Digital Detox – Kundalini Yoga 30 November 2020

Digital Detox – Kundalini Yoga

We have been talking about detox over the last fortnight, which basically means that you have accumulated more than you have eliminated resulting in your system being overloaded. 

In today’s Age of Aquarius (please look at past blogs) the information age.  We are constantly accumulating information.  Especially from our smartphones, tablets, computers etc.  Taking information in this form firstly stimulates a different part of your brain, than if you read a paper book, newspaper, etc.  This in itself is not a problem, but if you are on your digital device whether it is for work or leisure for 6-10 hours a day, you are absorbing and storing vast amounts of information which really has no way to be processed.  And here in the problem lies, over accumulation leads to a toxic build up. 

But as you know the digital world is addictive.  It is easily addictive as food, alcohol, smoking or drugs.  Try to be out of contact with the digital world for ½ day or 1 day and see how you feel.  You may start feeling anxious, worried, upset, maybe someone is urgently trying to contact you?  Also we are not used to being bored, not doing, reading, or watching something, etc.  This was highlighted when I waited in a Doctor’s surgery (Here is Sri Lanka the digital world only surfaced around 5 years ago), everyone was on their phones.  Heads down, shoulders rounded, engrossed. 

So the challenge this week, is other than your work, can you make space for at least 3 hours of digital free time per day.  On the weekend have half a day i.e. 6 hours to 12 hours with no interaction with the digital world. Instead, play games, talk to your family, friends, neighbours, do a jigsaw, draw, handwrite a letter, make Christmas cards, read a paper book.  Try it, it will not kill you and maybe you will feel a spark of creativity that you have lost.

In class we will support you with this challenge by doing lots of soothing kriyas for the brain and deep meditative practices to clear out some of the information overload.  Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes: CHANGE OF TIME

Mon 30 Nov 5.30-6.45pm        Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom.

Tues 1 Dec  10am – 11.15am  Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom

Tues 1 Dec  5.30-6.45pm        Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom only.

Wed 2 Dec   5- 7.30am            Sadhana (FREE) Fiona @ zoom only.

Wed 3 Dec   5.30-6.45pm        Kundalini Yoga Fiona@ zoom only.

Thurs 4 Dec 5.30-6.45 pm      Kundalini Shaunagh @zoom only.

Fri  5  Dec    5.30-6.45 pm       Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

Sun 7 Dec    5.30-6.45 pm       Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

UK Times are 12pm for afternoon classes. There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Attitude of Gratitude – Kundalini Yoga

Attitude of Gratitude as Lock Down looms – Kundalini Yoga

Having had a wonderful weekend of online teacher training.  The lockdown in Colombo continues as England goes into lockdown for 1 month.  I thought this week what we needed was a lighter attitude to life.  To change our focus away from what we cannot do, to appreciating what we have and what we can do.

In fact in the US they have a specific holiday to celebrate this underated habit called “Thanks Giving”.  In the Kundalini yoga tradition we are asked to have an attitude of gratitude.  But what does it really mean and what are the benefits of cultivating gratitude during a year where we have faced so many ongoing uncertainties and challenges?

The biological, psychological and spiritual benefits of gratitude have been scientifically proven.  The Harvard Study on Happiness found that cultivating a conscious practice of gratitude and expressing it even for small things in our life consistently made us feel happier regardless of our circumstances. 

Gratitude is an antidote for the catch 22 of complaining about what we want or the aversion to what is.  Gratitude is the opposite of this discontentment.

It can be really difficult to feel gratitude when tragedy hits, like a loved one passing.  But even in circumstances that are extremely challenging both physically and emotionally, if we can locate the grace and lesson in them we can see the bigger picture.  For example we can appreciate  what time we had with that person, their good qualities even though it is a bittersweet memory.  Also pain and tragedy can bring your life into  sharper focus or awareness of what we have and what is important. 

Even in the midst of chronic pain or ill health science has documented the following benefits of feeling grateful, even just for the area in your body that does not itch or feel pain.

It reduces depression, anger, annoyance, etc.

It promotes physical health by lowering blood pressure, strengthening our immune system, reduces aches and pains.

Grateful people tend to sleep better, fall asleep more easily and soundly. Counting their blessings not their challenges.

When you express your gratitude in your relationships it invariably makes you feel closer and more satisfied in that relationship.

Think of it like putting money away in the bank for a rainy day.  Gratitude helps us be more generous in spirit, compassionate and these good vibrations affect the space and people around you.

This week your homework is 2 things.

