The Negative Mind, Perfectionsim & Procrastination – Kundalini Yoga 6.15-7.30pm Mon 12 Feb 2018

perfectThe Negative Mind, Perfectionism and Procrastination

Last week we explored our applied intelligence. An aspect of applied intelligence is being able to see which of our 3 functional minds are dominant at any one time. Let’s look at the strongest of our functional minds, the negative mind and look its sisters, perfectionism and procrastination.

The negative mind is all about protecting us and setting boundaries. Let’s look especially at that protective quality that leads to tendencies of perfectionism. Perfectionism is that little nagging feeling that nothing is good enough as it is. There are always improvements to make, whether the focus is on people, the food you received at a restaurant or yourself. Let us not get confused, perfectionism is not the desire for success, in fact it is the fear of failure and our negative minds protective quality that drives our perfectionist tendencies. Perfection in reality is impossible and an abstraction. There is a difference between striving for something or excellence and demanding perfection.

This need for wanting to be perfect is transmitted to us subtly. By seeing “perfect” bodies or lives, carved and presented to us via different marketing techniques and channels (such as social media), those “images of perfection” are being implemented in our minds subconsciously. Thus, people who cannot achieve those images that their minds are fixated on tend to lose self-esteem and have their creative minds stifled. We are talking about perfectionism here, and it is one of the major reasons for the feelings of dissatisfaction especially when you look in the mirror.  Getting over perfectionism and unloading the unnecessary burden of self-judgement can be fought by channelling those emotions that take over you with forgiveness and letting go. Kundalini Yoga and meditation are two very effective ways that can help you lose the “perfectionist syndrome”.


Procrastination and perfectionism are closely linked to one another. Procrastination is the negative minds mask of not facing criticism or being wrong, as well as lack of self confidence. You will not start anything new or take a chance because of fear of failure. I remember this feeling when I first started teaching Kundalini Yoga, I did not think my asana practice was good enough, or my language ( I was teaching in Spanish), I had so many reasons not to teach.   But actually teaching, making mistakes and being a bad teacher has taught me so much. I remember my teacher Sunder Singh saying to be a really good teacher; you needed to be a bad teacher first. I thought he was insulting me instead of assisting me, but that is how the negative mind reacts to any threats. We must learn to recognise this and counter it with our applied intelligence, i.e. watching but not becoming attached to those negative thought processes.

No one is perfect and no matter how we think others may have a perfect life no one actually attains this state. This week make an effort not to be so harsh on yourself, know your worth, learn by your mistakes and respect yourself no matter how bad or good you feel. Sat nam x   0778011984

This week’s classes:

Mon 12 Feb 6.15-7.30pm    Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 13 Feb 9.45-10.45am  Kundalini Yoga @ Om Shambala, 143 Fife Rd, Col 5

Tues 13 Feb 3.30-4.30pm Special Needs Kids Class@ Reach Beyond, Tickell Rd, Col 8

Tues 13 Feb 6-7.15pm        Kundalini Yoga Class with Shauangh@ 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5

Wed 14 Feb 5.00- 7.30am  Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 14 Feb 3.30-4.15am    Kids Yoga Class @ The Om Space, Colombo 5

Wed 14 Feb 6.45-8pm         Kundalini Yoga@ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 15 Feb 11 – 1pm      Special Needs Kids and Teachers Class@ Reach Beyond

Thurs 15 Feb 3-4pm               Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7



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