Learn how to be = to your Challenges – Kundalini Yoga 6.15-7.30pm Mon Dec 5,2016

So, last week was one of those really challenging learning experience, as I set about my 24 hours of not having negative thoughts or words. Early on I had a glimpse into how amazing it would be to feel the mastery of the mind and mouth, but a glimpse was all I got before the polarity of the situation hit me, (remember the blog on 3 steps forward 2 steps back). Well I have been back peddling ever since. The fact that I have committed to this has not afforded me my usual comfort of complaining to someone about my hardships. I have kept a stoic silence, only using I am great but my body feels terrible or sick, etc.…

Wow, I am even surprised how much I have missed complaining and getting sympathy, the two biggest obstacles to stepping into your greatness. When you are the greatness you were born to be, you do not need to complain or feel sorry for yourself or anyone else, you can surrender into the knowledge that all is as it should be.   There have also been many highlights, for example, when I really felt I could not leave the bed to make the muesli for Saturday morning Sadhana, I received the lesson that the inability to do was all in my mind and when I made the muesli it was not difficult, it did not take much time and I was perfectly well enough to complete this task, if I switched off the mental chatter and focused on the doing.

Ok let’s add to last week’s challenge not only shall we keep going with the no negative thoughts or words, (i.e. not complaining, just stating facts neutrally) but also making sure in actions and words we treat everyone we meet as if they were our equal. You may say this is easy I do this anyway, but notice sometimes the superior being, judge in your mind feels or mentally notes how everyone else is wrong and you are right. This challenge is a bit like marriage. At the beginning of the marriage you make a commitment and this helps you through the initial ups and down. However, as we know about polarities after commitment comes challenge, boy do I know this after last week. The desire to be right is so difficult to resist and here is where the inequality comes in because if you are right then the other person’s opinion is not as important or equal to your own. Alternatives are, you can agree to disagree, neutralise the thought through mantra, SAT NAM, WAHE GURU, I AM, IAM etc. When we align our personal will with universal will, when we learn how to listen and accept, we let go of conflict and we go with the flow of life. Mental mantra NO CONFLICT, LET IT GO.

When we really practice creating equality it all our relationships, as much of the time as possible we teach our mind that we are equal to all situations that we come across in life. Have a go and let me know about this new practice. Keep up, and you will be kept up. Sat nam Fi x sanasumainsrilanka.wordpress.com read our weekly blogs and brain candy updates. http://www.sanasuma.co.uk

Mon 5 December 6.15-7.30pm   Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 6 December 6-7pm             Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 7 December 4.45- 7am        Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 7 December 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga @ the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road Col 5



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