Firstly I want us to meditate on someone we have a difficult relationship with and write a gratitude letter to them.  Listing all the things we like/love about them.  You can send this or not.  After your yogic practice this week examine your feelings towards this person and see how you feel deep inside.

Secondly you will write 3-5 things you feel grateful for each day.  They can be as simple as being able to breathe, the sunlight, the sound of a bird, simple enjoyment of food, a good book/film.  Or even a conversation with a loved one. 

This practice will really help us realign ourselves and get ready for the uncertainties of this time. 

Our classes have changed time for those of you who have daylight saving. See you all this week. Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes: CHANGE OF TIME

Mon 2 Nov 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom.

Tues 3 Nov 10am – 11.15am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ zoom

Tues 3 Nov 5.30-6.45pm   Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom only.

Wed 4 Nov 5- 7.30am Sadhana (FREE) Shaunagh @ zoom only.

Wed 4 Nov 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona@ zoom only.

Thurs 5 Nov 5.30-6.45 pm  Kundalini Fiona @zoom only.

Fri  6 Nov  5.30-6.45 pm  Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

Sun 8 Nov  5.30-6.45 pm  Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom only.

UK Times are 12pm for afternoon classes.  There is a new Password for zoom classes please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Ulpotha Retreat is back on 27-30 Nov 2020. 4 days/3 nights Investment 40,000Rs per person. 

Dance Your Self into Healing – Kundalini Yoga

Dance yourself to Healing – Kundalini Yoga

The point of life is to be a point of Light.  To do this, to feel like all your 30 trillions cells are dancing, what we call Ang Sung Wahe Guru in Kundalini Yoga, we need to physically DANCE.  This week’s blog was inspired by going to Shaunagh’s Kundalini Class.

We all have our own relationship with dancing and music. Dancing may make us feel awkward, shy and self-conscious or wild, free and connected.  Especially dancing in front of others in a Kundalini Yoga Class may bring up uncomfortable feelings, from worrying if others are watching, thinking you are not a good dancer, you do not have rhythm ,etc.  If we start to feel shame or embarrassment when we dance this can tell us a lot about ourselves, especially how much we accept ourselves.   

Dancing can be very healing.   Tien one of our Lead Trainers told us that when we dance in a Kundalini Yoga class lifting up our rib cage, rhythmically moving, consciously breathing and lifting our arms we stimulate our Vagus Nerve.  The toning of the Vagus Nerve is an important component for healing auto -immune diseases such as arthritis. 

Conscious dancing can help facilitate the feeling of letting go, allowing the flow of energy and joy to fill you.

You have to be present when you are dancing which forces one to internally listen and react from a place of neutrality.  Dancing was one of the first healing rituals practiced by our ancestors.  Focusing our attention when we dance, we shine the light of awareness on our habits, patterns, when we move freely without restriction we start to create new patterns of acceptance in our mind, we start to express our creativity and explore new possibilities of being and perceiving. 

This week as David Bowie said, “Let Dance”.

Sat nam Fi xx.

This week’s classes:

Mon  12 Oct 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @ Live & zoom.

Tues 13 Oct 10am – 11.15am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom  & Live Class 9 Greenlands, Lane

Tues  13 Oct  6-7.15pm   Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom & Live Class 9 Greenlands Lane.

Tues 13 Oct  6-7.15pm Barefoot Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh Live @704 Galle Rd

Wed  14 Oct 5- 7.30am  Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom & 9 Greenlands Lane,

Wed 14 Oct 6-7.15pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona@zoom & Live 9 Greenland

Thurs 15 Oct 6-7.15 pm  Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom Live & 145/5 Fife Rd.

Fri     16 Oct 6-7.15 pm  Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom Live & 145/5 Fife Rd.

Sun  18 Oct 6-7.15pm  Kundalini Shaunagh@zoom Live & 145/5 Fife Rd.

UK Times are 1.30pm for afternoon classes.  There is a new Password for zoom classes  please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.

Rest and Retreat – Ulpotha Authentic Relating Retreat 10-16 Oct 2020

Ulpotha Retreat

Ulpotha cycling

I am off on holiday this week, Shaunagh will be taking my Thursday class so there are still plenty of classes for you to attend so no excuse for missing out.

I did not get a chance to tell you all about our Ulpotha Retreat where we really went deep into our behaviour and used the sacred science of the yoga of awareness, Kundalini Yoga to help our students, transform and find real change.

