Busting our Fears and the Midlife Crisis – Kundalini Yoga

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The midlife crisis does not have to be a crisis, essentially it is a time for self-assessment or revaluation of your life so far. It can hit during the life cycles clusters of 33, 35, 36 or 42, 44 or 54, 55, 56. At this stage in your life you have finished the process of accumulations, which pre occupied you in the first third of your life, now is the chance to decide what worked or did not work? Are you really going in the direction you want to go in? How about your dreams and ambitions when you were younger, have they been fulfilled? When this shift hits it can bring great resolution, creativity, the applied intelligence and understanding of ourselves through consciousness or bring up deep subconscious, sometimes irrational fears, of past failures or the future, that make us feel lost, nostalgic and create a deep reluctance to embrace the future. This overwhelm can easily lead to depression.

During this time of evolutionary change our subconscious fears during these life cycle changes are coming up very strongly. Deep primal subconscious fear is coming up so it can be released. Emotions are very important at this time, in order to release these emotions we must allow ourselves to feel them. The emotional body is the closest to the physical body so it makes us feel physically really uncomfortable and it is difficult to ignore. Not only do we have to deal with these uncomfortable feelings but we also have to deal with how our mind reacts to this discomfort. The mind likes to avoid pain and seeks pleasure. So it generates thoughts to self-medicate or produce emotional satisfaction like shopping, drinking, smoking, drugs, gaming, fixation on other people and their problems, whatever your pattern of pain avoidance is will surface. Avoiding these painful feelings give a temporary relief to your mind but this feel good numbing will not last very long, therefore you will back to dealing with your original emotions.

If emotionally you are really shut down, it will manifest in disease, that is why so many people are suffering from diseases at the present time.

The most primal fear we have to deal with is fear of the material world. Fear of our own survival. This is in our genes, and genetics does not care if you have a comfortable life or money or not, it just cares about keeping the species alive.

Yoga works on the physical plain, emotional and mental level. You have 2 ways in which you can deal with these feelings you can deal with them on the energetic level internally, through awareness, working with your mind, body and feelings or you manifest your deepest fears in this 3-dimensional earth plain i.e. time and space become your teachers. Both methods work but time and space is more brutal.

Yogic science helps us transcend our fears. We are born to be free, manifest our dreams and love that is our purpose here on earth. Deep meditations can rewire our brain to help us deal with our deep subconscious fears, allowing us to internally confront the fear, embrace it to erase it, so you do not have to manifest it.

Once you have dealt with this period of time you will feel emotionally more stable than before. During these times we need to intensify our self-care. Maybe change pace a little, slow down, spend more time feeling great in our skin, meditating into a place of stillness so life can come to us. We need to face the mental fear of the future and conquer it.

Practical Application – Self-care breath


Self-care breath increases inner energy and strength

boosts the immune system, and cleanses the body.

  1. Sit comfortably in a meditation posture.
  2. Open the mouth and form a circle that is tight and

precise—a boar’s mouth.

  1. Place the hands crossed over the Heart Centre, right over left.
  2. Close your eyes and sense the area under your palms.
  3. Breathe a steady, powerful Cannon Breath through the mouth. Let your mind focus on the mouth ring and shape the breath into a ring. Continue 5 minutes.
  4. To end: Inhale and hold the breath. Relax the mouth.

Mentally repeat: “I am beautiful, I am innocent, I am innocent, I am beautiful.” Exhale through the nose. Do this a total of five times. Then relax.

