What is Middle-aged Crisis?


“Quote by Yogi Bhajan”

“The energy in your biology and in the biofeedback systems starts slowing down.  Your internal secretion of the glandular system is less. If there’s no proportion in your cycles and behaviors, no proportionate maturity, you will fall apart. “

So what happens in a mid life crisis? Often women cannot come to terms with the fact that when they look in the mirrror they do not see the same women that they were 15 years ago, even though they feel like 25 inside!  So they do things to try and keep them from looking old, like having a face lift, suddenly going to the gym every day and exercising excessively, dressing like a teenager etc etc!

Men think about or actually leave their long term relationships and find a younger women in the hope that they will feel younger, buy fast expensive sport cars etc!  Unfortunately this does not neccessarily help.

Marraiges and long term relationships may hit rock bottam because of the unconscious shift in needs or exagggeration of long-term tendencies. Couples may find themselves stuck in a rut, the man trying to find acceptance and his self worth, the woman in his life knows all his faults and takes it upon herself to correct him, often this will lead to hard judgements, conflicts grow and communication lessens. Instead what is needed, is good communication, love and tolerance.

If we are not aware and ahead of the times, then we may flounder in the storm, feeling lost and trying to cling to our younger lives.  However things have changed, so we need to find new meaning and purpose in our lives.  If we can navigate our way through these transitions,  accepting the changes we feel physically and emotionally.  Be wise and accept that we have to slow down a bit, but work on keeping our spirit strong.  Eat consciously, devote more time to exercise, meditation and be moderate in what we do.  Recognise that we cannot push our body to the limits as we could when we were in our twenties.  Find the joy in life today and feel what the wisdom of the experience of life has given us.  Mentor and help others and find purpose in our lives.

In todays Kundalini Yoga Class, Shaunagh will focus on a practice a “phyiscal kriya” and meditation for “Inner Assessment”, to centre ourselves and maintain balance in our chakras, so we don’t act from just one chakra or area of our self, instead we use our sensitivity to integrate, balance and make affective decisions to take us through these transitions in life.

 Wednesday 27th July 6.15 – 7.15pm

at The Signal Box Centre, The Emerald Building, Glenalmond Ave (off Clarendon Rd), Cambridge, CB2 8DS http://www.thesignalbox.org/findus.html

Shaunagh’ Mob 07845254229

Blog: https://sanasumainsrilanka.wordpress.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/www.sanasuma.lk



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