Immune Response – Kundalini Yoga

Dr Shanti Shanti Kaur Immune Response – Kundalini Yoga

Let’s examine our attitude during this time of solitude and social distancing. Can we embrace our difficult emotions, go through them and still find the joy. Do things differently, find new ways and meaning instead of be moaning what we cannot do? Sri Lanka is in curfew, that means we cannot even go for a walk outside our gate or go to the supermarket. Personally I feel blessed, being well and having my beautiful family to share this time of exclusion with, it has been great to join online Kundalini yoga classes, sing karaoke by myself, dance to music I love, do handstands in the garden and generally catch up with rest and reading a favourite book. Let’s turn this time into something positive as we learn pulse, pause and play this week.

During Shaunagh’s relaxing zoom class on Sunday, she mentioned these 3 key activities we need to incorporate into our life that Dr Shanti Shanti Kaur gave us during a Webinar last week on the immune response.

She made a distinction between the immune system and immune response. We now know the body has an innate intelligence where different systems of the body, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine (hormonal), nervous and immune systems join together to produce a coordinated response to pathogens, for example COVID 19.

She explained prevention depends on the level of oxygen in the blood stream and the ability of the body to detoxify and remove waste toxic materials out of the body. Prevention also depended on the programming of immune cells in the thymus gland.

She describe the pathogen (bacterial or viral) entering the body, it then infiltrates healthy cells and multiples

So if your body has a high level of oxygenated blood, greater coordination between systems such as the endocrine, nervous, etc then it can respond more accurately to any threat. This is where the scientific concept of Vagal Tone or strength comes in. The Vagal nerve which is the 10th cranial nerve, connects the brain, heart, gut and visceral organs. The Vagal nerve needs in good condition to give a targeted accurate response to all threats to our body. It can do this if our rest/digest parasympathetic and fight/flight/freeze sympathetic autonomic nervous system can move smoothly and freely between these two states. This ability to shift gears is curial to make us stress resistant. We need stress but we need to be able to move into the pause state autonomically as well as the vigour state.

Kundalini Yoga being a yoga which uses rhythmic movement combined with breath/pranayama and targeted angular movements, uses the body to circulate the lymph so it does not become congested and can eliminate toxins. The kriyas also stimulate the digestive system, through movement, breath retention and pulse. Studies have shown that digestion and elimination are key components of the immune response and keeping the Apana (elimination) and Samana (digestion) strong (see blog on Vayus) is the key.

Pulse – is the ability to create rhymic living. Everything in the Universe is rhymic, down to the pulse of the smallest particle in existence. When we honour our life by moving with the rhythms of nature, sleeping 7-8 hours per night, eating at regular times, moving/ exercising, keeping routine for our fitness and wellness, we tap into the innate intelligence of our DNA. Kundalini yoga advocates rhythmic movement during the warm ups and kriyas, that are lead by your breath, which not only gives the body back this rhythmic pulse but also oxygenates the blood.

Pause – this is something we are being forced to do at the moment and modern living is really not use to it. Pause is as essential, as it is healing. We need to learn how to stop and relax deeply at will. In my grandfather’s day everyone regularly napped after lunch. This healthy tradition has been over taken by being more productive and multi-tasking. Napping is seen as laziness. Please honour your body and learn how to pause, even if it is just taking 3 deep breaths before you move on to the next task. If you have a yoga practice do not skip your relaxation, shorten your practice if necessary so you can always include deep relaxation. In Kundalini yoga relaxation is where the blood chemistry changes. What does that mean? It means that it is where all the information of change that you have created through the targeted kriya, mantra, mudra and pranayama gets assimilated by the various systems in the body. It is where your body becomes more sensitive and aware of what it needs to do to protect you against pathogens and disease. It is making your cells more intelligent.

Play – spend time in innocent, fun activities. I do hands stands on the grass, look a the birds, play with my pets, laugh, dance or sing. Make sure you fit this in daily because the lightness of life is essential to your health and wellbeing.

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Immunity Boost – Kundalini Yoga 16 March 2020

Immunity Booster – Kundalini Yoga


I feel we were really lucky to be able to hold the Sri Lankan Kundalini Yoga Festival last weekend. Thanks for everyone who participated in it, teachers and students. We raised 83,000Rs for a women’s home in Kandy and the money will be spent in upgrading the living facility for girls aged 13-20 years. We will send you photographs of the work you all contributed to, give yourself a pat on the back.