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This week’s classes:

Mon 12 September 6.15-7.30pm Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 13 September 6-7pm      Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 14 September 4.45- 7am        Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 14 September 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga @ the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Fri   16 Sept 6.30-7.30pm     Community Class @ the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road (by Donation)

Sat   17 Sept 6-7.30pm                    Gong Healing @ Sri Yoga Shala, Galle


Level 2 teacher training – Lifestyles and Lifecycles with Shiv Charan at Guava House

About the Venue Guava House is situated on top of a hill, amongst 3 acres of it’s own private land and with 360 degree views of the valley below and Bible Rock. It is located on a rubber tree estate. … Continue reading

Yogi Bhajan’s Practical Science of Yoga

yogi bhajan cool

Having watched Yogi Bhajan’s teaching on YouTube LA889, I thought it would be fun and also useful to disseminate some of his practical yogic wisdom to you in his words. Try some or all of these tips for good health because this is what yoga is really about. Yogi Ji says, “Yoga is great because it can help us cure sickness, depression, it can help you with weight problems, it can help you in your daily life, it teaches you daily involvement with your body and mind. I especially like Kundalini Yoga because it is short and effective and it is for house holders. You do not have to remain celibate. It is a very human yoga”.

Food and how to eat?

“The best alternative medicine is good food and daily naps. Food is your insurance for health.

Eat little and drink little every 2.5 hours. We must chew our food. The main diseases start when food goes into your body, unchewed which is unsweetened by our saliva. We must train ourselves to chew.” Chew each mouthful at least 35 times. You will have less gas, your food will give you more nutrition and you will feel full and satisfied with much less food. If possible eat in peace and quiet, concentrating on chewing your food and tasting the flavour.

Waking up Routine

“Just like a cold car that needs to be warmed up before you put it into gear. The body is the same, it is at rest at night and needs to slowly be stimulated before it starts going. So do not just jump out of bed if you want to remain healthy. There are things to do in the morning every day. It is your body which is asking for mercy, kindness and compassion and care. All you need is a good vital and healthy body to give you enough strength to face the day.   When you wake up to prevent back pain you need to do cat stretch 3 times on each side and then adjust your navel energy by doing stretch pose. Then move the feet up and down to adjust the meridian points in the whole body.” Now get out of bed and have a cold shower (see Ishnaan).


Ishnaan – hydrotherapy

“Technically it is called mercy. You do not have any mercy for yourself, you look after your car, or your house but you do not look after yourself. You need to go into the shower and massage yourself all over balancing your hydro level in the water, which is required. Stand one foot on top of the other and massage them, massage the inside of your forearm, underneath your armpits and your chest. Vigorously massage your whole body. Now dry your body by rubbing hard with a course towel until your skin is pink to increase blood circulation in your skin, so your skin will remain youthful.

You do not drink enough water in the day. You need to urinate properly. When you begin to urinate you need to stop and start, several times. This will exercise the muscles of your pelvic floor and keep them strong. This is like mulbhand.

Now brush your teeth in the morning, at the end you need to take your toothbrush to the back of the throat and clear your monkey glands. They hold all the bacteria you have taken in during the day and night. This mucus must not enter your stomach. Gad that mucus out.”

Deep Sleep

“If you want a deep sleep you need to splash your eyes and face with cold water before you sleep.”

Head and Hair

“Massage your scalp with your fingers, then roll a towel on the hair and tighten it around the head so all 26 bones come together daily. Just for a few minutes.   Also deeply comb your scalp to change the electromagnetic field.”

Prevent Water Retention

“Get a wet towel wring it out and beat your back, it balances your sugar and salt intake. It prevents water retention, spank your back and the kidneys become stimulated and balanced.”

Knee and Ankle problem

Stand up on your toes and sit down a few times, this will stop you having problems with knees and ankles.

Practice this Week:

Sunia(n) Antar Meditation


SIT. Easy Position (legs folded).

EYES. Closed, rolled to 3rd eye (brow) point.

MUDRA (HANDS). Place arms across the chest and lock hands under armpits, with palms open against the body. Raise the shoulders up tightly against the earlobes without cramping the neck. Pull chin into neck.

BREATH. Automatic, natural and slow (or count for five in, five out, until it slows).

TIME. 3 to 11 minutes.

