Yogic Food Wisdom – Kundalini Yoga 6.15-7.30pm Mon 29 Aug @ Prana Lounge

When I was young I would eat like a horse. I was very proud of how much I could eat and I did not care if it was a Sara Lee double chocolate cake or a McDonald’s burger. I did notice however at a certain stage in my life I started to put on weight. I was a bit outraged at the idea that as you get older you cannot eat the junk you ate as a teenager, until I discovered why during my Kundalini Yoga course in Humanology.

Now I understand that my body, mind and emotions go through regular cycles. During these cycles if I want to optimise feeling good, physically, mentally and emotionally I need to adjust my diet and activities to correspondent with these natural changes. Diet in fact should be appropriate to what we are doing and in what phase of life we are in.   The first 1-30 years roughly, are spent building the body. Our body tends to be moist and heavy we are prone to respiratory problems and phlegm. During this time, we should eat drying astringent foods like pomegranate, green apples, green grapes and drink green tea. We can also consume more fats and carbohydrates. We have the energy to burn up calories at their fastest pace during this phase in our lives.

During our middle years around 30-60 we tend towards excess heat in the body and inflammatory disorders. If you are suffering with arthritis you need to eat less yoghurt, cheese, tomatoes and vinegar. Increase cooling foods and drinks like coconut, sweet fruits, water melon, rice, milk, cabbage, squash, sweet potatoes. During this phase you need to eat one third less than you ate during the first third of your life, otherwise as your metabolism slows down you will slowly gain weight.

In our elder years we tend to become colder and drier. Elders suffer from constipation as digestive juices are secreted less. Well-cooked easy to digest foods are needed. Also anti-aging rejuvenative foods like green vegetables, beetroot, etc. Drink warm drinks, include spices like cinnamon, garlic and cloves. Apples, prunes, beetroot, broccoli, oatmeal and chickpeas are good foods for this age. Also aim to eat two-thirds less than during the first third of your life, as the muscle mass decreases in the body and the metabolism slows down further.

Practical Application

Fungus – if you are suffering from a fungal infection like candida that will not go away, you need to be conscious of your emotional state. Are you supressing feelings of sorrow, feeling a victim or are you passive aggressive? Could you reframe your thoughts and emotions and feel like you have volunteered for everything that has happened to you in life and the bigger picture of your existence.

Viruses – if you are always getting viral infections you may feel frustrated about unfulfilled expectations or life lessons. Can you reframe your life to create more compassion, tolerance and peace within by coming from your heart centre?

Bacteria – feeds on feelings of deep emotional pain and fear. Can you reframe your mind to feel you are equal to all of your challenges and face the fear and do it anyway?

Parasites – Anger fuels internal parasites. Can you start moving that heat of anger up to the heart centre where you can feel forgiveness? Do cooling pranayamas like Sitali to take the heat out of any anger issues?

Onions are anti-allergy foods. Onions contain bioflavonoids quercetin, this inhibits an enzyme, lipoxygenase which generates an inflammatory chemical. This will help reduce the inflammatory cells in the respiratory tract of asthmatics. Also good for coughs. You need to make equal amounts of onion juice and honey. Take 3 to 4 teaspoons daily.

Garlic reduces cholesterol and blood pressure as well as aiding stomach ulcers. A recent study in the Netherlands confirmed that garlic kills bacterium associated with stomach ulcers, Helicobacter pylori. Make a rice pudding using garlic and as little rice as possible and milk, cook it until it is soft and take it for 5 days.

Ginger is seen as the Universal medicine. It increases circulation, good for colds, arthritis, increases digestion and reduces phlegm. Ginger is also high in calcium and iron content. Great also for nausea, and reduces bloating. You can take up to 3grams per day in capsules or 1 tsp chopped fresh in tea 3 times a day.

Celery widely considered one of the most cooling foods which is rich in organic sodium (not sodium chloride or salt). If you suffer from insomnia you need to take a juice or steamed celery stalks before bed. 8-16flu oz. with a little prune juice will help soothe your nervous system and send you off to sleep.

