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Last week looked at the Nervous system, how we withstand the stresses and strains of life. The depth or strength of your nervous system determined whether you could experience the moment, process it and let it go.

We look at anatomy in Kundalini yoga because we want to understand why our brain produces certain thoughts and what feelings come from what glands and organs. We even investigate what foods, habits, yoga asanas and breathing techniques are recommended to regulate our hormones or endocrine system.

The endocrine glands manufacture certain chemical compounds called hormones which regulate all the functions of the body. The body and personality are dependent on the proper functioning of the endocrine glands for the maintenance of good health. For example, an over secretion of thyroxin, (produced by the thyroid gland) makes us irritable, tense, overexcited, speedy. Thoughts race around and the body metabolism speeds up. This is the opposite when the there is a under production of thyroxin.

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Yogi Bhajan used the half cobra for a lot of the sets because half cobra is very important in relating to the emotional body. It opens up the pelvis and the pelvis is the bowl that holds the glands and organs that produce the hormones and peptides that create a lot of our emotional sensation. To attain optimum health, every gland must work efficiently and in harmony with the other glands. Together they form an axis controlled by the master pituitary gland and brain.

Emotional Intelligence is understanding that all emotions are energy which can be used for our benefit. We have been told to be afraid of our anger so be bottle it up. The wise use of Angry energy is determination. The energy conversion in Confusion it decisiveness. Confusion is just decisiveness with no place to go.


Our bodies are the most masterful, chemical, laboratories know to the Universe. Make a note this week, what makes you angry, anxious, upset, fearful etc. What are the triggers for these emotions? Be mindful when they are triggered to take action, but not be reactive. Is it food, people or certain scenarios? Start creating a map for yourself of your emotional body to really start mastering the self. Then use your body, breath and mind to start mastering your glands and organs, bringing them to balance so we can feel our emotions, know what to do with each one, experience the present moment without the mental commentary and process the what it.

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STOP Resisting LIFE! Meditation 6-7pm Tues 23 Feb @ The OM Space Col 5

We all find ourselves complaining about the way things are and not living life. Whether it is the traffic, weather or way people drive in Sri Lanka. Our mind takes us to memories or experiences that no longer serve us. How do we solve this problem?

back supportIn every moment there is the announce but also the beauty. It all depends on your focus or fixation. Our subconscious mind tends to fixate on situations. People being late, loud noises, etc. But if we move our attention away from this fixation or resistance to what exists and focus on the wonderful parts of the moment, the air moving against your skin, your breath, we

can see the perfection in any moment.

When your thoughts register annoyance, frustration even for split second, even if you do not show it, your energy becomes 70% introverted into the subconscious and 30% projected. Your subconscious is programmed to protect, therefore it will become fixated on this annoyance, frustration, fear instead of seeing the whole picture.

The registration of an emotional or mental charge then gets lodged in the subconscious. If you do not resolve it within a particular period of time this thought/emotion becomes a fixation. Fixation in the subconscious is outside the range of our intellect. When this load builds up it will start to control your reactive mind. Not only do your own thought patterns stack up in your subconscious but you have been gifted through epigenetics, i.e. your ancestors unfinished issues. These get deposited into your subconscious at birth, to enable you to clear 7 generations of subconscious fixations. What can I do?

Tip 1

At the moment of fixation, you need to be vigilant and present, recognise what your brain is doing, breath deep, say a prayer, chant a mantra mentally or aloud, anything to break the fixation/resistance which will hold you in your emotional patterns.

You are given this opportunity to live so you can learn to receive life as it comes to you. Complaining is like doing nothing it will only waste your valuable energy.



The beauty is when you stop complaining and start accepting the process of life, recovery begins. You are transformed in a single life time.

Channel all your emotional charge into understanding how your emotions work.

When you feel OVERWHELMED it leads to feeling LOST.

When you are LOST you start to feel disconnected and DEPRESSED.

When you connect to your emotions again DEPRESSION becomes hot depression and you start feeling all of your supressed ANGER.

ANGER channelled makes you feel DETERMINED.

DETERMINATION makes you feel CERTAIN and now you flip between CERTAINTY and DOUBT.

When you stop flipping and you are FULLY CERTAIN, you will feel BORED. If you can tolerate the boredom you emerge into the middle path or as the Buddha said balance.

BOREDOM (like being in meditation) is the doorway to your enlightenment, no extremes no acceleration, balance.

BALANCE brings devotion, inspiration, enthusiasm.

All because you became overwhelmed.

Tip 3

Accept was is and you can get to what is to be. That does not mean staying fixated on one emotion, it means feeling it and letting it move to the next.

Sat nam

Fi x

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Mechanics of being a Human

seven-silhouettes-girl-yoga-poses-illustration-colorful-slim-33368134Last week I had a week where I felt my mind and my emotions were out of control. I felt angry, frustrated, up against a corner as my physical body felt out of balance. In desperation I asked for guidance and ended up with an almost broken toe as I tripped on a drain, just after having another angry thought. This new twist in my life surprisingly put everything into perspective and gave me a new sense of relaxation, trust and presence.

We are the painter of our own picture. So if we want to change the picture of our life we need to start working on changing the painter i.e. us. This is where the mechanics of life and the science of being human must be practiced.

Lesson 1 -Your Reality

My subconscious is programing the mixture I am inhaling between inspiration and desperation with each breath I take.

When I inhale I am either physically, emotionally open and present or my memory will explain what is happening to me, based on my past experiences.

With every breath I have a choice where I come from but that choice is not created in that moment by my will, but by how I tune and clear my subconscious memory over time.

