The Three Diaphragms – Kundalini Yoga

Ulpotha Retreat 11-17 Oct 2020

As we continue on our journey where we go back to the basics of yoga and Kundalini yoga specifically, I want to highlight the 3 Diaphragms.

Yes we have THREE.  The first one you know which is under the rib cage, the second, is the pelvic floor and the third is the thoracic outlet diaphragm which is below your throat.  These are the 3 large muscles which effect your core stability and structure in your body.  Not your six pack or belly muscles.  Because these are the muscles that are connected to your breath.  You breathe on average 12-15 times per minute, which is around 17,000 times per day.  This requires a lot of movement in the body. 

As you breathe in you create a downward pressure and as you breathe out the pressure is decreased in the body.  This is very important as this pressure effects the joints, muscles and discs of your spine and body.  For example chest breathing up in the thoracic outlet diaphragm increased intradiscal pressure, which is one of the sources of the populations back, neck, shoulder and even knee problems.  You also loose the positive downward pressure on the pelvic floor as you breathe.  As the pelvic floor looses its tone and flexibility it has an a chain effect to your legs.  The pelvic floor attaches to your thigh bones the femur.  Instead of your pelvis, hip, knee and feet being in neutral position, they start to rotate inwards and the arch of the foot collapses creating knee, hip, problems including plantar fascia, to shin splints.   We can counter this by breathing properly and grounding through our big toe which reverses this rotation throughout our leg and thigh.  

If you are breathing consciously and correctly ie inhaling into your Diaphragm as it descends down, then automatically the pressure will increase on the pelvic floor toning it.

If you breathe from your chest the pressure increases around your neck and shoulders.  This stress on the thoracic outlet diaphragm increases pressure on the neck discs and muscles which is not healthy.

When we breathe correctly using our diaphragm these are some of the benefits:

We will be practicing techniques as usual with lots of good healthy breath work this week.

Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes:

Mon  21 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ Live & zoom.

Tues  22 Sept  9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom  & Live Class 9 Greenlands, Lane

Tues  22 Sept  6-7.15pm   Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom & Live Class 145/5 Fife Rd

Wed  23 Sept 5- 7.30am  Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom & 145/5 Fife Rd.  

Wed 23 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona@zoom & Live 9 Greenland

Thurs 24 Sept 6-7.15 pm  Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom Live & 145/5 Fife Rd.

Fri     25 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh@ zoom only

Sun   27 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh@ zoom only

UK Times are 1.30pm for afternoon classes.  There is a new Password for zoom classes  please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Join us for 1 more Ulpotha Retreat in 2020, 10-16 October.  Theme Authentic Relating.  7 days Investment 80,000Rs.

Adi Mantra – Kundalini Yoga 14 September 2020

Good morning, having completed our first all Asia Online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training weekend I wanted to give you all a taste of looking in more detail at some very basic things we do in a Kundalini Yoga class that creates the power of our practice.

Why do we always chant at the beginning of a Kundalini yoga class and why do we chant Ong not OM.  When we realise that we exist in a sea of energy.  Everything in the Universe is pulsing and flowing just as our cells pulse and flow.  When that flow gets blocked by our worries, fears, upsets, etc.we become unbalanced. 

By simply vibrating our cells using our conscious breath and voice can start bringing back a balance to our body.  Not any words will do either.

For example chanting OM, which is the vibratory sound of the infinite makes us disappear into that infinity.  We no longer are co-creators of our lives with the Infinity that resides  outside and inside ourselves. 

When we chant ONG, it is also an aspect of the Infinite.  But it is active creation.  This means we harness the Infinite inside us to harmonise with the Infinite in everything else in the Universe.  We stimulate the 6th chakra, pituitary gland which activates our intuition, nervous and hormonal system to actively bring ourselves to a frequency of balance.  We are still here.  We acknowledge our identity as both human and infinite.  With this power we connect deeply to those highest human qualities in us to start our practice or day with the words.

I bow to the Infinite CREATIVE Energy

I bow to the divine teacher within.