Beetroot juice. King detoxifier of the liver. You must mix beetroot juice with other veggie juices so that all the toxins don’t get blasted out into our blood stream all at once. Also a great cure for haemorrhoids.

Green veggies are another great detoxifier and antioxidant. Drink 32 flu oz. per day or 4 measuring cups.

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This week’s classes:

Mon 29 August 6.15-7.30pm   Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 30 August 6-7pm             Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 31 August 4.45- 7am        Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 31 August 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga @ the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Fri   2 Sept 6.30-7.30pm       Community Class @ the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road (by Donation)

Sat 3 Sept 5-7.30am  Group Sadhana @The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road,Col 5 (FREE)

Sat   3 Sept 9.30-10.30am     Hatha General @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Sun 4 Sept 10-11am                 Hatha General @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5


Breath is the Foundation to Health – 6-7.30pm Kundalini Yoga Mon 16 May @ Prana Lounge, Col7

Breath is the Foundation of our physical, emotional and mental health.

Breathe correctly and we think more clearly, breathe correctly and we feel healthy and vital. Around 1/3 of all adults breathe incorrectly.

The most common error is to inhale into the chest while lifting up our diaphragm. Physiologically this is called paradoxical breathing because we try to expand our lungs as we reduce the chest cavity space by our diaphragm pushing up like an umbrella into our chest cavity. The result of this breathing is:

  1. Fatigue
  2. When exercising you can become dizzy
  3. Out of breath and gasping for air from the mouth
  4. Lack of vitality

Paradoxical breathing is like trying to run a race on crutches, it gets tiring. All this incorrect breath sends the wrong codes to our brain therefore our nervous system, ability to cope with stress and hormonal system, emotional coping, get out of synchronisation.

Our breathing reflects and effects what we have learnt and our emotional experience. It is therefore vital to regularly take our breathing off automatic pilot and take conscious charge of it.

When we breathe unconsciously or on autonomic functions, our breathing is controlled by the subconscious mind — a portion of the mental body system you have very little access to. Autonomic functions also generate every emotion, feeling-signals that are sent to the brain to produce thoughts describing the nature of each moment and prescribing a response. This is why you often have no control of your emotions arising from the subconscious. The subconscious occupies seventy-five percent of the total mental body because there’s a tremendous amount going on in the physical and the resulting emotional worlds . . . most of which you are never aware of. But remember the one physical function you control is your breathing. Breath can become a gateway, a pathway into your subconscious mind . . . the area with so much control of your life. Throughout history it has been known to every master that working with the breathing and subconscious mind is a way of mastering life — control how you feel, and you can control how you react/respond to everything. Co-manage the breath and you co-manage the direction of the subconscious mind, the feelings, the emotions and resulting thoughts, the reactions, the expectations . . . the very road and direction of your life.


Let’s try a small experiment using our conscious control of breath.

  • Close your eyes and now take a deep slow breath in through your nose. Now exhale through the nose rapidly. Do this 5 times, how do you feel? More energised?

Now reverse this, take a short, quick breath through your nose and then a long exhale through your nose. Once again do this 5 times. Do you feel more relaxed?

  • Your homework is to sit and observe your breathing as often as you can; share the impulse ‘to breathe’ and watch how it releases the control of how you feel, think and act. Become the one who is co-managing your world and do this often — at least for some minutes every day . . . it will change your life for good.

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This week’s classes:

Mon 16 May 6-7.30pm        Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 17 May 6-7pm            Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 18 May 4.45- 7am        Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 18 May 3-3.45pm        Radiant Childs Class@ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 18 May 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga the Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Sat 21 May 6 -7.30pm       Healing Gong Bath @ Sri Yoga Shala, Thalpe, Galle


What is Real? Really? Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes

teenage yoga class

Have you ever just had a moment where you feel so over whelmed or uneasy that you do not know what to do next? Well I had one of those moment on Sunday morning. I just sat there thinking why an earth do I feel so terrible, when nothing is wrong. Well my brain did what brains do when it’s unable to explain what it is right in front of you or what you are feeling . . . it improvises.

