Reset Gong & Winter Solstice 2020

Gong & Winter Solstice – Kundalini Yoga 19 December 2020

Christmas and New Year is a time for joy, but it can also feel stressful.  This year more than most we may feel isolated, unable to see family or friends. We may feel stuck, in fear, frustrated, upset, any or all these difficult emotions may pass through your mind.  The key is to acknowledge what you feel but not get stuck in your feelings.  Just as thoughts are not facts, emotions also are NOT FACTS unless you attach to them.

Use this time to be more thoughtful, consciously kind and go inwards.  The Winter Solstice the darkest day in the Northern hemisphere asks us to go inwards and reassess our year, our habits, our patterns.  From this place of reassessment,  lets come together this week in person or online to shift our energy to a higher vibration of love, compassion and acceptance.

Please join me and Shaunagh this week as we use the powerful electromagnetic fields of the planets, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon to connect ourselves to the rhythms of the Universe and strengthen our internal stability which will allow us to deal with whatever 2021 brings.

In class we will support you with clearing the body and mind to get ready to plant the seeds of a healthy, happy and wholesome 2021. Sat nam Fi & Shaungh xx.

This week’s classes: CHANGE OF TIME

Sun 20 Dec  5.30-7.00pm  Gong Bath and Prep for Winter Solstice Online & Class Prana Lounge – Fiona

Mon 21 Dec 5.30-7.15pm  Special Solstice Class Live & Online Shaunagh @ 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5  

Tues 22 Dec  5.30-6.45pm      Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom.

Tues  22 Dec  6 – 7.15pm       Shaunagh Live Class@Barefoot Gallery

Wed   23 Dec   5- 7.30am       Sadhana (FREE) Shaunagh @ zoom only.

Wed  23 Dec   5.30-6.45pm      Kundalini Yoga Fiona@ zoom only.

Thurs 24 Dec – NO CLASS

Fri     25  Dec    NO CLASS

Sun    27 Dec    5.30-6.45pm       Kundalini Shaunagh @zoom only.

Mon   28 Dec     5.30-6.45pm      Kundalini Fiona@ zoom only.

Tues   29 Dec    6-7.30pm   Poya Gong Bath Fiona@ Sri Yoga Shala Live

Thurs 31 Dec    4-5.30pm  Intention setting & Gong Fiona @ Sri Yoga Shala Live

No classes until 3rd January 2021.

UK Times are 12pm for afternoon classes. There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

Class prices will be changing from 1st February 2021. Online Class 800Rs, 5000Rs for 4 weeks, and UK £30 for 4 weeks.

Gong & Sound – Kundalini Yoga 14 Dec 2020

Finding the Power Within – Kundalini Yoga 12 December 2020

As Yogis’ we begin to prepare for the New Year 2021, by starting to set our intentions of growth and transformation during the Winter Solstice 21 December 2020.

This week we will start this process by becoming aware that we are in a constant process of meditation.  We look at a beautiful pictures and our mind gets absorbed by them.  Becoming absorbed brings our mind into a state of focus but what are we focussing on and how does this effect our life? 

If we want to process these emotions and start moving beyond our unconscious focus which stems from our animal nature of needing, physical and material security (1st Chakra), needing others approval (2nd Chakra) and wanting control of our environment (3rd Chakra).  We need to start noticing on a daily basis what our focus is and use some yogic techniques to raise ourself beyond the mundane to operate from a place of spirit or inspiration.

The word Om or AUM (meaning birth, existence and death) comes from the oldest oral tradition in the world, Vedic chanting. This chant was used to transform those chanting it from the mundane world into a higher state of existence.  

In Yoga we believe Sound is pure in nature.  Cosmology agrees, it says the big bang created microwaves which can be heard as sound. Therefore Sound has always existed before man gave it meaning.

But it is up to us how we use sound for good or evil. Saying URR aggressively to someone will make them back off, just as we unconsciously coo to a baby which makes them smile.

We can use sound to control the mind and senses. The repetition of sacred sounds has the effect of stilling the mind. Like Gregorian chants or Kundalini mantras.  We can use our voice, singing bowls, Gong to attune our mind to these sounds. Changing our focus and what our mind is absorbed in.