In light of the COVID-19 and its global spread, we want to assure you that your health and wellness are of paramount importance to us. While we help you keep your spirit UP during these challenges’ days. We also want to minimise the spread of illness so we encourage the following practices when attending classes this week.

  • We encourage you to bring your own mat. Ours will still be available for you. If you use ours, we ask that you clean it with a disinfectant sanitiser after class. We’ll have some on hand for you to use.
  • We ask you to wash your hands when you arrive and after you leave or use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • If you feel unwell please stay home.  During this period we will be flexible regarding the monthly class pass and extend it if necessary.  We will also offer the possibly to WhatsApp class participation for those who wish to stay at home. Please text giving us a minimum of 3 hours prior notice to set this up.


Keeping up with your yoga practice – whether at home or the studio is essential in these times. This week we will be working on your immune system and boosting your sense of peace and wellbeing.

Aerobic Capacity and Efficiency

Sitting comfortably with hands on your shins. Inhale and lift the diaphragm, holding the breath in and the tongue pressed on the top pallet, flex the spine for as long as you can holding the breath in without hunching the shoulders. When you cannot hold the breath any longer exhale and inhale and start again. Do not let any air leak out when flexing the spine. To end. Inhale sit straight hold the breath and focus on the brow point and exhale relax.

Disease Resistance and Heart Helper

Sit in Easy Pose. Interlace the fingers of both hands. Press the thumb tips together. Put this hand lock with palms up in the lap. Apply Mulbandh by contracting and pulling up the rectum, pulling in the navel point and lifting up the sex organ(s). Chant “God and me, me and God are one.” With each cycle of the mantra, pull up the locks a little tighter. Continue for 3 minutes.

Sit in Easy Pose. Hands in Gyan Mudra resting on the knees. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly and completely without dropping the ribcage. Hold the breath out and pump the stomach in and out. When you cannot pump any more, take another breath and continue for 3 minutes.

Sit in Easy Pose. Bring the left arm in back of the torso. Bend at the elbow and stretch the left hand toward the right shoulder. The palm faces away from the body. Inhale deeply, exhale completely. Hold the breath out as long as you can. Apply Mulbandh. Then inhale and repeat the cycle. Continue 3-5 minutes.

Sit in any comfortable meditation posture. Meditate on the regular energetic flow of the breath. Feel your radiance and light.


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Yogic Hacks & GH Retreat – 11 Feb 2020

More yogic hacks & Guava House Retreat

Last weekend we enjoyed a beautiful retreat at Guava House with some amazing students and all learned a lot from each other.  Here is some of what we learnt:

About the Venue

Shaunagh and Ranjan’s amazing Guava House always serves as an inspiration for our Retreats, surrounded by nature, birds, trees and mountains, we immediately started feeling energised by the pranic energy of the natural world.

About the Retreat


The Retreat went through many topics, including what is yoga and why we need to practice Kundalini yoga in the Age of Aquarius. We learnt to understand your breath signature and how this effects your vitality. We sang mantras, studied our life cycles, went into death and rebirth. Including a fun interactive workshop on yogic anatomy. We learnt that if we changed the dominance of our nostril we can control our emotions. Try it when you next feel commotional.

The second morning we climbed Bible Rock in silence chanting SA, TA, NA, MA and mediated to balance the 3 minds as sun rose. Wow!

About the Food


On this retreat not only did we have the amazing Jayanthi cooking up a veggie rice and curry storm but the teachers pitched in to make it the most delicious vegan fare I have eaten. From the Persian nut roast with vegan gravy to the chia chocolate vegan wattalapan. It was all amazing, scrumptious and filling.


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Bullet Proof Your Nervous System – Kundalini Yoga 28 Jan 2020

Bullet Proof Your Nervous System

The inspiration for my blog comes from a student I have been teaching since 2008 Sam and also a fellow teacher Sara.

Sam is a business man and he informed me that he has been keeping his stress levels under control by practicing Pranayama the science of deep breathing on a daily basis. Deep breathing if practiced regularly helps to strengthen our parasympathetic nervous response (please see vagus nerve below). So we do not react to life but instead can act consciously when a challenge in our life arises. For this I would really recommend practicing at least 10-20 deep breaths in and out through the nose, as soon as you wake up and last thing before sleeping. Literally this practice will bullet proof your life.