The brain will try to make sense of any situation that has zero sensory input, or that has an overwhelming sensory input . . . it will make something up. It will try to explain the zero-sense with common-sense. This happens when you experience a gong bath for example. The vast overtones you hear are mentally unexplainable; your brain makes up a story to compensate for the sensation that’s incomprehensible, and or intolerable . . . Both an overwhelming sensory presence and complete sensory absence will cause this.

There’s a substance that science is experimenting with, called vantablack, made of carbon nano-tubes. It absorbs all the light that strikes it, it’s the blackest of black. In both these situations they reflect nothing . . . you see nothing. There’s no place on the surface of the Earth that’s capable of this phenomenon . . . only deep-space, the deep-underground, and carbon-crystal nano-tubes or vantablack. Physical vision works by sensing reflected photons (light particles) from all objects; your brain uses this light to mentally construct the world you experience. When no light is reflected, and you’re unable to experience the outside, you draw imagery from inside. You call this imagination, but it’s really always mixing with your physical sight. A bit like Harry Potters invisible cloak. This is the nature of your senses — they’re not exact — they’re estimates; always compensating for lacking data with imaginary mixtures of opinions and conclusions . . . fables of the present.


1.Watch your mind and emotions this week, keep a journal that notes how — not real — reality is; relax your preconceived ideas about what you think of people, likes and dislikes, opinions.

2.If your mind gets fixated on a problem or situation or sickness, visualise this as a point, now mentally turn your head and look behind it. See 360 degrees of space which can be the solution, space of health, etc. the polarity that also exists in the same moment as your problem. Just acknowledging that this other space exists is enough to resolve any situation.

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Feeling Amazing – Change your brain wave to 2.7Hz


Feeling amazing is a simple matter of the electromagnetic brain and body frequency you are in.

At the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviour is the communication between neurons within our brains. Brainwaves are produced by synchronised electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other.

It is a handy analogy, think of Brainwaves as musical notes. Hz is how many cycles per second, for example 3Hz will be 3 taps of your finger per second.

DELTA WAVE range 0.5 to 4 Hz – When we are in deep sleep, the realm of the unconscious, the place where we physically heal.

THETA WAVE range 4 Hz to 8 Hz – You feel you are in a deep meditative state or light sleep or day-dreaming. 7.83 Hz frequency is known as the Schumann Resonance and is the background resonance of the earth itself. We therefore feel happy because we are ‘in tune’ with the earth itself!

ALPHA WAVE range 8 to 13 Hz – Is when we are awake but in a relaxed state.

BETA WAVE range 13-30Hz – Normal waking state

The range of brain wave between 30 to 100 Hz and are linked to hyper-alertness and anxiety.

The reason why sound therapy, i.e. Gong or singing and chanting mantra is so effective is that frequency/waves that are similar to that of brain waves will affect the firing of neurons in the same way that a tuning fork affects the environment around it.

So what has this got to do with yoga and Laya yoga mantras. Well Yoga Bhajan has given us Say Saraswati mantra which when recited uses the combination of our meridians points on the upper palate which stimulates the hypothalamus. The hypothamulus changes our glandular system to activate our pituitary or master gland. The moment the pituitary gland changes it hormonal secretion, this effects our glandular system and then changes the radiation cycle of the pineal gland. The Pineal gland determines our brain and auric frequency. During this mantra our electromagnetic brain wave and physical frequency is changed to 2.7Hz per second a Delta wave. Yogi Bhajan says ‘It will affect you whether you like it or not and it will change the way you feel, hear and talk.’ Experience the difference in you, it is just amazing.


Hold the sheet in your right hand and read it like you are reading music. It should be at the level of your mouth, so you can just catch the outline of your nose, which locks down the pituitary response so you are non reactive. Use the music by Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa – 31mins.