About the Venue

Ulpotha is just magical.  Set on 26 acres of wilderness in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.  You can just feel the sacred, historic vibration of the place, set around a lake created by a Prince of Sri Lanka thousands of year ago.  The Ayurvedic Doctor at Ulpotha stated, by just being at Ulpotha, sleeping on the earth, wild swimming in the lake, eating organic, wood fire cooked food you was an Ayurvedic treatment.  There is no electricity at Ulpotha, so you wake, sleep & walk by sun or moonlight, this brings our rhythms closer to mother earth.  As we vibrate with the natural world, we connect to the monkeys attending our Gong Baths, giant squirrels at your yoga class and king fisher attending our early morning kundalini practice..

About the Retreat

The Retreat was about understanding how our beliefs govern our blood chemistry, the biology of beliefs and habits.  Our biology goes on to define our habits, addictions and the deep subconscious patterns.  When we change our nervous and endocrine system we start to support real, authentic change in our lives.

The Tools we used to create transformation

The students had a mixture of hiking up mountains and early morning kundalini yoga and meditation over the 10 days.

Followed by conscious check in’s where they learnt the art of listening, with an open heart and neutral mind.  Hearing and feeling heard is such a healing practice.

The daily workshop provided the metacognition and understanding of why our mental patterns, habits, behaviour and addictions are mostly a blue print we have inherited but have to deal with in this lifetime and how to work on unravelling these patterns to create real change.  We used Q&A sessions, role play, games, art therapy to make the workshops fun, interesting and interactive.

During the self-discovery sessions students were encouraged to use the tools of journaling, silence, being in nature to go deep within themselves and learn to see reality through mindfulness.

After the afternoon yummy snack at the Kade, we worked deeply with our bodies in yogic kriyas and meditations, to repattern the breath, rebirth and renew ourselves. Finally after dinner we had moonlit Gong Baths, sleep clinics (yoga nidra), singing and dancing sessions.  To allows us to have a good night’s sleep.

Ulpotha flowers

About the Food

The food at Ulpotha is not just organic, seasonal and cooked traditionally on fire wood but is made and presented with such love.   Four meals a day leaving you feeling satisfied, but full of pranic health.  My highlight was the fresh organic papaya and king coconut at the Kade.  Also the amazingly fresh buffalo curd and treacle at lunchtime.  Join us for 1 more Ulpotha Retreat in 2020, 10-16 October.  Theme Authentic Relating.  7 days Investment 80,000Rs.

This week’s classes:

Mon  24 August 6-7.15pm         Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom only

No Tuesday morning class

Tues  25 Aug  6-7.15pm   Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom & Live Class 145/5 Fife Rd

Wed  26 August   5.- 7.30am     Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom & 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5.

No Wednesday night class

Thurs 27 Aug  6-7.15 pm  Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh@ zoom & Live 145/5 Fife Rd, Col5

Fri     28  August 6-7.15pm        Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

Sun  30  August  6-7.15pm        Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom

UK Times are 1.30pm for afternoon classes.  There is a new Password for zoom classes  please email for details

First online class FREE, thereafter 600Rs per class or 4000Rs 4 weeks Sri Lankan residents.

UK £5 per class or £20 for 4 weeks.


IN Perfect Meditation – Kundalini Yoga 26 April 2020

IN perfect Meditation – Kundalini Yoga 26 April 2020


We can spend our precious time here on earth either wrapped up in our worry cycle (fuelled by the Ego) or take a leap, try something different, even if we do not do it perfectly. Our mind says, I will to learn to meditation, take a yoga class or take up a new hobby, when:

  • I am more in shape/flexible
  • I have more time
  • My kids are grown up
  • When I retire
  • When the conditions are perfect
  • When I am less stressed/ more able to concentrate
  • When I have more resources

We get trapped into our comfort zone of not taking up a new hobby, meditation, activity because of FEAR.

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of embarrassment
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of uncertainty/ making mistakes
  • Perceived lack of confidence or resources Shaunagh


Well I am here to tell you that the day will never come until you decide to put yourself first and stop waiting for the perfect conditions or to be able to do something new properly. Your excuses are abuses.  It is pointless waiting to feel ready to learn something new, instead try a new hobby, be creative or learn to meditate. Anything new you pick up will be challenging at first but with practise you will get better at it. Confidence in anything comes from practicing it. When my teacher Nam Nidhan, at Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 told me that part of the practice was long meditations at 5am in the morning after a cold shower. I told her,” I do not do meditation”. She convinced me to try it. It was really, really challenging at first, I remember I had all these worries in my head, how if I got hungry, how if I did not wake up in time, how if I could not manage the process? Even now I do not get excited about I am meditation. But the effect it has on me afterwards is worth the effort.

