The Three Minds

In order to understand and be the master of our emotions we have to understand we all experience negative thoughts and emotions and we all have 3 minds. The three minds are the primary way the mind processes thoughts and makes decisions. Whether consciously or driven blindly by the unconscious.

The three minds are;
· The first mind which is the negative or protective mind,
· The second mind the positive or expansive mind
· The third mind is the neutral mind.

However sometimes the 3 minds can be out of balance, this is when we experience depression, confusion and being unable to solve our problems.
The first breakthrough with dealing with negative or bad emotions comes when you realize the value and functions of the negative mind. The negative minds function are:

1. Protection

2. Finding problems

3. Avoidance

4. Containment or contraction

The more you can become aware of the process of the negative mind and integrate the observer into the process the more you can deal with your negativity and emotions.

When we understand that our emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, bitterness all have a function in our lives, we can then start to accept these qualities of emotions in us and the people around us. This does not mean we have to act them out but just be aware of them within our minds and bodies and learn how to release them.

Human evolution means our negative minds are too strong for us in this day and age, where we no longer have to worry about the basic survival needs, of food, shelter and safety. Therefore we must learn to be conscious of our negative thought patterns. Acceptance of some of the least admirable aspects of oneself is the beginning of the process of shedding the barriers created by our shadow self and development of kindness, caring and compassion.

Learning to accept the sacred origins of both your protective negative mind and hope-filled positive mind allows the neutral mind effortlessly to appear. The neutral mind is the most elusive, yet most powerful of the three. It is the mind that allows us to “see the faults of others and then un-see them.” It is the mind that gives us the vision to see the diagonal solution in every problem. It is the mind that allows us to drop our small experience of self and replace it with the vast acceptance of the Infinite variety so exquisitely expressed at every level in nature.

The neutral mind is cultivated from meditation, practicing consciousness and being present.

It is also developed by our ability to drop all addiction to the positive/negative mind dance of duality, comprised of endless conversations, dramas, arguments and battles, between different opinions of what is good or bad. The neutral mind reminds us about the reality of now and acceptance of what is.

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