Understand through Compassion or Misunderstand the Times

compassion 1This is the 4th Sutra for our age. If you truly work on developing compassion as a virtue you can clear up a lot of your relationship problems.

The mind and ego cannot understand compassion, it is word, a mental concepts. The mind and ego are all about keeping us separate from each other, finding the difference not the similarity. It is like trying to understand water by just looking at a blue sea, you need to dive in and feel water to understand its special quality. The heart brain feels compassion. We are going through testing times and our spiritual lesson is to know that all humanity is connected as one. Your heart brain will recognise this as a truth. You feel included when someone talks from the heart, smiles at your from their heart.

In fact compassion starts at home. You are doing your best in every situation so feel compassion for yourself. NOT SYMPATHY, but compassionate understanding, instead of being self-critical and hard on yourself, which is our internal dialog.

We all wear masks, but if you look beyond a person’s mask you will see that everyone is trying their best, on the level of consciousness they are at. We need to look at people not just with our eyes but feel them with our hearts. This is hard because in order to do that we need to feel our own pain, that is why it is so challenging to live from the heart. Pain of the human condition makes us feel separate and afraid of one another. We feel alone and disconnected from our divine source. We even fear our emotions. We have to allow ourselves to feels these emotions, accept them in with non-judgemental awareness. This can range from acknowledging ‘tightness in the chest’ or ‘increases in heart rate’ as well as the thought content and emotions that arise. During mindfulness or meditation difficult emotions that may arise become paired with a compassionate and accepting attitude, which may gradually extinguish the fear of experiencing the emotions and any related thoughts. We relate to the experience of pain, fear, loss, etc. as they are, which are changeable and transient states of being, and that they are not characteristic of absolute reality. This may lead to increased cognitive flexibility  reflecting consciously choosing mental content to identify with, rather than habitually responding to provocative external events.

imagesPractical Exercise

When you are out tonight or tomorrow make eye contact with people, smile from your heart. You will make that person’s day, maybe even their life because when they see you smiling from your heart this makes them remember their identity on a subliminal level. Inside them there will be sign of relief, and they will be divinely guided. We bring heaven down to earth by lighting up one person at a time.

Meditation – Quick Heart Opener

Sit in a comfortable crossed legged position or in a chair. Close your eyes and focus on the tip of your nose. Inhale through a whistle breath, exhale LA. Continue for at least 3 mins. To end inhale deeply hold and relax.

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