Sonar Sound Healing – Kundalini Yoga 2020

Sonar Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga 2020

This week is all about being kind, soft and deep healing for ourselves, our psyches (mind) and connecting to the reality of the cosmos, the soul.

I will focussing my classes on this theme and very kindly my teacher Sunder Singh has shared a beautiful website

The contents which I have condensed for you. Here it is:

Both the ancient science of yoga and the modern science of quantum mechanics recognises that the Universe is a symphony of vibrational frequencies. Mantra recognises these basics sound or sonar vibrations and calls them seed sounds or bij. When you break the bij sounds down into their primal components then you get the sound that underlies all language, the yogis call this NAD. When language first took written form, it was seen as the mystic rose Sanskrit. With our words we unfold and create the Universe. I create as I speak.

This week we will focus on the sonic healing mantra RA MA DA SA, SA SAY SO HUNG. A remedy, meditation tool, to heal ourselves and others. It is a sonic remedy using sound vibrations to heal.  It is a precious gem, a sonic crystal with 8 facets. It captures the healing energy of the cosmos like a gem captures light.

How can 8 simple sounds create healing? Is it magic, nonsense , ritual or a miracle. The Astang or rhythm of 8 is one of nature’s cycles. Like the sperm travelling around the egg 7 times before penetrating it, the 8 beat mantra penetrates the human psyche to change and heal it.


Yogi Bhajan called this Siri (radiant) Gayatri mantra. Gayatri is a Vedic metre or pattern upon which poetry is constructed. Gayatri is a Hindu goddess who turned herself into a hawk in the Vedas (book of knowledge) to fly up to heaven and collect the sacred healing plant Soma. The first 4 syllables from our Siri Gayatri mantra talks of this journey, RA (sun) MA (moon) DA (earth) SA (infinity/cosmos) then the second 4 syllables describe how we hold the energy in the ethers SA (Infinity) SAY (personal perception of Infinity) before containing it within us SO HUNG (I am that).

All of infinity I am RA MA DA SA matter and spirit, past present and future, all relationships are captured in this sonic healing. Are you ready to invoke this Remedy to heal yourself and others? The word Remedy is derived from the Latin word med. Are you ready to MEDitate on this REmeDY?

Sat nam x   0778011984

This week’s classes:

Mon   4 May   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 5 May 8.30-9.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 5 May   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Wed 6 May  5.00- 7.30am Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom

Wed 6 May  5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Special Vesak Sadhana 7 May 5-7.30am (FREE) @ zoom

Thurs 7 May     5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Fri   8 May  5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Sun 10 May 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom


UK Times are 1pm for afternoon classes.

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

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