YOGI BHAJAN COMMENTS. This meditation is called Sunia(n) Antar. It is very good for women. It is essential at times when one is worried or upset and doesn’t know what to do, or when one feels like screaming, yelling, and misbehaving. When out of focus or emotional, attention should be given to the body’s water balance and breath rate. Humans are approximately 70 percent water, and behavior depends upon the relation of water and earth, air and ether. Breath, representing air and ether, is the rhythm of life. Normally we breathe 15 times a minute, but when we are able to rhythmically slow down the breath to only 4 breaths per minute, we have indirect control over our minds. This control eliminates obnoxious behavior, promoting a calm mind regardless of the state of affairs. When there is a water imbalance in the system, and the kidneys are under pressure, it can cause worry and upset. Drinking water, pulling the shoulders up to the ears and tightly locking the entire upper area creates a solid brake that can be applied to the four sides of the brain. After 2 or 3 minutes, thoughts will still be there, but one does not feel them. This is a very effective method of balancing the functional brain.


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This week’s classes:

Mon 23 May 6-7.30pm        Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 24 May 6-7pm            Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 25 May 4.45- 7am        Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 25 May 3-3.45pm        Radiant Childs Class@ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 25 May 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Sat   28 May 5.30-7pm       Healing Gong Bath @ Prana Lounge, Colombo 7

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Week 2 at Guava House, 15th to 20th March 2014

About the Venue

Guava House is one of the most beautifully designed houses in Sri Lanka. Lovingly created by its Architect owner, it blends into the rubber trees and mountains of Mawanella. It is created from glass, wood on a steel frame and iluk roof, which is much like English thatch.  We enjoyed the scenery of Bible Rock and Narangala from the yoga loft with its 180 degree view at tree level of the natural surrounding.

Guava House pool & deck

Guava House pool & deck

About the Retreat


5am morning Sadhana

This was Week 2 of the intensive Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher Training program.  We started on a full moon and did 2 beautiful full moon meditations one which was for healing and the other to clear karma patterns. We woke every morning for 5 days to do a sunrise practice on the pool deck to the sound of bird song.  On one morning the birds literally joined in as we closed with Guru Ram Das meditation.


Workshop on the history of yoga

We then went on to light hearted workshops on life styles and the history of yoga. We practiced deep meditative experiences, included several to clear the karma and mind patterns etched into our archline.  We studied the science of Naad and discovered that by repetitively chanting Bij or seed mantras  we could hit our repetitive thought patterns to neutralise them, leaving us feeling clear headed and lighter.

Naad class taught by Tonie

Naad class taught by Tonie

Meditation practice

Meditation practice

We concluded by doing a deep practice to consolidate this weeks practice, which left us feeing, completely connected and joyful.

About the Food

cool avocado and pomegranate salad

cool avocado and pomegranate salad

The food was a highlight, with fresh fruit salads and home made museli for breakfast, cool avocado, pomegranate salads and baked veggies for lunch. Delicious hoppers for dinner.

Breakfast with the group

Breakfast with the group

Juggary Cake

Juggary Cake

For teatime Sita made us the most jummy juggary cakes. Here is the recipe:

Juggary Cake

250g unsalted butter at room temperature

200g good quality juggary (Dumbara brand from Keels)

250g self raising flour

4 eggs

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

Handful of flaked almonds


50g kittual juggary melted with 4 tablespoons of water.


Cream the butter and grated juggary together until very soft.  Sieve the baking powder and flour together. Now add the eggs one at a time adding 1 tablespoon of flour to prevent the mixture curdling. Now fold in the flour and vanilla essence. Sprinkle the almond flakes on top.  Turn the mixture into a square baking tray and put into a pre heated fan assisted oven set to 175 degrees and bake for 20 mins or until it is firm to touch and golden.

Whilst the cake is still warm, prick holes in all areas of the cake and now sprinkle the warm juggary syrup onto the cake.

