The battles of the Sexes – Kundalini Yoga 28 Jan 6.15pm Prana Lounge


The Sexes & Kundalini Yoga

Are men from Mars and Women from Venus? Or in fact are we more similar than we think? From a yogic perspective each soul chooses their very specific birth environment to learn particular lessons to fulfill their destiny. Yogis see the body, brain and in fact the subconscious of male and female as perfect opposites or polarities. However all of us are a different blend of feminine and masculine energy in different proportions within the same body . By understanding the differences in the male and female energies we can better relate to ourselves and also support and understand each other in relationships. Yogi Bhajan teaches us when we do not recognize and understand and appreciate these different needs, strengths and weakness miscommunication, misunderstanding and eventually difficulties occur.

men and women

Have a look at these characteristics and see what you identify with? Also note if you need to work more on one aspect to balance the male and female polarity within you? You will also note from the chart that we all need to develop emotional intelligence to move from trying to control others or blaming to taking responsibility and responding to the present moment. Move from looking for praise from others to self worth and from looking for security from our relationships, possessions, status to deep inner security.

  Males/Men Female/Women
Male/ Female nature

·         Needs Challenge

·         Identity through Ego therefore looks for praise or acknowledgment.

·         One tracked mind

·         Easy to concentrate but difficult to interact with outer world, when in that zone.

·         Thinks in problems and solutions.

·        Action orientated

·         Needs connection

·         Needs security

·         Women have six tracks enabling her to multitask but also difficult to turn off her mind.

·         Nurturing nature leads to over extending herself, which impacts the nervous system

·         Many ideas and possibilities

·         Does not relate thought to problem solving.

Polarity 2 Aspects Man & Father

As a man -wants to have no responsibility.

As Father wants to build & enjoy a cosy life where he is loved and appreciated.

Needs to find a balance between these 2 aspects.

2 Aspects Women & Nurturer

As women – is direct, calculating, and alert to her own needs.

As a nurturer – selfless, forgiving, patient, giving and serving.

It is important to consciously use these 2 aspects to create a balance in her life.

Challenges A boy wants to show his power, to blame or be directed to do everything. A mature male does not want to control others or be controlled he can accept responsibility for his actions.


Find inner recognition


Balance the above 2 aspects.


To relax her multi tasking mind and balance the women and nurturer aspects.

Find inner security

Needs to take time through exercise, relaxation and nurturing activities for herself.

Ways to Fulfill Destiny Become one with the Universe Become one with the Universe.

Give birth to a saint, hero or giver.

Inspire her husband to Universal consciousness

Serve her spiritual teacher

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