This week when you wake up, start your day with chanting the Adi Mantra three times.  Really vibrate it and see how this can alter your day, your perception and vibration.  Here’s to good vibes.

Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes:

Mon  14 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ Live & zoom.

Tues  15 Sept  9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom  & Live Class 9 Greenlands, Lane

Tues  15 Sept  6-7.15pm   Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom & Live Class 145/5 Fife Rd

Wed  16 Sept 5- 7.30am  Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom & 9 Greenlands Ln.  

Wed 16 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona@zoom & Live 9 Greenland

Thurs 17 Sept 6-7.15 pm  Kundalini Yoga Fiona & Live 9 Greenlands Ln

Fri     18 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh@ zoom only

Sat    19 Sept 2-4pm Workshop Biology of Beliefs@ Prana Lounge

Sun   20 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh@ zoom only

UK Times are 1.30pm for afternoon classes.  There is a new Password for zoom classes  please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Join us for 1 more Ulpotha Retreat in 2020, 10-16 October.  Theme Authentic Relating.  7 days Investment 80,000Rs.

Absorption – 21 Stages of -Meditation Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

Absorption – 21 Stages of Meditation

Just before we start our 6th round of Kundalini Level 1 Teacher Training in Sri Lanka on 11 September, we focus this week on Absorption.  There will be no class on Friday or Sunday so we will add on 2 days for those holding a monthly pass.

This stage is Patanjali Dhyana or absorption.  It is human nature to get absorbed, so lost in a book/film that you feel you living in that reality.  Lost in the internet, Facebook or Instagram. Lost in other people’s drama’s or our own TRAUMA TRAP.  It is a humans need to merge, become one with the infinite that makes us want to melt into the things we do.  It is also why we are so attached to things, people, relationships, emotions, thoughts etc. 

Absorption can bring us great joy.  This is why so many people say my running, cooking, painting, etc. is my meditation. 

The point of meditation is to get absorbed into your practice. Whether it is a pranayama(breath), asana(posture), mantra (chant) or meditation.  When we allow ourselves to be absorbed in our practice we feel really light, refreshed and joyful after it finishes. 

But like everything absorption is a balancing act.  When is absorption a healthy indulgence in your favourite harmless escapism and when is it the unhealthy introspection such as indulging in your sad story, telling people your hardships and falling into the trauma trap? 

When you feel yourself being absorbed in negative thoughts or escaping too much use your energy in a positive way to make your life happier by dancing, creating something, cooking, painting, or viewing your hardships as a way to grow and develop.

This week list the things that absorb you in a healthy and unhealthy way.  Then work on being absorbed in occupations that bring you joy.

Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes:

Mon  7 Sept 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ Live & zoom.

Tues  8 Sept  9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom  & Live Class 9 Greenlands, Lane

Tues  8 Sept  6-7.15pm   Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom & Live Class 145/5 Fife Rd

Wed  9 Sept 5- 7.30am    Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom & 145/5 Fife Rd.  

Wed  9 Sept 6-7.15pm          Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom & Live 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 10 Sept  6-7.15 pm   Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh@ zoom & Live 145/5 Fife Rd, Col5



UK Times are 1.30pm for afternoon classes.  There is a new Password for zoom classes  please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Join us for 1 more Ulpotha Retreat in 2020, 10-16 October.  Theme Authentic Relating.  7 days Investment 80,000Rs.

Feeling Secure in Dangerous Times – Kundalini Yoga 6 May 2019

Feeling Secure in Dangerous Times – Kundalini Yoga

We are still reeling from the shock of these attacks, but we cannot let them close us down.  This week let’s try and understand insecurity  and work out how to effectively deal with our mind in these insecure times.  Yogi Bhajan states, “The only purpose of life is not to be scared of insecurity. Insecurity does nothing but scare a person, It’s a scarecrow.”