Dr Alan Watkins is a neuroscientist at Imperial Colleague London and has been conducting research into how chanting affects us. Field work with the Dalai Lama and his team, has shown that one of the consequences of chanting is to create a rhythmic breathing pattern, this changes the electrical information the heart generates and sends to the brain. When you chant you change the physiology of the brain, which sends a message to the brain to turn on the pre frontal cortex or higher brain functions which create more awareness and perception. This can happen in reverse. The more chaotic the heart rhythm becomes the less aware, conscious and more reactive we become.

The electrical signals generated at the heart do not stop at the skin but radiate out for quite a distance, therefore creating an effect when people chant on mass.  You create something called entrainment.  Like a flock of birds, or shoal of fish you synchronize with others through this repetitive sound.  This synchronization makes you feel greater than the sum of the parts, this we call group consciousness. 

Electrical signals generated by the heart as a result of chanting do not stop at the skin but radiate out.

That is why people get so obsessed with their Football team, during a game they start to sing and synchronise. This may be the only time in the week where Football fans get this feeling of being part of something bigger.

In class we will support you with clearing the mind by using sound to get ready to plant the seeds of a healthy, happy and wholesome 2021. Why not join Shaunagh at on Tues Barefoot, or me on Sunday at Prana Lounge to enjoy some chanting entrainment and Gong?  Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes: CHANGE OF TIME

Mon 14 Dec 5.30-6.45pm        Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom.

Tues 15 Dec  10am – 11.15am  Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom

Tues 15 Dec  5.30-6.45pm        Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom.

Tues  15 Dec  6 – 7.15pm          Shaunagh Live Class@Barefoot Gallery

Wed 16 Dec   5- 7.30am           Sadhana (FREE) Fiona @ zoom only.

Wed 16 Dec   5.30-6.45pm       Kundalini Yoga Fiona@ zoom only.

Thurs 17 Dec 5.30-6.45 pm      Kundalini Shaunagh @zoom only.

Fri  18  Dec    5.30-6.45 pm       Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

Sun 20 Dec    5.30-6.45 pm       Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

Sun 20 Dec  6-7.30pm  Gong Bath and Prep for Winter Solstice Live Class Prana Lounge – Fiona

UK Times are 12pm for afternoon classes. There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

Mindful Eating – Kundalini Yoga 7 December 2020

Conscious Eating – Kundalini Yoga

I have been eating detox food for 22 days. Today was the first time I was allowed to have a cup of tea with a splash of milk (no sugar), a small bit of dark chocolate and an ambul (lemon tasting) banana. Bliss it all tasted so good, but the most interesting thing is that my eating pattern has changed.  I am eating more slowly, mindfully, tasting my food. Food mindfulness.

Don’t take my word for it, let’s look at the science behind conscious slow eating. Scientific research has shown that if you eat on the run or in a hurry you are more likely to gain weight.  Here is why: As you eat and drink, your stomach fills, activating stretch receptors in your stomach. These receptors send messages to your brain via the vagus nerve, which connects the brain to the stomach, telling you when you are full.  Then, as food enters your small intestine, appetite hormones are released, sending additional fullness messages to your brain. This process doesn’t happen immediately, though. It can take 20 minutes—or longer—for your brain to realize it’s time to put down your fork. Eating too quickly doesn’t allow this intricate system sufficient time to work, making it easy to overeat without even realizing it.

There’s another downside to distracted eating that has nothing to do with speed. Eating while you’re busy doing other things robs you of the opportunity to fully enjoy your food, so you may not feel completely satisfied—and may keep on eating in an attempt to gain satisfaction.

Enter mindful eating

Mindful eating is the act of fully focusing on your food as you eat. It encourages you to pay closer attention to the tastes, smells, and textures of your food as well as your body’s hunger and satiety cues. As basic as it sounds, this practice is surprisingly powerful. In one small study, 10 obese volunteers enrolled in weekly mindful eating classes that focused on listening to their feelings of hunger and fullness. They also paid close attention to their cravings and emotions. Not only did the participants drop an average of 9 pounds by the end of the three-month program, but they also reported less hunger, stress, anxiety, depression, and binge eating.