Say Saraswati Sar-rang

Hay Bhagwatee Har-rang

La Lakhshmee Nar-ring

Karn Kar-an Kar-ring

Dev Maa-haa Dev Deva

Sarab Shakti Seva

Tarn Taran Tar-ring

Neel Narayan Nar-ring

Guru Dev Dev-ing

Sarab Lok Sev-ing


Goddess of Love – Happiness

Shakti Power – Victory

Goddess of Wealth – Prosperity

God’s Three Aspects – Fulfillment

Nurtures the Experience of Totality

The God of Gods, the Infinite One

Under and Over, God is love

All Creation, serving


Sat nam Fi x

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This week’s classes:

Mon 7 Mar 6-7.30pm   Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Place, Col 7

Tues 8 Mar 6-7pm          Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 9 Mar 4.45- 7am    Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 9 Mar 3-3.45pm     Kids Yoga @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 9 Mar 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga@The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Fri   9 Mar 6.30-7.pm   Community Class – BY DONATION ALL WELCOME, The Om Space



Move out of your Comfort Zone – 15 Feb 6-7.30pm Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge


Does the world feel like it is moving too fast to keep up with? Technology going at breakneck speed whether it is underwater drones, driverless cars, to stem cell treatment helping people with Multiple Scorsese MS to walk again? The challenge is that we need to feel safe in this fast paced environment during the changing of the age.

Breaking the mould, we have created is frightening. This is what is happening to your kids or the younger generation, they are moving beyond our comfort zone to break all the moulds we put in place to make us feel safe. We must allow this, as this is how innovation is generated. Fruits needs to be greater than the tree who gave birth to it. If we stay trapped at the vibrational level of our brain mind connection, which is constantly rehashing old material we are not allowing our future to unfold. Evolution tries 50,000 things to discover one thing that works, i.e. 49,999 mistakes. Imagine allowing a part of your life to go beyond your limits so you can allow yourself to dream, make mistakes and not be curbed by criticism.  When you are the dreamer, different from everyone else you will be criticised and you have to be immune to that criticism. You have to value yourself so much that your body’s Immune system is willing to protect you against outside attack. (Look at the blog on how to increase your value)

Practical Application

You need to spend time every day, outside of your mind, meditation. Walk the middle path like Buddha. Understand that logic is the gravity which keeps your feet on the ground but spend time in magical fantasy daily. This is real freedom and how evolution changes the universe. Things you bring from your past polish the ones you want to keep or discard those that no longer serve you. Do what you do when you clear out your fridge with your habits and mind. Get rid of the old ones that do not serve you and dream up new ones that uplift you.

community yoga classSafety

When we feel safe we open up our hearts and allow the new into our lives. When you love someone, what is really happening is that person makes you feel so safe that you can open yourself up to feel the love that exists always. The people you do not love do not make you feel safe therefore you are not open to feeling the love that always exists. You need to breath consciously in situations when you feel critical and unsafe. Make yourself feel so relaxed and secure that you are always open to the love that exits in every moment. This is how we can feel safe even when expanding out of our comfort zone.

Meditation for Haunting Thoughts

In yogic tradition, it is said that this meditation successfully removes unsettling thoughts from the past that surface into the present; that it can take difficult situations in the present and release them into the hands of Infinity; that this can be done in just 40 seconds and it really works!

  1. Lower the eyelids until the eyes are one-tenth open. Concentrate on the tip of the nose. Simply say the mantra Wahe Guru aloud in the following manner:Wha: Mentally focus on the right eye. Hey: Mentally focus on the left eye. Guru:Mentally focus on the tip of the nose.
  2. Remember the encounter or incident that happened to you.
  3. Mentally repeat Wahe Guru with the focus as before.
  4. Visualize and personify the actual feeling of the encounter.
  5. Repeat step 3.
  6. Reverse roles in the encounter you are remembering. Become the other person and experience that perspective.
  7. Repeat step 3.
  8. Forgive the other person and forgive yourself.
  9. Repeat step 3.
  10. Let go of the incident and release it into the Universe.