Sara a fellow Kundalini teacher in Negombo and owner of Vegan Zen Café and Sat Sangat Yoga Shala, has been talking about finding simple kundalini hacks to use in times of crisis. Here is one I used the other night when I woke up and could not get back to sleep again. Simply inhale through your nose as you point your feet and exhale through your nose as you dorsiflex the feet towards you. Do this for approximately 3mins. As I was doing this I started to yawn and it really relaxed me. It acts like a full body acupuncture session.

Flyer Stress and Vitality 2020

The other hack I wanted to talk about was the vagus nerve. This 10th cranial nerve operates far below the level of our conscious minds and is vital for keeping our bodies healthy. It is an essential part of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for calming organs after the stressed ‘fight-or-flight’ adrenaline response to danger. Not all vagus nerves are the same, however: some people have stronger vagus activity, which means their bodies can relax faster after a stress.

The strength of your vagus response is known as your vagal tone and it can be determined by using an electrocardiogram to measure heart rate. Every time you breathe in, your heart beats faster in order to speed the flow of oxygenated blood around your body. Breathe out and your heart rate slows. This variability is one of many things regulated by the vagus nerve, which is active when you breathe out but suppressed when you breathe in, so the bigger your difference in heart rate when breathing in and out, the higher your vagal tone.

Research shows that a high vagal tone makes your body better at regulating blood glucose levels, reducing the likelihood of diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Low vagal tone, however, has been associated with chronic inflammation. As part of the immune system, inflammation has a useful role helping the body to heal after an injury, for example, but it can damage organs and blood vessels if it persists when it is not needed. One of the vagus nerve’s jobs is to reset the immune system and switch off production of proteins that fuel inflammation. Low vagal tone means this regulation is less effective and inflammation can become excessive, such as in rheumatoid arthritis or in toxic shock syndrome.

The vagus nerve works as a two-way messenger, passing electrochemical signals between the organs and the brain. In chronic inflammatory disease, messages from the brain telling the spleen to switch off production of a particular inflammatory protein, tumour necrosis factor (TNF), weren’t being sent.

The final hack is to spend more time exhaling than inhaling, try this pranayama. All through the nose inhale for 4 counts, exhale for 8 counts. Do this for 3 mins.

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Trust Your Inner Guru

Fest flyer 2020

Trusting Your Inner Guru

Trusting your inner guru or your higher self is why in Kundalini Yoga we chant the Adi Mantra Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. It connects us to spirit to our inner teacher who can then take us to places which we normally cannot get to without this feeling of connection. And this feeling of connection with soul is essential this year if we are to learn to let go and TRUST.

In life our eternal soul is sitting in the background pumping out security. Always telling us if we listen, “all is ok, you are eternal, life is a gift, relax and enjoy the ride”.   But if we do not connect to the eternal part within us, our busy minds are in the foreground feeling we cannot trust because we have been let down by past relationships, family, friends, etc.

It is easy to feel trust when things are going well but very difficult when life dissolves into chaos. It can feel like everyone else is getting what they want but why is that no happening to me?   This means you really need to change your inner reality to create the change you want to see.

 How do you trust?

Trust is knowing you will be fine no matter what. But how do you get that feeling? Trust comes from connection to that quiet, inner sage who always loves you and it looking after you. This love and commitment to yourself develops a deep inner knowing. Despite the external circumstances nothing can shake you. In those moments of foreground insecurity you have to find your key to connect to your eternal background security, which will allow you to travel from desperation to inspiration where everything becomes possible.

Once again we can use our breath. Consciously breathing deeply through your nose can make you feel really secure and good. Conscious breathing tells our subconscious mind that all is well, I am alive. This gives us a feeling of security. Also try this mantra meditation, it helps release fears and replace them with trust and commitment.

I am not telling you to trust all the people around you, I am asking you to trust yourself and your inner guru to face life and win.

Meditation for Trust: Chant the Wahe Guru Mantra

Sit in Easy Pose with the hands in Gyan Mudra. Chant Wahe Guru (wah-hay goo-roo) for 11 minutes.

Chant along with the version of the Wahe Guru Mantra below.

Wahe is a statement of awe and ecstasy. Guru is that which brings us from darkness to light. Wahe Guru is an expression of complete ecstatic awe of the Divine. It expresses the indescribable experience of going from darkness to light (from ignorance to true understanding). It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. A trikutee mantra, it balances the energies of the generating, organizing, and transforming principles. It expresses ecstasy through knowledge and experience. It is the gurmantra, which triggers the destiny.