Here is what you will be practicing this week:

  • Create a calm, beautiful space for eating. A cluttered table does not create the sense of inner tranquillity you need in order to cultivate a peaceful mindset.
  • At the beginning of your meal, set a timer for 20 minutes. Then pace yourself to make your meal last until the timer goes off.
  • During this time do not look at your phone, computer, tablets or device.
  • Eat only at the kitchen or dining room table to minimize distractions.
  • Think only about the bite of food you’re actually eating at that moment. It’s all too easy to think ahead to the next bite without focusing on the food that’s actually in your mouth.
  • Put your fork down between bites.
  • Chew each mouthful between 20-30 times.
  • Before you help yourself to seconds or dessert, ask yourself if you’re really hungry.

In class we will support you with this challenge by doing kriyas to create greater awareness and deep meditative to bring clarity to your mind.  Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes: CHANGE OF TIME

Mon 7 Dec 5.30-6.45pm        Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom.

Tues 8 Dec  10am – 11.15am  Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom

Tues 8 Dec  5.30-6.45pm        Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom.

Tues  8 Dec  6 – 7.15pm          Shaunagh Live Class@Barefoot Gallery

Wed 9 Dec   5- 7.30am           Sadhana (FREE) Shaunagh @ zoom only.

Wed 9 Dec   5.30-6.45pm       Kundalini Yoga Fiona@ zoom only.

Thurs 10 Dec 5.30-6.45 pm      Kundalini Shaunagh @zoom only.

Fri  11  Dec    5.30-6.45 pm       Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

Sun 13 Dec    5.30-6.45 pm       Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

UK Times are 12pm for afternoon classes. There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Rest and Retreat – Ulpotha Authentic Relating Retreat 10-16 Oct 2020

Ulpotha Retreat

Ulpotha cycling

I am off on holiday this week, Shaunagh will be taking my Thursday class so there are still plenty of classes for you to attend so no excuse for missing out.

I did not get a chance to tell you all about our Ulpotha Retreat where we really went deep into our behaviour and used the sacred science of the yoga of awareness, Kundalini Yoga to help our students, transform and find real change.

About the Venue

Ulpotha is just magical.  Set on 26 acres of wilderness in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.  You can just feel the sacred, historic vibration of the place, set around a lake created by a Prince of Sri Lanka thousands of year ago.  The Ayurvedic Doctor at Ulpotha stated, by just being at Ulpotha, sleeping on the earth, wild swimming in the lake, eating organic, wood fire cooked food you was an Ayurvedic treatment.  There is no electricity at Ulpotha, so you wake, sleep & walk by sun or moonlight, this brings our rhythms closer to mother earth.  As we vibrate with the natural world, we connect to the monkeys attending our Gong Baths, giant squirrels at your yoga class and king fisher attending our early morning kundalini practice..

About the Retreat

The Retreat was about understanding how our beliefs govern our blood chemistry, the biology of beliefs and habits.  Our biology goes on to define our habits, addictions and the deep subconscious patterns.  When we change our nervous and endocrine system we start to support real, authentic change in our lives.

The Tools we used to create transformation

The students had a mixture of hiking up mountains and early morning kundalini yoga and meditation over the 10 days.

Followed by conscious check in’s where they learnt the art of listening, with an open heart and neutral mind.  Hearing and feeling heard is such a healing practice.

The daily workshop provided the metacognition and understanding of why our mental patterns, habits, behaviour and addictions are mostly a blue print we have inherited but have to deal with in this lifetime and how to work on unravelling these patterns to create real change.  We used Q&A sessions, role play, games, art therapy to make the workshops fun, interesting and interactive.

During the self-discovery sessions students were encouraged to use the tools of journaling, silence, being in nature to go deep within themselves and learn to see reality through mindfulness.

After the afternoon yummy snack at the Kade, we worked deeply with our bodies in yogic kriyas and meditations, to repattern the breath, rebirth and renew ourselves. Finally after dinner we had moonlit Gong Baths, sleep clinics (yoga nidra), singing and dancing sessions.  To allows us to have a good night’s sleep.

Ulpotha flowers

About the Food

The food at Ulpotha is not just organic, seasonal and cooked traditionally on fire wood but is made and presented with such love.   Four meals a day leaving you feeling satisfied, but full of pranic health.  My highlight was the fresh organic papaya and king coconut at the Kade.  Also the amazingly fresh buffalo curd and treacle at lunchtime.  Join us for 1 more Ulpotha Retreat in 2020, 10-16 October.  Theme Authentic Relating.  7 days Investment 80,000Rs.