Exercise to Increase Energy and Release Rage

Begin with hands in loose fists at the shoulders, upper arms resting along the sides of the torso, elbows pointing down. Inhale as you alternately straighten one arm from the shoulder, twist the fist out, and “punch.”Exhale as you draw the fist back to the shoulder. Repeat with the other arm and keep alternating arms. Focus the open eyes on one specific point, like a target, that you are punching. Continue at a rapid pace for 1-5 minutes.Really move strongly from the shoulders. Rage is a combination of sadness and anger and often resides in the shoulders. Do not do this exercise facing another person—face a landscape or visualize a vast horizon line. Offer it up to the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Sat nam Fi x

This week’s classes:

Mon 15 Feb 6-7.30pm     Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Pl, Col 7

Tues 16 Feb 6-7pm          Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 17 Feb 4.45- 7am    Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 17 Feb 3-3.45pm     Kids Yoga @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 17 Feb 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga@The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Fri   19 Feb 6.30-7.30pm NEW Community Class pay by DONATION @ The Om Space

Sat 20 Feb 9.30-10.30am Hatha General @The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Sat 20 Feb 10.30-4.30pm Art of Yoga Full Day Workshop @ The Om Space, Col 5

Sun 21 Feb 10-11 am Hatha General @The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

The Yogic Science of Thought


Studies on the brain show that when a thought wave is created, it is a weak, dim signal. For many years it was believed that thoughts only had influence on our own brain.

Subsequently they have discovered even though each one of our thoughts is a weak signal, it has the ability to immediately attached on to our electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic fields hold information. That is how information is recorded on a computer hard drive. It is also how we use to record programs on magnetic tape. It is all done by electromagnetics. So after you drop your body (die) all that is left is an electromagnetic field with the recording of all the thoughts, emotions and experiences you have had.

When our electromagnetic fields come into contact with another electromagnetic field (if you are not sensitive enough) you will not know if you are having your own thoughts or those of your neighbours. Our thoughts can affect other people. Most of the time our thoughts are so dispersed that they are very ineffective. But when we focus like during prayer or focussed visualisation it allows a thought to fully permeate our electromagnetic field which allows us to influence the electromagnetic fields of others. When you have a thought about someone it is a bit like phoning their mobile number, we are connecting to their electromagnetic field. Einstein also discovered that no matter how many millions of miles you put between 2 electrons they will still mimic each other. Send me a good thought and I will receive it.  When I see the beauty in someone, that thought of beauty is going to permeate my aura making me seem beautiful to others, even if I have lots of other faults.

When you chant during class, you are sending a message to your electromagnetic field to connect with your infinite generic identity, the infinite electromagnetic field or as we say the higher self. Imaging done on the electromagnetic field after singing and chanting show it glowing. Loose yourself in mantra or uplifting music and your electromagnetic fields gets saturated with those high vibrations and suddenly you are feeling amazing and so is everyone else around you. This is why the Dervish whirl, with their heads tipped to one side to recycle the kundalini energy that is following through their bodies.



Practical Lesson

Next time you are in mental dis ease whether it was triggered by someone or an event, cut through it by getting lost in a positive mantra. When a lot of negative thoughts come to you like this: (-). Cut it in the center, what does it become? Positive: (+). So we pick up one mantra which is a positive sound thought and repeat it until the minus becomes a plus. Try the Om Namo Guru Dev Namo mantra by Snatam Kaur Khalsa, I will post it on our facebook page this week. Start living your life through a conscious decision to understand your mind.