Feelings of insecurity arise when we do not trust ourselves, others or situations. When we feel like this we subconsciously send out the message that we are not worthy, good enough to love, be happy, prosperous, enjoy life, etc.  This closing ourselves down and being stuck in our negative mind and reactive personality can leave us feeling very vulnerable.  Learning to feel comfortable in our own skin in any situation is key.  Allow yourself to feel sad, fear, upset, angry but do not let your decisions or actions be guided by these emotions.  Process them on the mat, in your meditation or by being conscious of your emotions.  Now is the time to practice being the watcher, watch yourself, be aware and let go. So we can help the collective consciousness let go of these tragic events. Guru Singh says make everywhere your home so you feel dominion not the insecurity to dominate people or places.  Energetically our insecurity is related to our third chakra which reflects our personal power and sense of self.  It is also directly related to our stomachs, situated to the left of the sternum.  When this energy centre is not strong and balanced, we lack the trust in our power, we settle for bad relationships, jobs, family situations because we are too afraid to take a risk and change things.   We  use our stomachs to numb ourselves, avoid feelings by overeating and feelings physically too full.

Practical Solutions

Focus on your strengths – Research shows that when you concentrate on using your signature strength in different ways everyday it makes you happy and you are not focusing on your weaknesses which make us feel insecure.   In fact If you are using any 4 of your top 7 strengths you feel your life is in flow.  For example my top signature strength is Fairness, so if I include someone who is marginalised, this makes me feel really good.  What do you think our character strength is?

Ishnaan -Take a cold shower every morning.  Well Ishnaan is a little more than just a cold shower please look up the technique.  I really recommend it, it helps get rid of those negative thoughts, complaints about lack of sleep, sadness, etc that you experience sometimes after dreams or subconsciously.  Yogi Bhajan says whenever you feel bad, take a cold shower and then towel yourself down vigorously until your skin feels flush and tingly.  This uses our nervous system and capillaries to make the blood chemistry changes which will help with how we feel and our security.

Mantra – Yoga Ji, said using the firs puri of the Japji, Sochai, Soch n Hovee… as well asChattra Chakkra Vartee will support in getting rid of insecurity and bring victory to the soul.

Meditation – When we go within and see our thoughts and emotions when we meditate we realise that these thoughts and emotions are not us, in fact we become consciously aware and this helps us separate the insecure feelings from our true self and connection to our infinity or soul Sat nam x   0778011984

Mon 6 May  6.15-7.30pm      Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, Col 7

Tues 7 May  9.45-10.45am   Kundalini Yoga@ Om Shambala,143 Fife Rd, Col 5

Tues 7 May   6-7.15pm            Kundalini Yoga Class  Shaunagh @ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5

Wed 8 May  5.00- 7.30am     Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 8 May  6.45-8pm           Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thur 9 May  6.30-7.45pm     Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Sat  11 May  5.30-7pm            Kundalini Dance & Gong – Prana Lounge, Col 7

Gong Bath Meditation Today 6 April 2019

GONG BATH AT HOME with Shaunagh TODAY SAT 6TH APRIL 6.00-7.30PM.

145/5 Fife Road, Colombo 5

Call Shaunagh – 0773 022142 for details

What Happens during a gong bath?

We begin by warming up the body with a few simple yoga stretches. This prepares your body and mind and makes listening and aborbing the sound of the gong an enriched experience. Then you will lie down on your back, relax completely and allow the sound of the gong to penetrate every cell in your body. You may fall asleep, many do (especially the first time) or you may just drift in and out of consciousness, and lose all track of time.

The sound of the gong allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind. Through our mind we have constructed our fears, unhealthy habits and blocks. A gong bath allows us to suspend our minds magnetic thought patterns, clear blocks and unwanted habits. 1 hour is equivalent to 4 hours deep sleep. I will bring you slowly back to consciousness after one hour of gong playing and you will feel lighter and much more relaxed.