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2020 – Kundalini Yoga

2020 – The Year of the Heart, Love, Compassion, Community and Service


Sat nam yogis and Happy 2020. Wow this year has already started with a bang on the door of our hearts, calling on us to be more tolerant, more compassionate and serviceful to all. Remembering one of the Aquarian sutras, understand through compassion or misunderstand the times.

January is the month to deeply come back to our connection with soul or the deeper truth under the seeming reality of life. Soul does not mean something so far away you cannot connect with it. You can feel it when you are still, in the beat of your heart, feeling the breath in your nose or when you relate to community,friends and loved ones. This is when we go beyond our doubt filled heads and into our heart and soul.

So let’s look forward to 2020. What does Shiv Charan say. His full numerology can be found on his Facebook page, but here is my summary of it.

The year of 4 bring more possibilities, opportunities but also the breakdown of the old false patterns which can leave you feeling insecure and indecisive. See change this year as a release from the old that did not serve you. If the opening in our minds is down towards our lower animal self-there is a danger of falling into the subconscious domain of the negative mind. So it is important to keep moving away from habits that do not serve us.

This is also the year that the neutral mind needs to be in charge. Neutral does not mean that there is no differentiation, it means embracing the now, being aware of the difference but not giving preference or undue attachment to our likes and dislikes. Instead making conscious decisions and whole heartedly committing to that choice.

This year community is going to be vital. Community is seeing the oneness of spirit in all. Make time to focus your intention to get together, sing together, meditate together, eat together, be together.

Finally let’s look at the 2 and 0 in the 2020. The negative mind 2 alone is designed to identify problems and obstacles. But when problems are looked at through the innocence of a child’s eye they represent a challenge in a moment full of opportunity.

We need to direct the flow of emotion (energy in motion) out from the subconscious, instinctive, domain of the negative mind, and move it to the intuitively conscious domain of devotion through the heart.

Negative mind and can be a great moving power. The longing to belong, connects us with our spirit and moves emotion to devotion. Otherwise, it becomes a desperate and needy state through which we descend and drown into the black hole of despair, powerlessness and depression. The double 2 can result in doubling of the duality, a deeper split in the growing polarisation that is increasing in the world and brings a bottomless pit of cold depression, a sense of lack that knows no satisfaction. If these thoughts creep into your mind the best thing is to doubt the doubt. Don’t merely bear the unbearable – transform it through meditation Don’t just accept the unacceptable – transform it through action of service to others.

Say no to the ‘anti’ approach – become for something. Let all your moments be as conscious as possible this year. Have a blessed year.

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Lower Legs & Your Purpose – Kundalini Yoga

Lower Legs and Your Purpose – Kundalini Yoga


Before the onset of the Christmas rush, let’s work with our bodies to be aware of what messages they are giving us to help us through this beautiful yet sometimes stressful period.

Guru Singh reminds us our how our physical anatomy connects to our emotions. The feet are the direction that your life is moving in. You should always check your feet and notice if they are turning in or out. If they are turning in or out then you are fighting your own direction. Your ankles are the angles of your momentum into that direction and must always be limber and active as you walk. If you allow them to become passive you will lose your power of moving forward in your life. Your lower legs are the principles on which you stand. There are two bones therefore you are born with two standards, your own values and the ones applied to you by society. The tibia bone is the larger one and contains your personal standards and principles. The fibula is smaller and slightly positioned to the back, containing the standards and expectations from society. Honour your personal standards first, but do not ignore societies standard other wise you will face disruptive opposition in your life.

So this week in our classes we will work on aligning our feet, ankles, legs and knees and be aware of the signals that they are giving us and whether we are in touch with our own principles or if we are just living by others standards and see if we can make our lower body fit and healthy.

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Acceptance, Self Acceptance Kundalini Yoga 19 Nov 2019

Acceptance, Self-Acceptance – Kundalini Yoga 18 November 2019


This week I want to focus on acceptance and what this really means? How we can embody it? Last week my mum’s health deteriorated and I got a severe muscle cramp in my upper right arm so much so that after our Week 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Sri Lanka 2019, I could not even lift my arm. I remember saying to my mum when she was in pain, relax and just accept that you cannot move for a few days until your leg gets better. It is so easy to give advice but taking it is a lot harder, as I found out. I first felt upset that I had an arm injury, why and how did it happen to me? The mind keeps you occupied with these questions a good distraction and helps to start getting you emotional. Then I remembered my words to my mum and thought I just need to accept this situation, relax and stop trying to work out what went wrong. I relaxed and stop trying to do things and I had to rely on my husband to help me, brush my hair, dress me, even feed me as picking up a fork was painful. This morning I woke up 70% better. I believe if you can really just accept a situation as it is without trying to deny it, pretend it is not there or reject it, it will start to balance itself out. A Yogi Bhajan quote, “ Embrace to erase”.


