The Year 2018 = 11 – Kundalini yoga in Sri Lanka

Happy 2018 dear ones. I have been on holiday spending quality time with my family this Christmas season but will see you all back in class after 7th January 2018.  I just wanted to share our amazing teacher Shiv Charan Singh’s message for 2018 with you all. Happy, healthy, holy to you and all your families. Remember what ever we need to face we are always equal to our challenges. Sat nam Fiona

THE YEAR 2018: (Note: this is not a predictive text. Just some guidelines for those to whom it means something)
Every year we appreciate renewal of the year as a chance to give our life a new focus, or a refocus, checking the direction, and sowing new seeds. Each one has their own way to do that. and sometimes we can appreciate and benefit from a suggestion. Here is just a suggestion guided by the intelligence inherent in numbers
The first change from 2017 to 2018 is that the 7 becomes 8. This unit number is in the place of the Hidden treasure or hidden demon (virtue or virus). The seed within the seed. The gift within the gift. The poison within the gift, or the gift within the poison.   8 suggests power and energy, abundance or abuse, economy, compassion or fatality, sympathy – empathy – antipathy, authority, healing, life and death, purity and the pranic body.  8 is the number of infinity, beyond time, which also means beyond time and space. We are all linked in timelessness, but it is a dreamy state that we mostly are ignorant of. Pausing our busy life to contemplate our shared infinite link moves us into compassion through which healing happens. Taking time in nature helps a lot.
The impact of this change then changes 17 to 18. The sum of the last 2 digits of the year represents the overall potential/ seed/sutra = 18 = 9:  Tolerance or tyranny. Patience or frustration. Peace or extreme restlessness. Direction or dispersion.  9 is the number of subtlety. The subtlety that sabotages us when we ignore it.  Peace is subtle, which is why it often eludes us even after years of peace talks. Before walking in the world to bring peace. We first need to walk peace into our selves. Walking in consciousness of nothing but the act of walking is recommended. Also practice sitting in peace. Sitting in a way that the subtlety of peace can settle within.  9, in relation to the total of 2018 = 11, leads to the mystery of expand to contract and contract to expand. If we don’t recycle then we cannot renew; we will simply run out. Fragment to unite.

The next level of impact is that 2017 becomes 2018. This sums up to 11.  The sum of the full/whole year implies the future, the shared human destiny, the possibilities and opportunities. Not only the flowering of humanity but also the fragility, the trauma, the pain and the paralysis of that unfolding being cut short, thwarted.
11: The highest possibility of the 11 will only be known if we do not reduce the 11 to become 2.   The number 11 is 10 and 1. Intimacy, likeness and unison between the Macro-Unity, 10, and the micro-unit, 1. In religious language that is ‘God and me, me and God, are One. Otherwise it is 1 + 1 = 2, and that is duality, separation and splits in our life.
11 is the relation between the Universal Spirit Radiant Body, 10, and the Individual Soul, 1. Combining ‘Royal Courage’ and humility.  In 11 we find reflections of the soul – richness of wisdom through alignment. In 2 we suffer the poverty of separation, despair and naivety.
11 = I am, you are, we are, we are 1. Beyond temporary bonds and attachments to rediscover the eternal and infinite connection.  11 is the mirror effect of the universal spirit.  It is consciousness being conscious of itself through the individually embodied consciousness.
The 1 (in 11) is the indication of new beginnings, while the 10 indicates a complete closure of what was. In 2018 certain things will unarguably be over and the seeds of new possibilities will emerge.
2018 is a year for breaking the unwanted and karmic ties, the chains , the bonds. And renewing your bond with the Infinite, the Eternal, the Unchanging. Bound to the One within your heart you will be free of everything else. From that state you will discover how the unlikely path becomes the only path.  A year to fully and totally offer your self to your higher consciousness. A year to fully receive the offering, not just of life itself, but also the offering of the teachings that guides us through the Maya of time and space towards the realisation of the unison between the micro self and the macro self. The offering of the teachings is called GurPrasaad; the Guru’s Grace or benevolence.  In other words 11 is the inner knowing of, and identity with, the One that gives you all you are.
Establish the micro ‘i am’. Return to the place you come from – within your self. Come back. Come back to the One. And the Great Macro ‘I Am’ will come to your side.  Become small to know the All. ‘I know nothing, yet I am’; this is existing in the non-existence; it is a zero-point.
11 – the individualised conscious soul, will always relate to the Universal Spirit of Oneness: Listening and attuning to the will of the One. Reflecting upon, and stepping into, the pervasive light of the One. Living in, and with, the consciousness of the One. Remembering and walking in the company of the One. The simple act of bringing the palms together in front of the heart invites the innate potential of the 11 to actualise itself.
11 invites Harmonious Alignment in Conscious Action. Alignment of parts of our own personal life; between heart and mind; between our thoughts, words and deeds; between the higher self and the inner soul. Alignment between women and men, parent and child. Alignment between the community [outer self] and the individual [inner self]. Harmonious Alignment between communities of all types of diversity.  It is an inviting chance to tune your soul in with the Cosmos, to restate your identity and come together with others in celebration. Ultimately alignment will bring a sense of solidarity with all beings.
’All my life I prepared for one thing; the day I meet God, I will meet as His part and parcel never an
individual. Therefore never meet any human as a individual to individual, meet always as a part of
parcel of that person as you are one. Because there is one God and every creation of that one God is
one, learn the art to be one.
And remember, one and one makes eleven, never two. Your force will increase eleven fold, if you
talk to somebody as one to one, within the one of that person,…. you can share the whole world and
dare to love all in one and one in all. One and one is eleven, when you talk as one with another
person, you power will increase eleven fold.’’  Yogi Bhajan July 27. 1995   v


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