Try and get a meditation partner. Just WhatsApp someone else who would like to learn to meditate and listen to a guided meditation on YouTube together for at least 3mins. In 3 mins your electromagnetic field changes and your blood chemistry alters to start neurochemical changes in your brain. Shaunagh, Sara and I are doing an ongoing meditation together via WhatsApp and they are really keeping me going. Also try this mass meditation called just breathe This week we will be mediating so if you have not joined a zoom class yet, stop thinking, stop talking and just start participating. Sat nam x   0778011984

This week’s classes:

Mon   27 April 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom/WhatsApp NEW

Tues 28 April 8.30-9.45am Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom/WhatsApp NEW TIME

Tues 28 April 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom/Whatsapp

Wed 29 April 5.00- 7.30am Sadhana (FREE) @ zoom/Whatsapp

Wed 29 April 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom/Whatsapp

Thurs 30 April 5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Fiona @zoom/Whatsapp

Fri   1 May  5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom/Whatsapp

Sun 3 May   5.30-6.45pm Kundalini Yoga Shaunagh @zoom/Whatsapp

 UK Times are 1pm for afternoon classes.

2020 – Kundalini Yoga

2020 – The Year of the Heart, Love, Compassion, Community and Service


Sat nam yogis and Happy 2020. Wow this year has already started with a bang on the door of our hearts, calling on us to be more tolerant, more compassionate and serviceful to all. Remembering one of the Aquarian sutras, understand through compassion or misunderstand the times.

January is the month to deeply come back to our connection with soul or the deeper truth under the seeming reality of life. Soul does not mean something so far away you cannot connect with it. You can feel it when you are still, in the beat of your heart, feeling the breath in your nose or when you relate to community,friends and loved ones. This is when we go beyond our doubt filled heads and into our heart and soul.

So let’s look forward to 2020. What does Shiv Charan say. His full numerology can be found on his Facebook page, but here is my summary of it.

The year of 4 bring more possibilities, opportunities but also the breakdown of the old false patterns which can leave you feeling insecure and indecisive. See change this year as a release from the old that did not serve you. If the opening in our minds is down towards our lower animal self-there is a danger of falling into the subconscious domain of the negative mind. So it is important to keep moving away from habits that do not serve us.

This is also the year that the neutral mind needs to be in charge. Neutral does not mean that there is no differentiation, it means embracing the now, being aware of the difference but not giving preference or undue attachment to our likes and dislikes. Instead making conscious decisions and whole heartedly committing to that choice.

This year community is going to be vital. Community is seeing the oneness of spirit in all. Make time to focus your intention to get together, sing together, meditate together, eat together, be together.

Finally let’s look at the 2 and 0 in the 2020. The negative mind 2 alone is designed to identify problems and obstacles. But when problems are looked at through the innocence of a child’s eye they represent a challenge in a moment full of opportunity.

We need to direct the flow of emotion (energy in motion) out from the subconscious, instinctive, domain of the negative mind, and move it to the intuitively conscious domain of devotion through the heart.

Negative mind and can be a great moving power. The longing to belong, connects us with our spirit and moves emotion to devotion. Otherwise, it becomes a desperate and needy state through which we descend and drown into the black hole of despair, powerlessness and depression. The double 2 can result in doubling of the duality, a deeper split in the growing polarisation that is increasing in the world and brings a bottomless pit of cold depression, a sense of lack that knows no satisfaction. If these thoughts creep into your mind the best thing is to doubt the doubt. Don’t merely bear the unbearable – transform it through meditation Don’t just accept the unacceptable – transform it through action of service to others.

Say no to the ‘anti’ approach – become for something. Let all your moments be as conscious as possible this year. Have a blessed year.

Sat nam Fi x read our weekly blogs and brain candy updates 0778011984

Tues 7 Jan 9.15-10.30am Kundalini Yoga @9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 7 Jan 6.15-7.30pm Kundalini Yoga(Shaunagh) @ 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5

Wed 8 Jan 5-7.30am   Kundalini Yoga Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane (FREE CLASS)

Wed 8 Jan 6.30-8pm    Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 7.45-9.00am         Kundalini Yoga(Shaunagh) @ 145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5

Thurs 9 Jan 6.30-7.45pm Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Friday 10 Jan 5.30-7pm Full Moon Gong Bath @ Prana Lounge, Col 7

Sun 12 Jan 6-7.30pm     New Year’s Gong Bath@ Sri Yoga Shala, Thalpe





Perception and Kundalini Yoga


Sat nam yogis not everything in life goes as planned, but feelings of disappointment or upset are all attached to our perception.

