The Science of Sound: The Psychoacoustics approach – Part 2

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Psychoacoustics has high lightened that the ears and the sound do much more for the nervous system, the body and the mind than what we thought they did. Indeed, the auditory neurons go to numerous places in the brain before reaching the primary auditory cortex. Thereafter,  sound is collected from the brain and disseminated throughout the body by bone conduction and via numerous nerves, including the vagus nerve, which is the functional regulation of most of our organs. This vagus nerve / acoustic interaction is pretty crucial because it means that sound vibrations are directly affecting the state of our vital organs!

Sound is not only perceived through the ears, it is also perceived through the dermatomes on the skin, which are also connected to all our major organs via the spinal cord and vagus nerve. Indeed, not only sound affects the auditory system and the nervous system, it actually affects the entire well-being of the brain, mind and body!

“Just as arteries and veins are vascular highways through which blood carries oxygen and information, the complex auditory system is a fiber-optic network for the dissemination of sound impulse and energy” (R. Doman, MD and CEO of the US National Association for Child Development).

One important thing to take into consideration: Proper sounds can charge our nervous system but harmful sounds can also deplete it. We all think about loud jarring sounds when we think of depleting sounds, but think further… The phenomenon of sympathetic vibration is contingent on pitch (not on volume), which means that even quiet office or home sounds may be having an effect, without even you noticing it, such as the hum of a computer, fluorescent lights, refrigerator, etc. We are bathed in a constant sea of sounds that is more than ever very depleting for our nervous system. On top of this we are also constantly being vibrated at a cellular level by electromagnetic fields of all kinds; microwaves, electricity, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.

Hence the importance, at least once a day and as much as possible, to quiet everything down, and take the time to listen to some music we particularly connect to, to listen or chant with recharging “good” frequencies (gong, vocal toning, binaural beats, etc.), or to just sit in pure silence.,, FB:

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