Sat nam Fi x

This week’s classes:

Mon 8 Feb 6-7.30pm     Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Pl, Col 7

Tues 9 Feb 6-7pm          Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 10 Feb 4.45- 7am    Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 10 Feb 3-3.45pm     Kids Yoga @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 10 Feb 7.15-8.15pm   Kundalini Yoga@The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Thurs 11 Feb 8.30-9.30     Hatha Yoga @The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Thurs 11 Feb 10-11am       Ladies only Hatha Yoga @The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Fri   5 Feb 6.30-7.30pm NEW Community Class pay by DONATION @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5





Community Yoga Class – Pay by Donation 6.30-7.30pm Fri 5 Feb @ Om Space

imagesFJ4B2UWHAt The OM Space Yoga Studio, we believe that practicing yoga should be something that everyone has the opportunity to explore regardless of age, financial situation, or social class background. That is why we have added our new Friday evening 6.30-7.30pm Community Yoga Class to our schedule of classes. This will allow us to reach out to communities who may not be in a situation where they would normally attend a yoga class.

community yoga class

Yoga can be seen by some sectors in society as expensive, added to the fear factor that I am not flexible/thin/fit/calm or just enough…to practice yoga.

There are multiple other reasons why people may not feel they are able to join a regular public yoga class. It may be especially hard if you are someone who is in a vulnerable position in society. Practicing yoga is likely to be far down the list of priorities for people who are living in poverty, have chronic ill health or who are in recovery from addictions, by putting on our community yoga class we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to join our yoga community, feel supported whilst only having to pay by donation or by giving as much or as little as they feel like giving.

donation yoga

When I finished my teacher training course in Ecuador, South America in 2003, I found a community of elderly people in a small village who really need some community yoga. I travelled to their community where I taught them yoga stretches and pranayama before we handed out a free lunch. I could only manage it once a month and there was around 50 elders from 60 years upwards all eager to rhymically stretch their bodies and feel the breath of life calming their minds. Every time I taught I felt it was my privilege and blessing to reach out to this precious community.

I feel the same about our Community classes at Om Space. I believe it will have a positive effect on our Sri Lankan community as well as giving our teachers the honour of teaching all the benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring to elevate peoples lives, relationships, bodies, mind and soul.

Please let your friends and relatives know about our Community Yoga Class.

Sat nam Fiona x

Become You – Reduce your Elementary Stress

47174840-ornament-beautiful-card-with-vector-yoga-geometric-element-hand-drawn-perfect-cards-for-any-other-kiCreate a Stress Free Zone tonight 3 December 7.15-8.15pm @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Rd, Col 5.

The key to our vitality is reconnecting with our essential self.  When live in the future, spending  our lives in fear, anxiety, greed and the other hundreds of emotions our mind creates in anticipation of the best or worst of life, we loose touch with the reality of our being. As babies we live in the present moment, in perfect innocence in touch with our infinite nature. We allow, experience, be. As we grow up we dodge and hide from the reality of the moment, put on masks to hide our feelings and try and control our small kingdoms.

What do we need?

To reconnect with our natural innocent, loving, joyful nature all we need to do is to reconnect to the elements within us.  We need to reconnect to the beauty of the open sky, the solid reality of earth, the physical feeling of our emotions moving like liquid in our bodies, the power of our internal fire to engage with life.  There is nothing you acquire except presence and gratitude for being you.  The ancient cultures like the American Indian, Aborigines understood the important of this connection. They let the elements flow through them within their language and practices.  Yogi Bhajan explained that our disconnection from the elements, the source of life, leads to addictive behaviour to cover up our empty feelings with distractions of the mind and body such as drugs, over eating, smoking etc.

The Kriya we will practice tonight will help you reconnect to your elementary self. This entire set is an example of how our awareness of the elements and elementary self can clear away the graffiti left over from stress and our ego mind. Your body will learn the language of the elements.








Take the Pressure off – Kundalini Yoga

12096555_395166917356978_4905646554773778319_nThe 3rd Sutra is simple and clear—when you have a deadline and feel the pressure of getting a project done, the way to release the pressure is to simply begin. If you know what your first step is, just do it!

This expansion of consciousness is pressurizing you to change, grow, and evolve on your soul’s journey. It is foolish to hold back this process with procrastination. In truth, we all know within our deepest selves what changes need to be made.

But often we dread and/or procrastinate starting (or completing) tasks and projects. We experience this in a variety of situations—mundane, like cleaning your house; practical, like organizing a project at work; or personal, like starting a sadhana or doing that new hobby you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t.