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Helpful websites:



music  go to www.spiritvoyage.com



A typical breakfast consists of at least 50 percent fruit and/or vegetables. Ideas for breakfast include:

  • Green Smoothie or smoothie (See list below)
  • Fresh juice
  • Kiribat (milk rice) with pol (coconut) sambol
  • Steamed yam and freshly scraped coconut.
  • String hoppers with pol sambol and yellow sweet potato curry
  • Oat Muesli (see recipe below)
  • Oatmeal porridge
  • Herbal tea, black tea (without milk), or green or white tea


If you are at work or on the run I think it is always a good idea to have a healthy snack at hand especially nuts or fruit, to kill sugar lows.  Also carry a bottle of water with you as most hunger pangs are signs you are thirsty.

Snack ideas include:

  10 to 15 raw almonds or cashew ( almonds take the skin off by soaking them)

  Apple sliced, with 1 tablespoon peanut butter (natural choice or one without added sugar)

  Piece of fruit

  Carrot, celery and/or cucumber sticks with hummus

  Smoothie made with allowed foods

  Green vegetable juice


A typical lunch on a detox diet consists of approximately 60 to 80 percent vegetables, preferably raw, such as greens, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions. You can then fill the other 20 to 40 percent in with other plant foods, such as cooked chickpeas, steamed broccoli, gluten-free grains such as rice, kurakkan, quinoa, and baked sweet potato.

A salad is an easy, packable detox lunch. Assemble a bowl or plate based on the ratios above. Make a simple dressing using 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil, 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice, and an optional 1 teaspoon of fresh-chopped herbs. Other lunch ideas include:

  Chickpeas, mung beans and vegetables seasoned with turmeric, ginger, and cumin

  Salad with choice of vegetables, such as green leaves, cucumbers, onions, and steamed beets.

  Lentil soup

  Rice and curry but only 20%-40% organic red or white rice ( again purchase from The Good Market or ask at your supermarket)


Time for a healthy snack as above mentioned


Dinner is 60 to 80 percent vegetables. An easy dinner is a Buddha bowl. You don’t have to follow a recipe to make one, just combine 1 cup of cooked brown rice or quinoa, 1 to 2 teaspoons of an allowed oil such as extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables, beans and legumes, seeds and seasonings, such as chickpeas, spinach or kale, steamed broccoli, avocado, hemp or chia seeds, or seaweed.

Other dinner ideas include:

  Steamed kale sprinkled with cashew nuts and tossed in lemon juice and olive oil

  Brown rice, kurakkan pittu or quinoa

  Steamed fish with fresh herbs and lemon with bok choy (not to be eaten after 22nd April)

  Vegetable curry with brown/red rice

  Broccoli soup

  Black bean salad with quinoa

  Thai cashew vegetables with quinoa


The Bitter Principle

Yogies, what is the Bitter Principle and why do we need to add it to our Detox?

The bitter principle works by stimulating the bitter receptors in our tongue, boosting digestive enzymes in our stomach, thereby improving and strengthening the digestive system.

Digestive weakness and decrease in stomach enzymes  both reduce the assimilation of nutrients by the body. Stress can disrupt digestion and this further decreases the body’s vital energy.

We all suffer from weak digestion at some point here are a few indicators to be conscious of:

  • anemia
  • excessive gas
  • painful digestion and intestinal cramps
  • poor fat digestion
  • poor protein digestion
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • loss of energy and vitality
  • excessive craving for sweets, fats, and carbohydrates
  • food allergies
  • digestive weakness due to mental overwork and lack of exercise

How to add this to your diet?

Twenty minutes before eating stimulate your taste buds with something bitter.  Bitter gourd is a great one, cut a slice of it and eat it raw or cut 2 inches of the bitter gourd blend it with a little water and drink a teaspoon like a shot.

If you have a neem or margosa tree in your garden, take a leaf wash it and chew on it.  It is not only a wonderful bitter but it also is a boost for your immune system.