We have certain deep seated perceptions about ourselves, our limits, who we are, etc. These are countered by our desires, our dreams.  We have an inkling but no real knowing of what we are projecting through our mind. In the mist of our jumble of thoughts and emotions we co-create our Universe, “the what is” and then it happens to us.  But instead of feeling like we are co creators we feel like life is against us.

The gap between the reality of what we project through our mind, the what is and our desire, dreams expectations etc,  is the frustration, anxiety, unhappiness, etc. we feel.  In short, we just keep on getting what we normally get and keep on desiring a different outcome. Nothing seems to change.

When our overly, assertive, positive mind says, “Oh it was just not meant to be”. Know this is just a defence mechanism to make you feel better but ultimately keep you from living your dreams. We need to change our affirmation from frustration which makes us feel important. To spending time every day to reduce the noise in our minds after meditation and dream our dreams and affirm, “I will succeed. I have forever”.   When we put a time limit on our dreams we are setting ourselves up for the expected failure, or “I knew it would not work”, because once again being right is more important than being happy and complaints gain sympathy, again a short-term pleasure but not getting you to a place of joy.

Let’s this week take the challenge of learning to develop patience, notice how your body is feeling at any point in the day and relax it. Feel joy in your heart for just being and keep an empty mind except for projection of our desires and dreams.  If you want life to be different you need to change your thinking. Use the affirmation, I will succeed, I have forever. Watch or read the book by Ted Chiang, Arrival it will really make you feel a change in perception.

Sat nam see you this week. Love Fi x  0778011094

Tues  8 October  9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga @9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 8 October  6.15-7.30pm  Kundalini Yoga(Shaunagh) @ 145/5 Fife Rd , Col 5

Wed 9 October 5-7.30am        Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 9 October 6.45-8pm        Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 9 October 6.30-7.45pm  Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Sat 12 October 5.30-7pm        Poya Full Moon Gong Bath, Prana Lounge, Colombo 7.

Remember you can buy your 4000Rs class pass for 12 classes over 4 weeks.


Retreat, Yogic Lifestyle – 11-13 Oct 2019 Pidurangala Kundalini Yoga Retreat


I encourage all yogis to start working on the Yamas Niyamas we looked at last week please see the form below.  Those who started please pick a different Yama and Niyama this week to work on.

So why as yogis do we learn about yogic life style, ie Yamas, Niyamas? Is it to make everyone the same. like a cult?  The answer is NO.  We do not want yogis to live in such a restricted way that we cannot express our creative individuality but we do want you to start developing self-discipline and change your life style to promote a healthy mind and body because without the support of our lifestyle, life becomes uphill battle.   

I was asked the question this week why is it when I eat unhealthily, do little yogic or exercise do I feel dull, lifeless, tired and down on myself.  Answer: It is because you are increasing the Tamas Guna in your body (look back at the blog on the Gunas) which creates the slowing down, heavy, dull feeling in the mind and body.

Oct 2019 retreat Pidurangula 1

This is why we encourage you all to come on a Retreat.  We love teaching them also.  But for a few days or weeks we live a Sattvic lifestyle.  What does that mean? Well we eat healthy locally grown foods, freshly cooked to balance and compliment the Kundalini Yoga program during the day.  We spend plenty of time in nature, silence to soak in the pranic energy as well as soaking in peace.  We do kundalini yoga, walking and breathing practice to get you back in touch with your body, to feel the lightness of being.  We use early morning meditation, star gazing and gong to lighten your vibration so you leave the Retreat feeling radiant and more able to cope with the stresses and strains of life. 


Typical Retreat Day

5 -7.30am Early morning star gazing, Sadhana – Archaeological Site

7.30-9am Healthy plant-based breakfast

9-11am Workshop

11-12.30pm Rest, relax

12.30-2pm Veggie Lunch

2-.30pm    Sleep, Read, Journal

3.30-5pm Nature Walk, silence, journal

5-6pm     Sunset yoga and meditation

6.30-7.30pm Light veggie soup

8-8.30pm     Evening Gong Bath for Deep Sleep

Early sleep

Kundalini 3days/2 night Retreat Pidurangala 11-13 Oct 2019 Triple full board 20,000Rs.

