Gong Bath Meditation Today 6 April 2019

GONG BATH AT HOME with Shaunagh TODAY SAT 6TH APRIL 6.00-7.30PM.

145/5 Fife Road, Colombo 5

Call Shaunagh – 0773 022142 for details

What Happens during a gong bath?

We begin by warming up the body with a few simple yoga stretches. This prepares your body and mind and makes listening and aborbing the sound of the gong an enriched experience. Then you will lie down on your back, relax completely and allow the sound of the gong to penetrate every cell in your body. You may fall asleep, many do (especially the first time) or you may just drift in and out of consciousness, and lose all track of time.

The sound of the gong allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind. Through our mind we have constructed our fears, unhealthy habits and blocks. A gong bath allows us to suspend our minds magnetic thought patterns, clear blocks and unwanted habits. 1 hour is equivalent to 4 hours deep sleep. I will bring you slowly back to consciousness after one hour of gong playing and you will feel lighter and much more relaxed.

Please bring mosquito repellent and a cotton cover and yoga mat.
Investment: Rs1000

Gong Bath 6 April 2019

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