylon, down in the South of Sri Lanka, amongst others.  Strictly healthy vegetarian food, following the Kundalini Yoga traditions, wonderful fresh salads of roasted vegetables, array of  vegetable curries and fragrant basmati rice or red rice.

We also had Sri Lankan specialities like string hoppers and egg hoppers from the local small kadai (small restaurant) at the end of the road.


In the evenings we had delicious soups, insuring that we went to bed satisfied but not over full, helping us to have a good nights sleep.

jak fruit preparation

Preparing and eating the jak fruit to make into a curry from a tree on the estate.

breakfast table

Breakfasts were tropical fruit salads and homemade Granola

fruit salad

 Walks in the Area

walking in the rainpaddy fields





During the lunch break we ventured out of the house to see the surrounding area. Well prepared for the rain!

The Last Day

group shot last day

The last remaining students with our master teacher Shiv Charan, just before heading home.

We finished the teacher training with a final day of teaching, before a late lunch and  travelling back to Colombo for all the guests to go home.


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