Please bring mosquito repellent and a cotton cover and yoga mat.
Investment: Rs1000

Gong Bath 6 April 2019

Develop Real Self Esteem – Kundalini Yoga 6.45pm Wed 18 July @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5.

harmonyGrow your Real Self Esteem

Last week we discussed how happiness can be a learnt behaviour but how about the habits we need to unlearn, like low self esteem. I think most people can complain of having some sort of low self esteem, either about their weight, how they look, if they are too white or too dark, not witty or clever the list is endless. Whenever you use your will power to try and counter these perceived faults you end up in an endless loop from false confidence to self-loathing and then back again.

e845ff37f6a56390684f341250de0057--mantra-what-isPractical Solutions

The real way to grow our self esteem is to connect ourselves to our inner or true self. The mind is at the root of most of our problems, especially low self-esteem. Whenever you attempt to move forward in your life, it is the mind that sends the deluge of critical, judgmental and self-hating thoughts. You are not your mind. Therefore daily meditation is now an essential tool to develop a real relationship with your mind.   Meditation gives you a chance to witness your mind and realise it just pulls you in all directions. Your job in your daily life is to become a witness to those thoughts and be aware not to react to the thoughts until you are clear of what is real. To do this you need a reality check, you put the information you are receiving through your 3 minds. Then neutrally take the thought, advice, etc and put it through your own receiver.   Truth is a frequency of energy that will resound with your Self or not. Your Mind is not your inner authority. Test this out when you listen to people. Do you feel YES and lit up or NO that feels a bit off—as if you are lopsided? Sometimes feelings of low self esteem are trying to tell us something. We are not truly aligned with ourselves today, maybe not recognising our self care needs?

We have a self concept which is created by our mind. Most people want to be or look like someone they are not. If we just could accept the truth of who we are which includes all our shadows we would not have an issue with self esteem. But that means work. Work to work out what it really feels like to be you. Find out what makes your heart sing, what uplifts your spirit, what your real values are separate from your families, society, etc.   If this was your last week, what would you be doing now?

Yogi Bhajan says that self esteem also has a physical and spiritual aspect. “In other words, if the balance between the tattvas and the chakras is established, then there shall be no earthquake because the personality will be harmonious. It shall have ample reserve through the squares of the being because energy will flow through the body along the proper channels. Also extra energy may be stored in the energy squares of the body for use in times of stress; to write off the pain of childhood; to overcome negative influences, negative thoughts, and negative company; to cope successfully with the pain of adulthood, the fear of old age, and the pressures of family; and to withstand the projective animosity of social, economic, and personal environments”.

So let’s work on balancing our tattva’s and chakras and check on our thoughts to start connecting with our real sense of self which will lead ultimately to real self esteem.  The tattvas are where we can transform our 5 passions to serve our infinite self not our finite needs.

Sat nam x   0778011984

Mon 16 July 6.15-7.30pm       Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, Col 7

Tues 17 July 9.45-10.45am  Kundalini Yoga@Om Shambala, Fife Rd, Col5

Tues 17 July 3.30-4.30pm       Special Needs Kids Class@ Reach Beyond, Tickel Rd, Col 8

Tues 17 July 6-7.15pm           Kundalini Yoga Class Shaunagh @ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5

Wed 18 July 5.00- 7.30am     Sadhana @ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 18 July 6.45-8pm           Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 19 July 11-1pm             Special Needs Kids and Teachers @ Reach Beyond, Tickel Rd, Col 8

Think, See, Embrace – Kundalini Yoga 6.15pm Prana Lounge Mon 18 June.


Sat nam, having been blessed with an amazing time with family and friends, two birthdays, a trip to Marrakesh, going to and teaching at the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival. What have I learnt on my early summer break this year?

When we hit those days where the whole world annoys us. The days when we secretly judge our friends and loved ones. Where the inner struggle gets so bad that we feel exhausted. Anyone relate to these feelings?

Well guess what we all have these feeling. Whether we are on an amazing holiday wondering why we do not feel happier or more grateful. To spending hours on a plane to meet family only to feel let down and frustrated.

This is just the polarity of life, our shadow raising her ugly head, it is important to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings ie they are there, I see you, but not buy into the premise that I am bad, evil, not grateful, inauthentic because I have had these thoughts and feelings. If we fall into this trap then our subconscious thought patterns become our subconscious projection. So no matter how much we smile on the outside the pain of judging ourselves harshly shows like the leer of the Joker behind the mask.

I watched an experiment that children did at school in the UK.   They took 2 plants.   One plant just got loving words and compliments. The other plant was feed on insults… The first plant thrived; the second wilted and looked like it was dying.