The first thing to ask is, “What is keeping me from starting?” Each person needs to look within to find their unique issue that is preventing forward momentum.

What is causing the pressure we feel?

  • Worry and stress about ‘what if’ scenarios will only lead to more suffering and paralysis. This is the mind’s play and you’ll end up like a dog chasing its tail.
  • Do we have expectations of ourselves and the situation outcome?
  • Do we think we should do, be, think something that we aren’t?
  • Are we multitasking too much in life and feeling overwhelmed?

There are so many answers, and the question requires you to get to a neutral mind so you can hear the wisdom of your own soul telling you how to heal the blocks, and how to move forward.

When we can experience our true self and maintain a strong relationship with our soul, we live beyond the constraints of time and space. We know our true direction, and can let go of fear.

“You are only free when you are above time and space. When you are afraid, ‘What will happen tomorrow?’ you are not living, you are just dragging. Spirit is above time and space.” -Yogi Bhajan, 7/29/78

Once we are in alignment with our truth, we can begin to initiate change. Using the technology of Kundalini Yoga, we can begin to manifest and sustain new endeavours, no matter how large or small.

“This technology is fundamental to the physiology and consciousness of human beings everywhere. Understanding and practicing the technology of spirituality on a daily basis results in alignment, balance, focus, harmony and the ability to function successfully under the pressures of time and space. It is now time that we must learn the way to be happy and to thrive under these new elevated levels of pressure.” -Excerpt from a paper read at a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on 7/27/99

This mantra brings stability to the hemispheres of the brain and works on the Heart Centre to develop compassion, patience and tolerance, uniting one with the Infinite. It is noted for the capacity to break through deep-seated blocks.


Meditation with the Guru Gaitri Mantra

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Focus: Eyes are closed.

Mantra: Gobinday, Mukanday, Udaaray, Apaaray, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnaamay, Akaamay

Chant and focus on the sound.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes.

Translation: Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, Nameless, Desireless

The brain has the capacity to automatically pick it up. These words existed before any language existed. Rhythm mantras are meant to pick you up into the ether. This is one mantra in the world which balances the ether and the Earth.

You can sing it anyway. You can sing it driving, sitting, eating, sleeping; it doesn’t matter. Whenever you utter it, all facets of God will be right in you. Now, when you will do this, after a while you will start seeing lots of things. You will say something and it will happen; don’t worry. Just keep on doing it.

Life is a living experience between the finite and Infinity.

This week’s classes:

Mon 16 Nov 6-7.30pm Kundalini Yoga @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Pl, Col 7

Tues 17 Nov Meditation @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 18 Nov 4.45- 7am Sadhana @ 9 Greenlands Lane, Col 5 (FREE)

Wed 18 Nov 3-3.45pm Kids Yoga @ The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road, Col 5

Wed 18 Nov 7.15-8.15pm Kundalini Yoga@The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Road

Thur 19 Nov 7.15-8.15pm Yoga to Destress, The Om Space, 185/9 Havelock Rd, Col 5

 Saturday 21 Nov 6-7pm Gong Bath @ Prana Lounge, 60 Horton Pl, Col 7

Third Chakra – Navel – Cambridge Kundalini Class tomorrow Wed 30th Sept at St Pauls

3rd Chakra – Navel Chakra

Is located at the navel and solar plexes and affects the liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas and adrenals.  When we are balanced in the 3rd Chakra we will feel strong in our self esteeem, know our own identity, have good judgement and good inner balance.  We will be inspired and in good health.  if we are un-balanced we may feel anger, greed, shame, despair and we may have problems with digestion, liver, gall bladder and the pancreas.

During tomorrow’s class we will do a kriya working on the Navel point and move the energy up to the heart to balance our Praana and Apaana life forces.

Join Shaunagh for her Kundalini Yoga Class at St Pauls Church, Hills Road, CB2 1JP, ENGLAND between 6.45-7.45pm tomorrow Wednesday 3oth September 2015.

Navel Chakra

Navel Chakra