After Dinner Calmative Foods.

After you have eaten your meal, to finish the digestive process why not chomp on our wonderful Sri Lankan cinnamon.  Do you know we grow the most valuable cinnamon in the world?  Buy yourself some cinnamon sticks, preferably organic and chew a 1/4 inch of a cinnamon stick after dinner.  It will make your mouth taste and smell fragrant.  It helps reduce candida a bad fungus in the body, reduces the rise in blood sugar after food and also increases the bodies ability to respond to insulin, thereby making it a  perfect way for diabetics to finish off their meal.  Finally cinnamon calms the digestive system allowing you to finish the digestive process you began with your bitters.

May the detox be with you!  Still a few spaces left on the Guava House Retreat for anyone interested please telephone 0778011984.

Love and light


What are the benefits of an alkaline diet?

ulpotha 072 ulpotha 075What are the benefits of an alkaline diet?

All chemicals, natural and otherwise, have a pH level, which is a measurement of hydrogen. The pH scale ranges from zero to 14, with zero being purely acidic, 14 being purely alkaline and seven being neutral. Human blood should ideally be a slightly alkaline ph of 7.3 to 7.4.  Therefore, the bulk of our diet, around 70%, should be alkaline-producing foods. It should be noted here that alkaline foods refers to the effect they have on our pH, not the actual pH level of the food itself. Most fruits, for example, contain a fair amount of acid, but they have an alkalizing effect on the blood and urine. Food is not the only factor that makes us acidic or alkaline.  Stress leaves an acidic residue in the body, just as relaxing activities such as yoga and meditation makes the body more alkaline.

What are acidic food?

The modern day diet is made up of mainly acidic foods such as processed meat, processed wheat, dairy and sugar.  You may notice signs of over acidity in your body when you have a runny nose on waking, fatigue, a skin breakout, or a slight case of irritable bowel syndrome.

Illness preventionulpotha 074

If the body creates an acidic environment it promotes the growth of bad bacteria, yeast and fungi. The imbalance of your body’s good bacteria makes you more prone to getting infections. You will be less likely to suffer from the common cold when your body is alkaline.

Preventing Cancer

A major benefit of having an alkaline body state is that you might reduce your risk for developing cancer. When your body is too acidic, oxygen levels are lowered and cellular metabolism stops. This can lead to the growth of cancer cells. Maintaining an alkaline state helps encourage healthy cell turnover, which is key in the prevention of cancer.

 Healthy Weight

Fruits and vegetables make your body more alkaline, while processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates and alcohol make you more acidic. By eating alkalizing foods, you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. The frequent consumption of acid-producing foods is more likely to contribute to a weight problem.

Alkaline Vegetables

Vegetables that have the highest amount of alkaline-forming minerals include asparagus; celery; alfalfa sprouts; leafy, green lettuce; all dark leafy greens (gottukola etc) spinach; broccoli; carrots; bell peppers; cabbage; squash; and potatoes. Slightly alkaline to neutral vegetables include onions, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, mushrooms, okra, and sweet tomatoes.

Alkaline Fruits

Fruits that are highly alkaline include lemons and watermelon, limes, mango, kiwi, melons, papayas, cantaloupe, passion fruits, pineapples, raisins and grapes. Moderately alkaline fruit include apples, avocados, nectarines, peaches, grapefruits, guava, and berries such as strawberries and raspberries. Slightly less alkaline fruits include coconut and cherries.

Alkaline Proteins and Nuts

Some proteins such as poached eggs, whey protein powder, cottage cheese, and fermented tofu are alkaline forming foods. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, nuts, almonds and flaxseed are also alkaline forming.

Alkaline Beverages and Spices

Alkaline beverages include vegetable juices, fresh fruit juices, unpasteurized organic milk, mineral water, green tea, herbal tea, ginseng tea and apple cider vinegar. Alkaline spices include cinnamon, ginger, chili pepper, curry, mustard, sea salt and all herbs.