Sat nam see you this week. Love Fi x  0778011094

Tues  1 October  9.30-10.45am Kundalini Yoga @9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 1 October  6.15-7.30pm  Kundalini Yoga(Shaunagh) @ 145/5 Fife Rd , Col 5

Wed 2 October 5-7.30am        Kundalini Yoga @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 2 October 6.45-8pm        Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 3 October 6.30-7.45pm  Kundalini Yoga@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Remember you can buy your 4000Rs class pass for 12 classes over 4 weeks.



Change is as good as a rest- classes begin on Tues 23 July

Dear Lovely Kundalini Community students and teachers,

I am very happy to be back in Sri Lanka after 5 weeks amazing travels in Europe.  I am feeling so blessed and revitalised.  I can remember learning in my Vitatlity and Stress Level 2 course that “change is as good as a rest”.  I can definately say this is true for the way I am feeling now.  I hope you have a chance to take a break from your day to day routine and location and go to a new place, even if it just for a weekend away in your own country.

Fiona is away for a few more weeks, so Kalhari and I will be covering a few of her classes at Fiona’s home as follows:-

Sat nam Shaunagh x read our weekly blogs and brain candy updates.

Tues 23 July 8.30-9.30am    Kundalini Yoga with Shaunagh @9 Greenlands Lane , Col 5

Tues 23 July 6.15-7.30pm   Kundalini Yoga with Shaunagh@145/5 Fife Rd, Col 5

Wed 24 July 5-7.30am     Morning Sadhana@ 145/5 Fife Road, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 24 July 6.45-8pm    Kundalini Yoga with Kalhari @9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 25 July 6.30-7.45pm-   Kundalini Yoga with Shaunagh@9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5


Mental Intrigues, the Positive Mind and Kundalini yoga


The Positive MIND and its intrigues

This week we move on to the Positive mind, the second in the three functional minds. Why do we need to know our mind, explore it and understand it?   In my experience if we do not, it becomes a monster, especially if we become locked into our mental intrigues. Yogi Bhajan reminds us, “Your mind must not intrigue you …your mind must serve you.”

Let me define the Positive mind. The Positive mind is expansive and practical. It searches for pleasure & fulfilment. It is constructive, risk taking and active. It examines every thought and feeling to determine what resources are needed. It asks, “How is this useful to me, how can this help?”

When we attach to a mental intrigue, it can make us emotional and commotional. For example suppose you start to talk about somebody, gossip. The mind may encourage you, by bringing up all the bad things that person has ever done. The negative mind does not give a critical comparison, to the good things that person has done. The neutral mind does not tell you how this person confronting you, annoying you, etc. relates to your higher purpose of teaching tolerance & compassion. When we finish gossiping our mind says you were really bad, the words leave a bad taste in your mouth, it creates guilt. You followed your mind, got caught in an impulse and tangled in an intrigue. You start to feel bad you want to defeat yourself, so you pick up every bad habit that confirms you are a failure.  Sounds familiar?

Practical Solutions


So how do we stop getting tangled by our intrigues, where the negative mind and positive mind lock and loop? We need to watch the mind and practice deep meditation to develop our neutral mind. Your mind must give you the positive and negative then show you your relationship to it all through the neutral mind.

Yogi Bhajan also invited us to develop our presence and an unlimited projection Saibhang, self illuminated, radiant identity of your spirit. Stretch your mind to infinity; abandon your cleverness for innocence, then everyone and everything will sense your presence.   Do not confront or fight the mind, always elevate its vibration. With consistent practice it will get easier.

Sat nam x   0778011984

This week’s classes:

Mon 26 Feb 6.15-7.30pm    Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 27 Feb 9.45-10.45am Kundalini Yoga @ Om Shambala, 143 Fife Rd, Col 5

Tues 27 Feb 3.30-4.30pm Special Needs Kids Class@ Reach Beyond, Tickell Rd, Col 8

Tues 27 Feb 6-7.15pm           Kundalini Yoga Class with Shauangh@ 145/5Fife Road, Col 5

Wed 28 Feb 5.00- 7.30am   Sadhana @ @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 28 Feb 3.30-4.15am      Kids Yoga Class @ The Om Space, Colombo 5

Wed 28 Feb 6.45-8pm         Kundalini Yoga@ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5

Thurs 1 Mar 11 – 1pm          Special Needs Kids and Teachers Class@ Reach Beyond

Thurs 1 Mar 3-4pm              Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Sat   3 Mar  6-7.30pm         Gong Bath @ Sri Yoga Shala, Thalpe, Galle.