A daily yoga and meditation practice which allows me to watch my thoughts and emotions and let them go without becoming identified to them will help with clearing and tuning the subconscious mind.

If I do not regularly clear my subconscious mind, it will become stagnated and the traumas I have experienced which I have not let go of will become dramas. These dramas will cloud my memory and mind. Instead of living in spirit or inspiration I start to live in desperation. Instead of feeling that every breath, every moment offers brand new opportunities and solutions. Your mind and emotions get filled like mine did last week, with feelings of frustration, why is this happening to me, victim consciousness, anger, worry, tension etc. The older we get the more our moments are filled with desperation which can lead to a midlife crisis.

The key is to use our breath on a moment by moment basis to gauge how are we doing. How much do we feel inspired compared to desperate? If it is 15% inspiration and 85% desperation you have to decide you are going to increase that to 25% to 75% this is achievable. You do not want to give yourself unrealistic goals so you can just get more frustrated because you cannot achieve them and end up 10% inspired and 90% desperate.

colorful-yoga-pose-2Lesson 2 Turn off Fear/Turn on Faith

When you are feeling really fearful, you want to change your expression. The corners of your mouth going up in a smile have a direct correlation to the fascia running up to your kidneys, which relate to fear. The smile lifts the kidneys up turning off fear and turning on faith.

Reduce frustration increase relaxation

The dominance of which nostril you breath from will determine whether you can cool an angry or frustrated situation down so you can see the solution or make it worse. So if you want to cool things down inhale through your left nostril exhale through your right.

If you are feeling lazy, uninspired, lacking in creative motivation, heat things up with inhaling through your right and exhaling through your left. Practice, practice, practice and let’s make an experiment of our life so we can help ourselves and inspire others. Sat nam Fi x

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Understand through Compassion or Misunderstand the Times

compassion 1This is the 4th Sutra for our age. If you truly work on developing compassion as a virtue you can clear up a lot of your relationship problems.

The mind and ego cannot understand compassion, it is word, a mental concepts. The mind and ego are all about keeping us separate from each other, finding the difference not the similarity. It is like trying to understand water by just looking at a blue sea, you need to dive in and feel water to understand its special quality. The heart brain feels compassion. We are going through testing times and our spiritual lesson is to know that all humanity is connected as one. Your heart brain will recognise this as a truth. You feel included when someone talks from the heart, smiles at your from their heart.

In fact compassion starts at home. You are doing your best in every situation so feel compassion for yourself. NOT SYMPATHY, but compassionate understanding, instead of being self-critical and hard on yourself, which is our internal dialog.

We all wear masks, but if you look beyond a person’s mask you will see that everyone is trying their best, on the level of consciousness they are at. We need to look at people not just with our eyes but feel them with our hearts. This is hard because in order to do that we need to feel our own pain, that is why it is so challenging to live from the heart. Pain of the human condition makes us feel separate and afraid of one another. We feel alone and disconnected from our divine source. We even fear our emotions. We have to allow ourselves to feels these emotions, accept them in with non-judgemental awareness. This can range from acknowledging ‘tightness in the chest’ or ‘increases in heart rate’ as well as the thought content and emotions that arise. During mindfulness or meditation difficult emotions that may arise become paired with a compassionate and accepting attitude, which may gradually extinguish the fear of experiencing the emotions and any related thoughts. We relate to the experience of pain, fear, loss, etc. as they are, which are changeable and transient states of being, and that they are not characteristic of absolute reality. This may lead to increased cognitive flexibility  reflecting consciously choosing mental content to identify with, rather than habitually responding to provocative external events.

imagesPractical Exercise

When you are out tonight or tomorrow make eye contact with people, smile from your heart. You will make that person’s day, maybe even their life because when they see you smiling from your heart this makes them remember their identity on a subliminal level. Inside them there will be sign of relief, and they will be divinely guided. We bring heaven down to earth by lighting up one person at a time.

Meditation – Quick Heart Opener

Sit in a comfortable crossed legged position or in a chair. Close your eyes and focus on the tip of your nose. Inhale through a whistle breath, exhale LA. Continue for at least 3 mins. To end inhale deeply hold and relax.

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What is Emotional Detoxing

What are Toxic Emotions

We detoxify continuously throughout life. We process food, thoughts, and all forms of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear, we are steady and flexible.

We are not taught how to deal with our negative emotions. We are either in denial or reaction to our life stories.

Life leaves us weighted down under the ash of metabolism and the remnants of old emotions this get stored in our physical body.  Mainly in our fat cells, organs and the fascia (the thin white membrane of tissue which surrounds our muscles and organs) which tightens and gets out of alignment.  Therefore when we have a detox whatever we have swept under the carpet rises up to the surface and comes out sometimes as an illness, pain in our body or uncomfortable, negative feelings.

In our everyday life we are unconscious of this discomfort because we can hide behind our normal habits and addictions.

How can you do an Emotional Detox

©      Work with the physical body through yoga kriyas and asanas.  This helps release tight fascia which carries memory    of past trauma both physical and mental.

©      Mantras allow you to reduce mental noise and cut our mental negativity.

©      Breath work will allows you to get back to your centre.

©      Step back from the busy-ness of your mind.  Feel the underlying mood of the body and mind to get a sense of where you are at.

©      Help your mind get a prespective.  Create a habit of stopping your mind relating to your emotional mood swings, but notice them without judgment when they arise. Learn to relate to the reality of you, which is your breath not your mood.

©      The more we nurture these mental habits which support our health, happiness and well being the more the causes of the mood swings, negative emotions will start to change to reflect your will.

©      External circumstances not governing your internal attitude.

©      Mental consciousness is your tool to change.  Be the change you want to see.facebook keep calm and do yoga