Negative Thoughts our and others how do we cope with them? Kundalini yoga and meditation 6.15-7.30pm Mon 17 Oct @ Prana Lounge

images8icqvpv9When I was younger I felt a little superior as I thought I was such a happy and positive person and got upset when someone said anything negative or critical.

I have now come to understand what the negative mind is and how it works. We all have 3 functional minds the negative mind being the first one and the strongest. It is the strongest because it is the protective mind, your alarm system. Its value is that it warns you of danger or if you will be at a disadvantage. If the negative mind had not been strong in ancient times your genetic line would not have survived to produce YOU.  But when we let our negative mind get too strong it can make our life a living hell. We see danger everywhere instead of opportunity or choice.

The second functional mind is the positive mind. It is expansive and sees the gain or advantage in any situation. The third mind, the neutral mind is not scared by the negative mind or fooled by the wishful thinking of the positive mind. It is conscious and wise giving you the solution that you can trust, that has your best interests at heart.

So we should be aware of what the negative mind says, but use the other 2 minds to assess it, in order to decide if the treat is real or perceived.

Last week I was at Borderlands in Kitual Gala and went river cannoning, which entails climbing, sliding and jumping down a river. Many times my negative mind became so strong, I could feel my heartbeat, fear made everything around me come into intense focus. I could see light glinting off the beautiful butterfly, the sound of the river pounding the rocks, the intense green of the trees around me. But I let my other minds tell me that the risk of injury was very small, that jumping from 15ft into a beautiful pool was fun and the risk was not real only perceived.


Now we have understood our own negative thought process, lets deal with external negativity. It is easy to feel that other people are ruining your mood because of their thoughts, words and actions. Other people can put your plans down, tell you, you can never achieve your dreams, or just moan or complain. This can dissolve your good mood.

1.Always Ask Why do I react to this?

But is it our reaction to that person or situation that really kills the good mood. It is much easier to go off and live on your own in a cave and practice a yogic lifestyle and philosophy, but if you want to live in this practical world and be a yogi you have to deal with all the normal challenges and work on yourself internally to transform reactions to other people’s negativity. Ask yourself the questions, “What is it in me that reacts to someone else’s negative words, actions?” Is it a reflection of some subconscious fears, negativity, etc. that you have not acknowledged and dealt with yet? Instead of blaming the other it is much more productive to look within.

2.Non judgmental

As yogis we do not learn yoga to feel superior to others, above all of these human emotions, instead we allow it to makes us REAL, approachable, fearless to discover all our shadows and shine our conscious awareness on them.   This all sounds easy to do but it takes patience, time and practice.

3. Work on your Aura


3 mins of breath of fire per day will help increase the strength and power of your electromagnetic field or aura. Your aura protects you from negativity, internally within yourself and externally. The stronger the aura the less you feel the effect of outside lower energy frequencies, whether it be people or places. There are many other practices to increase your aura, the cold shower ishnaan, wearing white or a light colour made of natural material, yoga especially for the electromagnetic field.

4. Lead by Example

People who practice yoga know the magic it creates in our lives. If yoga has allowed you to have a more positive outlook on life, share that with the negative people in your life. Do not preach, but bring in inspirational stories into your conversation. When someone wants to gossip, say plainly that I do not feel comfortable talking about that person. Explain to them how you’ve been able to see the good in things and how this has made all things in life more enjoyable. By giving them tools to change rather than isolating or attacking them, you are helping them to change on their own.

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Mon 17 October 6.15-7.30pm   Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 18 October 6-7pm            Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 19 October 4.45- 7am      Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE CLASS)

Wed 19 October 3-3.45pm       Radiant Kids Class@ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 19 October 7.15-8.15pm Kundalini Yoga @ the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road Col 5


Last few places left on our September Retreat at Sri Villas 19th to 21st Sept 2013

Sri Villas Retreat 19th-21st Sept 2013

Sri Villas Retreat 19th-21st Sept 2013


On this retreat will give you the opportunity to give yourself the time to know your shadow and understand negative emotions.   We are not taught how to manage our emotions.  We subconsciously wish to deny, hide or ignore them or unconsciously respond in a knee jerk reaction.  Through Kundalini Yoga and meditation, we can learn techniques to recognise, accept, forgive and release these negative feelings and thoughts, instead of being driven unconsciously by them.

Turn overwhelming feelings and being over sensitive into being able to read a situation and know how to act.

Our program consists of sunset and sunrise daily Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes taught by three different teachers, Annoushka, Fiona and Shaunagh. A Combined with conscious eating and relaxation.

Set by the ocean, Sri Villas is a boutique hotel with luxurious en-suite rooms, an open air pool and beautiful spaces to relax in please see  Included in the price is all your healthy vegetarian food and drink which will combine with our program to support your emotional release.
Price for retreat Rs19,000 for 2 nights, 3 days, full board, teachings and en-suite accommodation 2 sharing.
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Sri Villas is only one and half hours away from Colombo and we will start on Thursday 19 September which is a Poya day and end on Saturday 21st September afternoon around 4pm.
If you have any further questions please contact Fiona on 0778011984 or email

The Three Minds

In order to understand and be the master of our emotions we have to understand we all experience negative thoughts and emotions and we all have 3 minds. The three minds are the primary way the mind processes thoughts and makes decisions. Whether consciously or driven blindly by the unconscious.

The three minds are;
· The first mind which is the negative or protective mind,
· The second mind the positive or expansive mind
· The third mind is the neutral mind.

However sometimes the 3 minds can be out of balance, this is when we experience depression, confusion and being unable to solve our problems.
The first breakthrough with dealing with negative or bad emotions comes when you realize the value and functions of the negative mind. The negative minds function are:

1. Protection

2. Finding problems

3. Avoidance

4. Containment or contraction

The more you can become aware of the process of the negative mind and integrate the observer into the process the more you can deal with your negativity and emotions.

When we understand that our emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, bitterness all have a function in our lives, we can then start to accept these qualities of emotions in us and the people around us. This does not mean we have to act them out but just be aware of them within our minds and bodies and learn how to release them.

Human evolution means our negative minds are too strong for us in this day and age, where we no longer have to worry about the basic survival needs, of food, shelter and safety. Therefore we must learn to be conscious of our negative thought patterns. Acceptance of some of the least admirable aspects of oneself is the beginning of the process of shedding the barriers created by our shadow self and development of kindness, caring and compassion.

Learning to accept the sacred origins of both your protective negative mind and hope-filled positive mind allows the neutral mind effortlessly to appear. The neutral mind is the most elusive, yet most powerful of the three. It is the mind that allows us to “see the faults of others and then un-see them.” It is the mind that gives us the vision to see the diagonal solution in every problem. It is the mind that allows us to drop our small experience of self and replace it with the vast acceptance of the Infinite variety so exquisitely expressed at every level in nature.

The neutral mind is cultivated from meditation, practicing consciousness and being present.

It is also developed by our ability to drop all addiction to the positive/negative mind dance of duality, comprised of endless conversations, dramas, arguments and battles, between different opinions of what is good or bad. The neutral mind reminds us about the reality of now and acceptance of what is.

Come to our Sri Villas Retreat to have the practical experience of understanding and coping with your negative mind and emotions.