Healing, Celestial Communication – Kundalini Yoga 18 May

Healing through Celestial Communication – Kundalini Yoga 18 May

We combine the prana and mantra themes we have been using over the last two weeks, to heal ourselves through what Yogi Bhajan named celestial communication.

We all know the amount of stress; physical and emotional this period of time has generated.  Whether you are worried about your finances, family or personal health. Literally 2020 (2+0+2+0) is a 4 year and the negative polarity is loneliness & disconnection. Our teacher was a visionary and could see that this stressful and alienating time would need something special that was accessible by everyone, all ages, all physical conditions and backgrounds so he shared the technology of Celestial Communication—meditative body language and music.

“I want to show you how much pranic energy you can feel in the heart center. I know this works. You have to use the body and the being as the instrument of the music. And sing with your tongue. Then you can create a vibratory effect.

Try to understand the basic meaning of what you do with Celestial Communication. The word is ‘kirtan.’ ‘Kir’ means ‘the hand’; ‘tan’ means ‘the body.’ When the hands and body meet, then internal music is created.

Let your body become the instrument. And pavan, the prana, becomes your projection and feelings. Celestial Communication is extremely effective in every part of your being.”When you master Celestial Communication, all the feelings of stress and trauma are filtered through a somatic story (i.e. your physical body) and transform into new and meaningful insights and understanding.

The power and possibility of this process is in our bones—ancient tribes gathered and told stories with body language, music, sacred sound and ceremonial movements. Expressing, awakening, healing and connecting with a sangat—a community—is an ancient and time-tested prescription for wholeness.

It relaxes the tense parts of the brain through the nerve connections in the tips of the fingers, tongue and upper palate, which are the main active parts, and the meridians.

The tension in the neural patterns is relieved into a relaxed pattern of its own originality. It is a very fantastic release. Physical relaxation is not as important as the systematic relaxation of nerves and self are. That’s why the Celestial Communication system will work wonders with all people, from all religions and places. It is a methodology which gives you a tremendous amount of relief in your inner being.”
During our everyday emotions and flashes of memory steal away our mental and emotional energy, our prana, from the present reality. In this practice, as you give your mind and your body to the conscious music through simple arm movements and breath, the music gives you back to your Self—simple, joyous and creative.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3waoi2hKpm8 Try this one at home.

In my personal experience this is why this method works so well with kids including with special needs. Sat nam x raymond.fiona@gmail.com   0778011984 www.sanasuma.co.uk www.3ho.org

This week’s classes:

Mon   18 May  5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 19 May   8.30-9.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 19 May   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Wed 20 May   5.00- 7.30am Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom

Wed 20 May   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Thurs 21 May 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Fri   22 May  5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Sun 24 May 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

 UK Times are 1pm for afternoon classes. There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

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