This week’s classes:

Mon  24 August 6-7.15pm         Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom only

No Tuesday morning class

Tues  25 Aug  6-7.15pm   Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom & Live Class 145/5 Fife Rd

Wed  26 August   5.- 7.30am     Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom & 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5.

No Wednesday night class

Thurs 27 Aug  6-7.15 pm  Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh@ zoom & Live 145/5 Fife Rd, Col5

Fri     28  August 6-7.15pm        Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Sun  30  August  6-7.15pm        Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

UK Times are 1.30pm for afternoon classes.  There is a new Password for zoom classes  please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.


Heart Coherence and Kundalini Yoga

Heart, Brain Coherence – Kundalini Yoga

Are we sick of the word vagus nerve yet?  What is happening to Kundalini yoga is that we are developing evidence and research based confirmation of what yogic scriptures have said thousands of years ago.

I learnt this week that our vagus nerve is like the central string of an instrument and when it is in tune all other parts of us come into harmony. We can use this information to heal ourselves.

What does this mean?

One of the main functions of the vagus nerve (10th cranial nerve that wonders throughout the body and into organs) is to connect the sinoatrial node in our heart which acts like a spark plug to signal the autonomic nervous system and the old brain/subconscious brain to monitor our state of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. This is called cardiac vagal tone.

In fact cardiac vagal tone is so important that medical science has developed a cardiac vagal tone pace maker.   It is attached to the sinoatrial node which artificially controls the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and is inplanted to help reduce epilepsy and cases of severe depression.

Solutions – We can Help Ourselves

Our heart and our HRV has a big part to play in our physical, mental and emotional health, as it sends information about how we are to our autonomic nervous system. Yogi Bhajan tells us, “ Every beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul and the voice of your soul is your breath”.

This does not just mean a physically healthy heart or HRV, because as we have been learning our organs are also effected very deeply by how we feel and think.

It means we need to be more heart centred, do things with all our heart, use the 40,000 neurons (brain cells) in our heart, as our heart brain. Just image when you do something with all your heart, your energy become like a laser beam, it creates coherence and therefore it is more focussed, stronger, has greater effect and reach.   When we do something half heartedly, we are in two minds. Our energy becomes disbursed like a light bulb giving a little light to a small area, little coherence, focus or effect.

This does not mean that you let people walk all over you and be a bleeding heart, spiritual bypass difficult situations, etc. As this is not serving your heart or anyone else, it is serving your ego.

I first encountered this feeling of coherence when I did 21 Stages of Meditation in 2013 in Thailand. For the first time during and after meditation I really noticed my heart beat, I had no thoughts, just a feeling of connection and ease. This created such emotions of well being that when I met German and travelled around Thailand on a short holiday my patterns of behaviour, relating to him and our relationship were changed for the better.

So this week we will be practicing a range of techniques that yogis have known for thousands of years to put ourselves in a heart centred space of healing, wellness and coherence. Sat nam x

You can monitor your own coherence, HRV with this app called In balance by Heart Math.   0778011984

This week’s classes:

Sun 21 June  5.30-7pm Live Gong Bath (Fiona) @ Prana Lounge, Col 7

Mon   22 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 23 June   9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 23 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Wed 24 June   5.00- 7.30am Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom

Wed 25 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Thurs 26 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Fri     NO CLASS

Sun 28 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom


UK Times are 1pm for afternoon classes. There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Polyvagal Theory – Dr Steven Porges Kundalini Yoga

Polyvagal Theory – Map of How to Live – Dr Steven Porges

Last week we looked at the autonomic nerves system and the effect it has on our blood chemistry.

After travelling to Indian, Professor Dr Steven Porges, a distinguished University Researcher now at the Kinsley Institute, has studied neural feedback and the effect it has on our emotions and behaviour for over 25years.

He says our lives are not failing, we are not getting sick on because we lack the discipline or character to change ourselves. From a Polyvagal perspective when we are in a state of constant unconscious/subconscious defence, fight/ flight and freeze we cannot use the higher functions of the mind in the prefrontal cortex, to act not react.

What does this mean?

It means that on a subconscious level we are constantly reacting to life, facial cues from other people, the sound of their voice, threats perceived real or unreal.

Our behaviour is not intentional. I am not intentionally rude, angry or cruel. I am just reacting to my blood chemistry.