What we do not realise is the constant criticism for our less than perfect selves, dominants our subconscious words and conscious speech if we do not make peace with our imperfections, shadows, down days, anger, guilt, fear. This has a detrimental effect on our mental health and wellbeing.


Practical Solutions

So what did I learn on this holiday? Embrace yourself no matter how you wake up in the morning, or how you feeling during your day.   Do not buy into your mind or shadow self, this is only a small part of you, it does not define you. But be conscious of what your mind is saying, frustration, annoyance maybe an indication that you need to take some time out for yourself, even if you just have time for a few deep breathes. I think it is really important to listen to your mind, not to believe all the sh*t but to see what it is highlighting, this is where real healing lies, this is the path of peace.

Sat nam x   0778011984

Mon 18 June 6.15-7.30pm       Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, Col 7

Tues19 June 3.30-4.30pm   Special Needs Kids Class@ Reach Beyond, Tickell Rd, Col 8

Tues 19 June 6-7.15pm     Kundalini Yoga Class with Shaunagh@ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5

Wed 20 June 5.00- 7.30am     Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Thurs 21 June 6.45-8pm         Kundalini Yoga@ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 21 June 11 – 1pm           Special Needs Kids and Teachers Class@ Reach Beyond

Thurs 21 June 5.30-7pm        Soltice Gong Bath@ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7


“Keep up and will be kept Up” Shaunagh’s yoga classes week 11th-14th June 2018

​Dear Fellow Yogies,
This week I thought I would highlight the saying above which Yogi Bhajan often talked about and is mentioned often in Kundalini classes, what does it really mean?

Keep Up

Yogi Bhajan has instructed us in the science of keeping up. The three principals, that, when combined comprise “keeping up” are:

  • Never let down yourself
  • Never let down anybody else
  • Never participate, join, or connive in the let down of anything.

Keeping up is not about self, it is about keeping up in spite of your ‘self.’ Keep up for yourself (in spite of yourself), keep up for others, keep up for every situation, and keep up even when you cannot keep up. It is the definition of commitment and it works in every aspect of life to establish the vibration of trust, honor, courage and compassion.

This week I will be practicing asanas and meditation to help us to “Keep Up”.

Join me today

Mon 11th June  6.15-7.30pm  Kundalini Yoga with Shaunagh @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

and for the rest of the week

Tues 12th June 6.00 -7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Class with Shaunagh @ 145/5 Fife Road, Col 5

Wed 13th June  5.00am- 7.30am Sadhana @ @ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5   (FREE)

The Master Gland- Mon 28 May class at Prana Lounge


The pituitary gland is is named the “Master Gland” because it regulates the secretion of the thyriod, adrenal and reproduction glands. When it’s working well we will have strong sense of connection, if it is week we may have feelings of loneliness and disconnection from others.

Last week we practiced a kriya to strengthen Hypothalamus which connects and sends the messages to other parts of the body, regulating vital functions like hunger, thirst, body temperature and sleep.

This week we will practice a kriya the “Piturity Gland Series” which will help to strenghthen this important gland and feel more intuative, connected and happy.

Shaunagh will be teaching at Prana Lounge this evening, at home tomorrow evening and will host our regular Sadhana which is open to all and free.  I will finish my week by heading down south to Sri Yoga Shala, near Una Watuna, for a Gong Bath healing sound session.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

  • Mon 28 May  6.15-7.30pm  Kundalini Yoga with Shaunagh @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

  • Tues 29 May  6.00 -7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Class with Shaunagh @ 145/5 Fife Road, Col 5

  • Wed 30 May  5.00am- 7.30am Sadhana @ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5   (FREE)

  • Sat 2 June 6.00–7:30pm Gong Bath – healing sound session by Shaunagh  @ Sri Yoga Shala, Durage Watta, Metaramba, Sri Lanka

How do you feel today?

Today I have taken up the reins on our weekly blog while Fiona is away on holiday.