Why Detox?

Healthy saladsSo why bother to detoxify the body and where do toxins come from?

In fact our body regularly eliminates many pounds of toxins daily through our bowels.  Our bowels are the human body’s sewage system.  The toxins come from inhaling dust, car pollution, chemical sprays from our household cleaners, undigested processed acid forming foods (please see alkaline foods below) ingested heavy metals and pesticides in our food.  A large amount of toxins come from dead cells from our own body.  By taking time to re-evaluate what we consume from the food we eat to the entertainment we watch, we can increase our wellness, feel energised, calm and alive.






Fresh is always best, however you can make a smoothie and refrigerated for up to 2 days.  But practically speaking I would make up a fresh batch daily. Store it and drink it throughout the day.

It is very important to use different kinds of green leaves as you will lose your desire to drink your green smoothie if you only use one type of leaf.



Raw Family Wild Banango

2 cups of gottukola (organic if possible)

1 banana (frozen or fresh)

1 mango

500ml of king coconut or water

Yields almost 1 litre of smoothie

Add liquid to blender first now add leaves then fruit.  Blend on pulse for the first minute. Thereafter blend on high for around 3 mins or until the juice is really smooth.  Now drink and refrigerate the rest.


Green Watermelon

8 large green or red lettuce leaves

l.25kg of watermelon

250ml of king coconut or water

Yields almost 1 litre of smoothie.

Blend as instructed above.


Alive and Kicking

250ml of freshly juiced apple juice

1 banana (fresh or frozen)

1 mango

5 leaves of Kale ( organic if possible)

500ml of king coconut water or water

Yields almost 1 litre of smoothie.

Blend as instructed above.


Mango Parsley pudding

2 large mangos

1 bunch of parsley (organic if possible)

500ml of king coconut water or water

Yields almost 1 litre of.

Blend as instructed above.


Strawberry Fields Forever

1 cup of strawberries

2 bananas

1 bunch of water cress (sarana)

500ml of king coconut water or water

Yields almost 1 litre of.

Blend as instructed above.



1 passion fruit

2 bananas

1 bunch of water cress (sarana)

500ml of king coconut water or water

Yields almost 1 litre of.

Blend as instructed above.


Kiwi Delight

4 ripe kiwis

1 banana

3 stalks of celery with leaves

500ml or king coconut water or water

Yields almost 1 litre of.

Blend as instructed above.

Detox & Kundalini Yoga Weekend 25th-27th April 2013 at Guava House

Detox & Kundalini Yoga weekend 26,27,28th April 2013

Detox & Kundalini Yoga weekend 26,27,28th April 2013

Join us as we guide you through the process of rejuvenating and preventing the absorbtion of toxins through your digestive system with a Juice and Detoxification Weekend.  Afterwards you will feel light and energised, eyes and skin clearer and allergies reduced.  this process is also excellent for healthy weight reduction and disease prevention.  To compliment this process you will be lead twice a day through Kundalini Detoxification Yoga Kriyas, breath-work and meditation to bring the mind and body into balance.

Rs26,000 per person

2 nights accommodation (en-suite room)

Full Board, dietary supplements, teachings, health & beauty info & instructions on special cleansing diet 5 days prior to the Detox Retreat.

CONTACT FIONA 0778011984 or info@sanasuma.co.uk



Galle Bladder/liver flush & Detox Retreat is postponed

Dear Yogis

Galle Bladder/liver flush & Detox Retreat is postponed
Unfortunately we were unable to obtain the supplements from Singapore that were needed to support our bodies during the Detox. If you were interested in this Retreat, please still register your interest by sending us an email and we will let you know when we are able to facilitate the Gallbladder & Liver flush at a later date.

Love and light
Sanasuma Team

Email: info@sanasuma.co.uk

Email:  info@sanasuma.co.uk


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