Whether that is bad eating habits, self sabotage, feelings of resentment, anger which leads to arguments. So we try and calm down through learned behaviour of trying to change our blood chemistry. Eating, moving our mouth, chewing, sucking sweets, inhaling smoke, cigarettes, glass of wine or carbohydrates all change the chemistry in our body making us feel more relaxed. Wired and then tired.

In the state of Defence you may see someone’s neutral expression as someone scowling at you. Someone telling you something negative or complaining may invoke uncomfortable feelings, you become defensive and do not have the space to listen to them. That person then feels no one listens to me or takes me seriously. I am isolated. Even a critical email, Facebook comment, demand on line can be seen as marginalisation or disapproval. All this bio feedback happens at the most subtle and unconscious level. But effects your emotions, behaviour and health.

Solutions – We can Help Ourselves


We need to find a way to access the higher function in our mind, i.e. frontal lobe, executive function. When we are in this area of consciousness we can understand that a negative can be a change to grow. An obstacle in life can become a challenge we can face. It is only out of hardship, sometimes pain and fear that the noblest qualities arise in us.

Instead of self soothing ourselves through unhealthy eating habits we can suck our tongue for a few minutes which stimulates our vagus nerve and calms it.

Instead of smoking we can do deep breathing, which uses our conscious ability to control a usually involuntary system in our body. Extending the exhalation and pushing on the diaphragm relaxes the vagus nerve.


Instead of shouting we can sing, chant, play an instrument, listen to Gong or come to a Gong Bath. This is called acoustic vagal nerve stimulation.

Instead of doing risky behaviour or adrenaline activities, we can dance with our friends, play a team sport or join a group yoga class.

When you notice you are in state of anxiety, defence, take a pause. Sit still close your eyes and visual a beautiful natural scene, stroking your pet, looking into the eyes of someone you love and feel safe with.

We will be practicing some of these techniques this week. Sat nam x   0778011984

This week’s classes:

Mon   15 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 16 June   9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom NEW

Tues 16 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Wed 17 June   5.00- 7.30am Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom

Wed 17 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Thurs 18 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom

Fri     19 June    5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Summer Soltice 3ho online from New Mexico

Sun 21 June   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Sun 21 June      5.30-7pm  Live Gong Bath with Fiona@ Prana Lounge(please pre book as places are limited


UK Times are 1pm for afternoon classes. There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

The Magic Balm of Breath – Kundalini Yoga 5 Feb 2020 Sri Lanka

Fest flyer 2020

The Magic Balm of Your Breath

Last week we tried out some yogic hacks to try and bullet proof our nervous system. This week we go more deeply into the breath. Understanding more about the emotional, physical and psychological effects that daily pranayama gives.

The quality, quantity and circulation of your physical breath creates the foundation of your health and vitality. In fact most of us breathe very shallowly, using our upper chest and creating tension, tightness and armouring in the chest muscles that lead to weak nerves and a greater susceptibility to stress and illness. Tonie Nooyens our lead trainer in Asia says by regularly practicing pranayama,(the expansion of our breath and vital life force energy) we can heal about 50% of our illnesses and stress. Relaxed, conscious breathing is the key. We also need to reduce the rate of how many cycles of inhale and exhale we take per minute.

This week we will practice these deep pranic healing techniques to leave you feeling vital and refreshed. We have a guest teacher here from London Preetam Kaur, she is doing a conscious rebirthing class on Friday 6-8pm 1500Rs, one not to be missed.

Sat nam Fi x read our weekly blogs and brain candy updates 0778011984

Tues 4 February – HOLIDAY NO CLASS

Wed 5 Feb 5-7.30am Kundalini Yoga Sadhana @9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5(FREE CLASS)

Wed 5 February 6.30-8pm Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 6 February 7.45-9.00am   Kundalini Yoga(Shaunagh) @ 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5

Thurs 6 February 6.30-7.45pm Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Friday 7 Feb 6-8pm Conscious Rebirthing@ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 Preetam Kaur (UK) 1500Rs

Saturday 8 Feb 5.30-7pm Poya Gong Bath @ Prana Lounge, Col 7 (Shaunagh)

Sunday 9 Feb 6-7.30pm Poya Gong Bath@ Sri Yoga Shala, Thalpe. Galle

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Prana & Beyond Duality – 24 Nov 2019

Pranic Body and Duality – 24 Nov 2019


This week’s inspiration for my classes comes from taking Shaunagh’s class last week on the Pranic Body and reading Nivair Singh’s book on the 8th Body the Pranic Body.

