Regrets, Should have… Kundalini Yoga 19 April 2020

Regrets, Should haves – Kundalini Yoga 19 April 2020

As curfew eases in Sri Lanka and we start to return to normal, you may suddenly be faced with regrets. A little voice in your head that says you should have used your time more usefully, learning a new language, new hobby, being more present with family, doing more yoga, etc.


Psychologists refer to this process in which we evaluate how we should have done something differently as “counterfactual”. It is a mental mechanism with creates, regret, disappointment, self judgement and low self esteem. But is meant to help us learn from our mistakes.

On the other hand we may also feel a slave to our to do list and only feel good when we are on the tread mill of getting things done. How do we find a balance between the treadmill of life and regret?

Instead of waking up for my practice because I have to, lets bring conscious awareness into it. Insert I choose, (intention) to wake up early, I could stay in bed, but I know that doing my practice makes me feel really good and balanced for the day. Choosing is liberating we are acting to serve our own best interests aligning our inner self with our actions, instead of doing things automatically, unconsciously and resentfully. This small conscious word makes a huge difference. Make a list of all the mundane things you do regularly and write next to each one what are the benefits of completing the task.


When it comes to big regrets, the career you never pursued, the property you did not buy, the language you never learned, etc. You first need to work out if you still have this unfilled passion or if you wanted to do that thing to impress someone or look good? Think about this after your kundalini yoga and meditation class. Your mind will be very calm and intuitive. Then if the dream still feels unfulfilled try to do something in your life to move towards this goal. If you always wanted to play an instrument watch a YouTube video on it. Maybe learn the musical scale, doing a little towards your dreams releases you from your nagging voice of regret.

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The Magic Balm of Breath – Kundalini Yoga 5 Feb 2020 Sri Lanka

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The Magic Balm of Your Breath

Last week we tried out some yogic hacks to try and bullet proof our nervous system. This week we go more deeply into the breath. Understanding more about the emotional, physical and psychological effects that daily pranayama gives.

The quality, quantity and circulation of your physical breath creates the foundation of your health and vitality. In fact most of us breathe very shallowly, using our upper chest and creating tension, tightness and armouring in the chest muscles that lead to weak nerves and a greater susceptibility to stress and illness. Tonie Nooyens our lead trainer in Asia says by regularly practicing pranayama,(the expansion of our breath and vital life force energy) we can heal about 50% of our illnesses and stress. Relaxed, conscious breathing is the key. We also need to reduce the rate of how many cycles of inhale and exhale we take per minute.

This week we will practice these deep pranic healing techniques to leave you feeling vital and refreshed. We have a guest teacher here from London Preetam Kaur, she is doing a conscious rebirthing class on Friday 6-8pm 1500Rs, one not to be missed.

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Saturday 8 Feb 5.30-7pm Poya Gong Bath @ Prana Lounge, Col 7 (Shaunagh)

Sunday 9 Feb 6-7.30pm Poya Gong Bath@ Sri Yoga Shala, Thalpe. Galle

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