I was pondering on what subject I should write on and while preparing for my classes this week, and practicing the wonderful ‘kriya for regeneration”, I thought I would share with you how a Kundalini yoga class or kriya can make you feel.

legacy 1

I started my first Kundalini Yoga class in Sri Lanka with Fiona more than 10 years ago and was immedietely hooked! I had been doing various other yogas stylesnover the years, but after one class of Kundalini Yoga I felt so energisied and alive. What is this feeling?  It is a feeling of vitality!  After stimulating this feeling of vitality we begin to experience states of awareness and connectedness to the self and the universe.  This cannot be done through the mind alone.

For a healthy body and the elimination of tension and disease, we must exercise every part of the body, strenthening the immune and nervous systems. These asanas (exercises) will help you to feel grounded and centered.  We often spend a lot of time thinking and wanting to make changes in our lives and want to feel less stressed and overwhealmed. Unfortunately just thinking about it won’t really do the trick. Kundalini yoga is one way of taking us out of our mental chatter!  In a class we practice physical exercises which takes you out of your mind, so that your mental balance is one pointed, clear and peaceful. During or after a class things may become clear, you will know what your “soul priorities” in your life are, and you will begin to set clear and uncluttered goals, establish priorities and perimeters and eliminate unproductive activiity and reserve time and space for ONESELF.

Coming up soon Sara, Rachel and Shaunagh will be hosting a yoga retreat 18-20th May 2018 at Guava House where we will go into more depth about this topic “Learn To Be Happy Being You”

Blessings Shaunagh

Kundalini Classes that Shaunagh, Uta and Kei will be teaching this week are as follows:-

Mon 30 April  6.15-7.30pm  Kundalini Yoga with Shaunagh @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 1 May  6.00 -7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Class with Shaunagh@ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5


Tues 1 May  6.30-8.00pm   Kundalini Yoga with Kei @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Wed 2 May  5.00am- 7.30am    Sadhana @ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5   (FREE)

Sat 5 May   10.30am-12.00pm Kundalini Yoga with Uta @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Coming up soon

18-20 May Retreat flyer -Final .jpg
Join Shaunagh, Sara and Rachel for our 3 day Kundalini Yoga Retreat at Guava House, Kegalle, nestled in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by wildlife with fantastic views of the Hill country.
What’s included:

  • 2 nights stay at luxury Guava House, Nr Mawanella, Kegalle
  • 3 meals a day of delicious and nutritious vegetarian food
  • Daily smoothies and juices
  • 3 qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers
  • 2 daily yoga classes/workshops
  • Double Gong baths for relaxation
  • Massage workshop
  • Ambrosial hour chanting, yoga, and meditation
  • Relaxation time to enjoy the natural surroundings
  • Swim and chill around the swimming pool

.    Afternoon tea and treats

Not included:

Transport to and from the venue.

We will arrange vans to leave Colombo 5 at 6am on 18th May 2018 and depart at 2.30pm on Sun 20th May. The price will be around Rs1500 per person (each way)

Price: Sharing Double Room (per person) – Rs25,000 

          Shared Dorm Room (per person) – Rs18,000

 TO REGISTER please email Shaunagh at:

For more details about Kundalini Yoga, Sanasuma, and our 3 teachers go to

The Theme for our retreat is: –

Learn To Be Happy Being You”

 Being ourselves and being happy with exactly who we are in every way can be one of our greatest challenges in life. During this retreat we will embark on the fabulous journey of self discovery and use the power of Kundalini Yoga to help you become more YOU!

 “You must dive deep into the core of your I-AM-NESS. Your life must be a challenge and that challenge must come from the very heart of you. You must know who you are and you must submit to your essence”.

“Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too” ― Yogi Bhajan

Guava House is a peaceful retreat, 3 ½ to 4 hours driving time from Colombo, 1 hour from Kandy, and 45 minutes from Kegalle town. It is situated on top of a hill, amongst 3 acres of it’s own private land and with 360 degree views of the valley below and Bible Rock. It is located on a rubber tree estate. Thatched roofs and open plan living areas create a sense of space, simplicity and freedom. We have 9 places available on this yoga retreat.  Accommodation is either dormitory sleeping or shared double with ensuite bathroom. To see more pictures of Guava House go to