He discusses the integration of charateristics we dislike into our personality. Not an easy or comfortable exercise but something really deep and that will help us to feel whole.

So this week we will go through our family, especially those that are closes to us and make a list of characteristics that you wish to own and disown from each person. This will give you a really good indication of what aspects or characteristics you have integrated and which you have not.

For example let’s say you always care for others, your friends, partner, children and suddenly you do not do something for one of them, they may become angry at you. Underneath the anger is the fear that if they do not get nurtured from you now, they will never get nurtured in the future. This sets up a duality. How to integrate that would be to ask them to nurture themselves. You can still do things for them sometimes but if you do not always nurture them they can rely on themselves so will not get angry.

Try and see what other characteristic you do not like in your close relatives and see if you can integrate them in a way that makes for integration instead of duality?

Sat nam Fi x read our weekly blogs and brain candy updates 0778011984

Sun 24 Nov 6-7.30pm Gong Bath @ Sri Yoga Shala, Thalpe, Galle

Mon 25 Nov 5-8pm   All teachers & Webinar @ 9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 26 Nov 9.15-10.30am Kundalini Yoga @9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 26 Nov 6.15-7.30pm Kundalini Yoga(Shaunagh) @ 145/5 Fife Rd , Col 5

Wed 27 Nov 5-7.30am     Kundalini Yoga @ 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 27 Nov 6.45-8pm       Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 28 Nov 6.30-7.45pm Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Mon 25 Nov 5-8pm All Kundalini Yoga Teachers Meet, including Master Class on Biomedical science and Kundalini Yoga by Dr Sat Bir Singh Khalsa – Free but pot luck food for dinner.

Remember you can buy your 4000Rs class pass for 12 classes over 4 weeks.


Yoga Bhajan Birthday – 6.15pm Mon 26 August Prana Lounge by Donation


This week we come together as a Yoga community and spiritual family to celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s birthday, 26 August 1929, the legacy and technology of Kundalini yoga that he has left us.

He was not the inventor of Kundalini yoga, but for me he systemised it into a formula that you and I can understand and more importantly use in our daily lives, to be healthier, happier and feel connected to our spirit. The love I feel for our teachers comes from this.

We will join in celebration with the many communities all over the world that will come together this Monday, 26 August to honour Yogi Bhajan and celebrate his tireless teaching, coaching, comforting and elevating his students through his life and through the teachings.

This year the venue is Prana Lounge where we will start with a Kundalini yoga kriya, deep gong relaxation, ending with a Healing circle meditation and sharing of food and laughter. Please bring some food to share and pay a donation to Prana Lounge.


Sat nam Fi x read our weekly blogs and brain candy updates.

Sat 24 August 5.30-7.00pm  Gong Bath @ Prana Lounge, Colombo 7

Mon 26 August 6.15 – 8.30pm Yogi Bhajan Birthday Kundi class, Gong and Healing Circle meditation, dinner @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Pl, Col 7 – Donation

Tues 27 August 9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga @9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 27 August 6.00-7.15pm  Kundalini Yoga @ 145/5 Fife Rd , Col 5 (Shaunagh)

Wed 28 August 5-7.30am       Sadhana Kundalini Yoga @ 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 28 August 6.45-8pm       Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 29 August 6.30-7.45pm  Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5


All Night Gong Bath – 16 Mar 2019

Gong Puja or All night Gong Bath    Sat 16 March 2019

Price including a healthy breakfast 5000Rs

9pm to 8am

Originated by Gong master Don Conreaux, the all night gong immersion (aka Gong Puja) experience lasts about 7 ½ hours. It’s a journey that’s timeless, and as we journey with the vibration of the gong, we cleanse, unblock and experience the real self. Don Conreaux says this is the most healing experience you can give yourself. An all night gong bath allows the brain to sink into a delta wave frequency, where deep healing can take place. This process promotes a sense of peace and well-being, strengths the nervous system, balances the chakras and increases energy and vitality.

The evening starts at 9pm with a short Kundalini yoga class followed by a meditation. Next we will set up our sleeping areas and relax into a meditative space created by the gongs. After a restful night, we will experience a yogic morning: Sadhana, Kundalini yoga, meditation and light breakfast. The whole experience will end at 8am. Powerful, profound, joyful and deeply moving, it can be a life changing event.