We are always trying to change life, improve ourselves and our situations, when we fail we feel defeated, judge ourselves harshly. We need to start with an attitude of acceptance, that reality at this moment even if we do not like it, has occurred and only from the acceptance of this moment can we make change possible. Self-acceptance is the same. Instead of self-improvement, move towards a sense of self-acceptance, self-love, even in times of pain.   Accept yourself for who you are and what you are before attempting to strive for self-improvement. It is a subtle yet powerful shift in attitude. Be aware notice your talents.

We may not like reality but by blaming and shouting about the unfairness of life does not change anything, save your energy. First accept and from this attitude take action to improve your situation.

Sat nam Fi x read our weekly blogs and brain candy updates 0778011984

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Remember you can buy your 4000Rs class pass for 12 classes over 4 weeks.



Contentment – Kundalini Yoga 6 Nov 2019


Sat nam, as we head towards week 2 of our Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, I wish to focus your mind on relaxing into contained, contentment.  I was inspired by reading a passage by one of my favourite authors RK Narayan in A Tiger for Malgudi.  The conversation between a Tiger and his Master.

“Do not crave ….It is enough you have realisation.  All in good time. We cannot understand God’s intentions. All growth takes place in its own time. If you brood on your improvement rather than your short comings you will be much happier “.

We all have a tendancies to focus on how far we have to go. The achievements we still have to accomplish. The shortcomings in our practice, our personality our lives.  The Masters is telling us to relax, understand all happens in time.  Focussing on our improvement’s and successes will encourage us to keep up, keep on the path.  This is real trust, trusting that what needs to happen will, which allows us to put your full effort into what we are doing. This conscious effort will end in a state of GRACE.

Sat nam see you this week. Love Fi x  0778011094

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Perception and Kundalini Yoga


Sat nam yogis not everything in life goes as planned, but feelings of disappointment or upset are all attached to our perception.

We have certain deep seated perceptions about ourselves, our limits, who we are, etc. These are countered by our desires, our dreams.  We have an inkling but no real knowing of what we are projecting through our mind. In the mist of our jumble of thoughts and emotions we co-create our Universe, “the what is” and then it happens to us.  But instead of feeling like we are co creators we feel like life is against us.

The gap between the reality of what we project through our mind, the what is and our desire, dreams expectations etc,  is the frustration, anxiety, unhappiness, etc. we feel.  In short, we just keep on getting what we normally get and keep on desiring a different outcome. Nothing seems to change.

When our overly, assertive, positive mind says, “Oh it was just not meant to be”. Know this is just a defence mechanism to make you feel better but ultimately keep you from living your dreams. We need to change our affirmation from frustration which makes us feel important. To spending time every day to reduce the noise in our minds after meditation and dream our dreams and affirm, “I will succeed. I have forever”.   When we put a time limit on our dreams we are setting ourselves up for the expected failure, or “I knew it would not work”, because once again being right is more important than being happy and complaints gain sympathy, again a short-term pleasure but not getting you to a place of joy.

Let’s this week take the challenge of learning to develop patience, notice how your body is feeling at any point in the day and relax it. Feel joy in your heart for just being and keep an empty mind except for projection of our desires and dreams.  If you want life to be different you need to change your thinking. Use the affirmation, I will succeed, I have forever. Watch or read the book by Ted Chiang, Arrival it will really make you feel a change in perception.

Sat nam see you this week. Love Fi x  0778011094

Tues  8 October  9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga @9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 8 October  6.15-7.30pm  Kundalini Yoga(Shaunagh) @ 145/5 Fife Rd , Col 5

Wed 9 October 5-7.30am        Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 9 October 6.45-8pm        Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 9 October 6.30-7.45pm  Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Sat 12 October 5.30-7pm        Poya Full Moon Gong Bath, Prana Lounge, Colombo 7.

Remember you can buy your 4000Rs class pass for 12 classes over 4 weeks.